Sig M17 Holster

The Sig M17 handgun is ideal for home defense or concealed carry with a Sig M17 Holster. Sig Sauer’s M17 is a full-sized, striker-fired pistol that features a 4.7 barrel and comes with three 17+1 Rds Magazines. It has an overall length of 8 in., weighs one lb., 13.6 oz., and has a 5.5 in. height with a 1.3 in. width making it ideal for concealed carry or home defense use at the range or on your hip for everyday carry (EDC). The M17 is built to military specifications, which means it can withstand harsh conditions.

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We understand how important safety is, so our holsters come with features like adjustable retention screws that let you customize the fit on your weapon, trigger guard covers that prevent accidental discharges, sweat shields that keep your skin from touching metal parts of the gun. Each holster is handcrafted by expert craftsmen who take pride in making a superior product. Our holsters are designed for comfort, speed of draw, and concealability. We offer several different styles of holsters to meet your needs.

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