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Sccy CPX2 Review

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The Sccy CPX2 review reveals that it is a compact, lightweight, and powerful handgun. With its 3.1″ barrel and 15oz unloaded weight- this gun packs a lot of power in a small package.  When it comes to handguns the size of the gun often dictates how easy it is for someone to conceal them on their person or in their vehicle. The CPX2’s size makes carrying it around with you very easy while still being able to pack enough punch to take out an assailant quickly if necessary.

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The Sccy CPX2 is truly a well made firearm that can be used by just about anyone regardless if they have extensive training or not. This gun retails for only $269 which makes it an extremely affordable option for those who are looking to purchase a new handgun. It’s reliable, has all the safety features needed, and packs quite a punch for its size which is why it can be purchased at such a reasonable cost without sacrificing too much in the way of quality. This handgun is a great option for those who are planning to conceal and carry it on their person, but thanks to its lightweight 15oz frame- the gun can also be used for hunting small game or target practice without causing too much fatigue. It has a capacity of 10 rounds and features several built in safety measures that make it safe and easy to use.

Features of Sccy CPX2 Review


The grip of the Sccy CPX2 is made from Zytel polymer, with ergonomic finger grooves and an integral “Re-Coil Cushion” on the back‐strap. The frame offers a nice textured feel and the surface has been treated to reduce glare. The gun comes in black or olive drab and have some heft which feels good when you hold it. The balance is also very good, with the weight being centered more at the back of the gun. The major advantage of this type of polymer is that it does not rust or corrode. This means, if you were to accidentally leave your Sccy inside your car for a couple of days during an unexpected heavy downpour, then it’s no big deal. The grip is also designed ergonomically for right-hand use, and it feels very comfortable. The grip is a little thicker but it does not feel overly large in your hands.

Grip-Frame of Sccy CPX2


The slide of the Sccy is also made from stainless steel and the exterior has been finished in black nitride. The front and rear sights are both fixed for windage and elevation, but do come with a white dot on top for target acquisition. There was no problem cycling different loads through it, like hollow points or standard ball rounds. Each time, the gun properly ejected and fed the rounds without a hitch. And in case you were wondering, this gun does come with a 10-round polymer magazine. The gun felt very solid when shooting it because of its weight and grip texture. The slide locks back on empty mags just like any other semi-auto pistol should, which is a very nice touch.

Slide of Sccy CPX2


The trigger pull of the Sccy is very nice, with a light take up and clean break. It’s no surprise that the company opted for this trigger because it’s different from most other options on the market. Double-Action triggers are not common in handguns like these because they are difficult to manufacture reliably while still making them simple enough for anyone to use. This trigger is not for everyone, but that’s why there are other options available on the market. If the idea of a double-action trigger does not bother you, then this can be a very nice option. If you have problems with your finger strength or hands in general, then it can still be used because there is no need for cocking to fire single action.


The Sccy CPX2 has an extremely smooth and consistent 9-pound trigger pull which makes it easy to fire quickly without any issues. The reset of the trigger is very good, and it comes back very quickly which can be advantageous in certain situations. The trigger pull has an overall smooth press, but there’s no stacking because the weight remains constant throughout. There is also a little bit of slack at first before you hit the wall of resistance, after which point the break happens.

Trigger of Sccy CPX2

Trigger Guard Lock

The trigger guard lock is an interesting accessory that the company designed to properly fit and be child-resistant. It’s a little bulky-looking, but it works well. Sccy offers two different models of their handguns- one with this trigger lock installed, and one without. This model includes 2 keys for the lock at no extra cost so you can easily get replacements if you ever lose one. The trigger guard lock is a little bulky looking, but it works well and does not get in the way of shooting or storing your gun.


It’s also very easy to install and remove from the gun without any tools required. It will only fit on their standard model so it cannot be used on their Target model. The trigger guard lock is designed to protect young children or anyone who might be unfamiliar with handguns. The materials are also very sturdy and built to last. This accessory helps keep the gun child safe, but it’s not something that’s required if you don’t want it.

Trigger Guard Lock of Sccy CPX2


The front sight is a white dot while the back sight is all black. The rear sight can be adjusted for elevation and windage, but it’s very basic with only two options to choose from. The Sccy CPX2 comes standard with a 3-dot setup which works well enough in most conditions. There was a little bit of glare off the front sight which made it difficult to see in some lighting conditions, but as long as you can focus on that dot then you should be able to aim accurately.

Sight of Sccy CPX2

Magazine Release

The magazine release is a standard push-button style that works well. The button itself is not very large, but it’s also not small enough to cause problems. There’s only one position for the mag release which worked fine in this case. It was easy to use and didn’t get in the way or present any issues during shooting sessions. The Sccy CPX2 comes with (2) double stack, 10 round capacity magazines with finger extension base installed and 2 additional flat magazine bases. The magazines that come standard with this handgun feel and function very well. The rubberized texture of them makes it easy to take in and out of the gun while feeling secure at the same time. The magazines dropped free from the gun when they were empty, and each one held 10 rounds in a double stack fashion with no issues.

Magazine Release of Sccy CPX2


This gun comes in different models- the standard model, the target model and a pink camo model. The standard model includes two 10-round magazines along with a trigger guard lock for the same price as the other models. The Target Model is designed for competition shooting due to its longer barrel and adjustable sights. It also comes with a few more goodies like a holster, a speed loader, and an extra magazine. The pink camo model is designed to appeal to female shooters who may have never shot a gun before because it’s pretty enough for them not to feel intimidated by the design. It also includes two 10-round magazines along with one pink target shooting glove.


This gun looks very basic and simple, but it’s still got a little bit of style to it. The design is what you would expect from a budget handgun- there’s no bells and whistles here, just the basics, but it still looks good in this case. The color scheme includes black and silver with some nice curves that give it a sleek look. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket or on your person if you’re looking for personal protection, but also large enough that you can use it comfortably for practice sessions.


The grip is thick enough to provide a firm foundation, and it’s got some nice angles on the sides which prevent your hand from slipping. The slide lock does not stand out very much so you can easily take off the slide without reading any instructions or looking for levers. The magazine release is also pretty standard and easy to reach if you need to drop the magazine for any reason.


Shooting Sccy CPX2 Review

You can shoot a standard 9mm round in this handgun which makes it very versatile. The recoil is minimal and easy to handle even for beginners, but it’s also firm enough that you know when the gun is going off from your reaction alone. It was able to make headshots on stationary targets most of the time which was surprising considering that this is a subcompact handgun. It’s just as accurate at further distances but you do have to use some strategy to account for bullet drop, wind speed and other factors that affect the trajectory of your bullets.


Parts for this handgun are readily available, but the company is very small and does not offer support by phone. If you have a problem with your handgun you’ll have to send it in for a replacement or just deal with it yourself if you’re knowledgeable about firearms. The gun itself is inexpensive so there’s no risk in buying one even if it doesn’t work out for you. If you like the Sccy CPX2 but would like an upgraded model with more features, there are similar handguns that will do the trick for a price.

Overall Ergonomics

This gun is very small which makes it easy to conceal or carry around. It’s got a nice modern design so it doesn’t look out of place at home, in the car or while wearing casual clothing. The grip is comfortable thanks to its ergonomic design and texture. There are also two additional backstraps for you to install if you want to change up the size. The slide is easy to pull out so you can load or unload it in a hurry when you need to.


The handgrip makes this gun feel more secure in your hands, but you can still keep a firm grip thanks to its textured surface. The Sccy CPX2 9mm only has 10 round magazines which means you’ll have to reload more often. They’re also pretty small so it’s difficult to grasp them fully if your hands are big. The seat is nice and flat with a sleek matte finish that makes it easy to slide into place. This gun will fit different body types, clothing styles and carry methods since it’s so small.


This gun does not jam or misfire often, but when it does there’s a quick and easy way to fix the problem. You can pop out the old cartridge quickly without having to disassemble anything. The barrel is thin enough that you can clean it easily with a brush if you want to do some maintenance. This handgun doesn’t have that many parts to keep track of so it’s not too hard to clean. Sccy offers a lifetime warranty on the CPX2 so if anything does happen, you can send it back for repair or replacement without hassle. Since this is a small company they do have limited resources, but the handgun itself has proven reliable even after hundreds of rounds.


The trigger is smooth and doesn’t have much play unless you pull it all the way to activate the safety features. This handgun has no real grip safety or manual safety, but it’s still secure enough for use even without a switch. There’s not really a need for safety with this kind of gun because it’s meant for self-defense. This gun will not fire unless you pull the trigger. There are no bumps or levers that get in the way of your finger hitting the right area, but it does have a safety switch to help prevent accidents. The slide is difficult to pull back when there’s a cartridge in place so this handgun isn’t perfect for left-handed shooters. It’s not difficult to figure out how to use this gun since it only has a few parts, but you will have to take some time to familiarize yourself with the different parts.

Advantages of Sccy CPX2


This gun has proven to be surprisingly reliable even after hundreds of rounds.


This handgun is very affordable, so it won’t cost you a lot of money if you like it but don’t end up using it often.


The slide is thin enough that you can clean the barrel easily with a brush, which makes this a nice gun for beginners or those who aren’t great at maintaining their handguns.


This handgun is just the right size for concealment and ease of use with most clothing styles.


The Sccy CPX2 9mm only weighs 15 ounces unloaded, so it’s lightweight enough to carry around all day without feeling weighed down.

Disadvantages of Sccy CPX2


The Sccy CPX2 9mm only has 10 round magazines, which means you’ll have to reload more often. Each magazine also holds less than half of what some other handguns hold, so you may need to carry extra clips around.

Fast Shooter

This handgun is very fast and accurate, but only if you are comfortable enough to shoot with one hand. It’s difficult to get a firm grip on it when trying to use two hands because the magazine is so small and hard to hold onto fully.

Hard to Aim

The sights are basic and can be difficult to align quickly in a high-pressure situation, especially if you have poor eyesight or impaired movement. This handgun has no other sight options so night vision or protective gear must be worn to get accuracy at longer distances.

Magazine Release

Sometimes the magazine release gets pushed by accident, especially if you wear loose clothing around your waistline. It’s difficult to reach the magazine release to fix this problem, so it can make reloading a pain.


This gun is well-made for self-defense purposes but not as much for long-term use as a range toy or collector item. The slide feels flimsy when you try to pull it back, so there’s always the risk that it could break over time.


This gun is very fast and accurate, but only if you are comfortable enough to shoot it with one hand. It’s difficult to get a firm grip on it when trying to use two hands because the magazine is so small and hard to hold onto fully.

This handgun only comes with the bare minimum, so you won’t get extra accessories like sights or speed loaders. There are many aftermarket options that can be purchased separately if needed.

The best holsters for this handgun are made from soft material and have a secure fit so they’ll hold the gun in place until you need to use it.

Each magazine only holds 10 rounds, which means you’ll have to reload more often and carry extra clips around if needed.

Yes, this handgun has no real grip safety or manual safety, but it’s still secure enough for use even without a switch. There’s not really a need for safety with this kind of gun because it’s meant for self-defense.

The Sccy CPX2 9mm only weighs 15 ounces (unloaded), so it’s lightweight enough to carry around all day without feeling weighed down.


The Sccy CPX2 9mm is a lightweight and inexpensive gun for self-defense. It feels sturdy when you hold it but is still very easy to carry around when needed. The fast shooter design makes it great for close range defense when accuracy matters most. This handgun is well made for self-defense purposes, but not as much for long-term use as a range toy or collector item. The Sccy CPX2 9mm is an affordable option for those who want something lightweight and easy to carry around all day, but it’s not the best option for seasoned shooters or those who want a more secure fit. Hope this Sccy CPX2 review helped you know more information about Sccy CPX2 9mm gun. Thank you!

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