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SCCY CPX1 Review

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SCCY has been around for over 20 years, and they have been producing high-quality firearms from the very beginning so that you can expect a great product at a low price with the CPX1. The SCCY CPX1 is a budget polymer frame, double action only, 9mm pistol. SCCY designed the CPX1 to meet a budget price point, and the company itself is known for its budget firearms. Here we are going to do a detailed SCCY CPX1 review.

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Features of SCCY CPX1

The first thing you notice when you order a gun is the packaging. It comes with a bunch of included accessories. You get two magazines, the weapon itself, a short Picatinny rail section, an alan wrench for adjusting the rear sight if need be, and a trigger lock. That’s pretty impressive for something available at only $265 new.

Lightweight Frame

The frame of the pistol is made from polymer, making it incredibly lightweight at 22 ounces unloaded. This lightweight can also be attributed to its compact size of 6 inches long by 4 inches high with a 3-inch barrel. In addition, the pistol features what is known as mod16 pre-cut serrations on the front and backside of the slide; mod means modular, and these serrations allow for better grip and control when racking the slide (slide serrations are available in slick or rough). It has a double-action-only trigger along with interchangeable backstraps so you can customize the grip on your SCCY gun to fit your hand size.

Customizable Grip Inserts

Another nice feature of this pistol is that it comes with three grip inserts small, medium, and large which can be fitted to your hand size. This feature makes the gun perfect for women, who often have smaller than average hands, and men with larger than average hands. You can easily remove the grip panels by pulling out the magazine and pushing against a tab located on the bottom of the grip modules. It also comes with interchangeable backstraps so that you can get more control over your firearm.

Customizable Grip Inserts of Sccy CPX1

Length and Weight

It has an overall length of 6 inches long by 4 inches high and a 3-inch barrel. It weighs 22 ounces unloaded and holds 10+1 rounds. This handgun is lightweight and compact, making it suitable for concealed carry purposes.

Polymer Frame

The frame of the gun is polymer material which makes it lightweight and less expensive to produce. It also doesn’t rust, corrode, or get fatiguing cracks near moving parts like its metals counterparts. The new model does have some of the best features of the old one that made it very popular. These include a double-action-only trigger and a manual safety.

Magazine Type / Capacity

SCCY uses ten-round magazines in their handguns. It is due to concerns related to legal liability should someone get hurt with an eleven-round magazine in New Jersey, for example, versus a ten-round one. Many feel that everyday citizens are not trained enough to compensate for minor errors when engaging a threat, so having one less round can reduce fatalities. The magazines are steel with a black oxide finish and have a witness hole for each round in the magazine.

Magazine Type - Capacity of CPX1

Magazine Release

The magazine release is located to the rear of the frame below the trigger guard and allows for right-handed shooters easy access to change magazines, but requires some fiddling or using your support hand if you’re left-handed. Thus, it makes it pretty much perfect for law enforcement, though, because they tend to be right-handed and weak-hand dominant (devoid of their primary hand).

Magazine Release of Sccy CPX1

Incredibly Light Trigger

One of the big pros of this pistol is that it has an incredibly light trigger pull at 5 pounds in double-action mode or 11 ounces in a single-action manner when the hammer is forward. Some people think they are too weak, but seeing as how it’s double action, if you’re pulling on the trigger hard enough to engage it in double-action mode, then your finger won’t be able to activate it again in single-action mode. Anyway, the trigger itself has 0 slack and feels similar to driving a nail into the wood without the annoying jerkiness of most triggers.

Trigger Pull Weight / Action Type

SCCY handguns use double-action triggers, which means when you pull the trigger, it takes 11 pounds of pressure to release the firing pin. When you first pull the trigger, it will cock and release, allowing for a lighter (4-7 pounds) trigger pull for the subsequent round(s). This type of action is more suitable for defensive situations than competitive shooting, where accuracy and speed are crucial.

Trigger Pull Weight - Action Type of Sccy CPX1

Sights / Range

The SCCY CPX-1 has an excellent white 3-dot sight system that is adjustable for windage. It comes standard with a 10-round magazine that has a witness hole for each round. It shows the shooter how many are left in the firearm at any given time. It allows law enforcement officials, military personnel, and civilians to know exactly how many rounds are left without pulling out their magazines or having to rack the slide back.

Sights _Range of Sccy CPX1

Magazine Disconnect Safety

One interesting design feature of the SCCY pistols is that they use an internal locking mechanism via a keyed lock next to the trigger guard on the right side of the frame. Although not required by ATF regulations, you must engage this device if you want assurance that you can’t fire it until you take it off. The CPX-1 does not require manual safety because it has an internal lock mechanism built into the case, which must be deactivated with a supplied key (key and lock included). It can also be seen as a “safety” against negligent discharges and accidental discharges. Even though some people won’t be fans of this, others love having a way to disengage the trigger from firing as an added safety measure.

Recoil and Ergonomics

The CPX1 weighs in at 21.9-ounces unloaded, and it only has a 3-inch barrel making for very light recoil and good accuracy overall. The pistol is also ambidextrous, which means both right-handed and left-handed people can use the gun with ease if they’re adequately trained (some shooters say lefties have an easier time using the 9mm). Recoil on this gun is very manageable no matter how fast you shoot it, but it is recommended to use more of a mid-range load, so the recoil isn’t quite as sharp. There are no interchangeable grip plates on this model, so you’ll have to settle for either right or left-hand options when purchasing it. SCCY offers models that allow for such, but these handguns will cost you much more than their base models.

MSRP / Price Compare Price

It is a budget polymer frame, double action only, 9mm pistol. SCCY designed the CPX1 to meet a budget price point, and the company itself is known for its budget firearms. SCCY guns retail for around $200. However, they’re always on sale, usually with several different promotional deals. The most important pro of this weapon is its price. This handgun is available for around $280, which isn’t bad considering you are getting a compact polymer frame gun with a double-action-only trigger with no magazine disconnect safety.

Internal Lock Feature

Finally, it uses an internal lock which means there is no manual safety on the gun, and it also allows for one more step to making sure something can’t go wrong when you pick up your firearm. From what we’ve seen, the SCCY CPX-1 has some decent reviews on multiple sights and ranges across America, so this might be a decent option for you to consider. It’ll probably work best for concealed carry or home defense use. However, it won’t be wrong to try out different guns in the store before buying one. Some shooters say left-handed people have an easier time, but they might need training or practice to master both hands equally.

All About The Sights

The SCCY comes standard with fixed sights consisting of a front blade, rear U-notch, and ball detent that secures the pin in place for replacement after disassembly. The sights are suitable for being combat accurate, but they’re not designed for target shooting. The front is a post with one white dot on the bottom. Some people have issues with that because it can be hard to see in some lighting conditions. This gun is double action only (DAO) which means you must pull the trigger to both cock and release the striker.

Rear Sight

The rear sight is adjustable for windage and has two white dots: one big and one small (the smaller dot is an unmagnified section of the larger dot). Because this gun was only around $275 new, I’m pretty happy with the sighting system.


The slide has serrations on the front and back for gripping, but they’re not very sharp. They can be helpful in some cases, but at least you know they won’t ruin your clothing or skin if you ever have to use this gun for self-defense. If you want better gripping surfaces, then there are aftermarket options available.

Sccy CPX1 Slides

Built-In Trigger Safety

Before loading, the CPX1 doesn’t require any dry firing (trigger training), but it has a built-in trigger safety. You can’t pull the trigger unless you press the lever down first. This feature is another way to keep you safe, but some people don’t like them (and sometimes for a good reason). Another thing to consider is that it only has one striker channel through which all of your spent brass must pass. Most pistols have two or more, and they help decrease stoppages by decreasing friction on ejected cases as they travel out of the gun.

Lifetime Warranty

Another good feature is that this gun has a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. That only really matters if something goes wrong with it, but at least there’s some peace of mind knowing that they will fix/replace it if need be.

Takedown and Maintenance

Another great feature is that its takedown and maintenance is very simple—this comes in handy because you may need to clean your gun if it gets dirty from using it frequently or storing it for long periods. All you have to do is pull out the magazine and lock back the slide, then turn the takedown lever clockwise a quarter-turn until it releases from its closed position. At this point, you can pull on both sides of the slide stop simultaneously to move it forward and remove the slide. To reassemble it, slide the slider in from the front of the gun to lock it back into place and reinstall your magazine. It’s that easy. There is no short takedown procedure for this model, so if you’re looking for one with a quick takedown feature, then this isn’t it.

Perfect Holster for SCCY CPX1

One of the most challenging things to find is a holster for your SCCY CPX1. This predicament is because there are very few manufacturers who make holsters specifically for this model.


You can try a generic polymer holster designed for a firearm with similar dimensions as the SCCY CPX1. In terms of modifications, four main changes needed to happen so that this specific pistol would fit correctly:

1) There needs to be a space added for the safety

2) The holster needed to accommodate for the different contours of the slide

3) The trigger needs to be covered so as not to allow it to discharge accidentally

4) There needs to be a precise cut-out on the body of the holster. It will help in smooth inserting and drawing out of the pistol.


The overall size of the holster remains the same, and you can use it with this specific model.

Holster for the SCCY CPX-1 from CopsPlus

The holster for the SCCY CPX-1 from CopsPlus is another high-quality option that provides excellent value to those looking for a safe, low-cost choice. The rigid injection-molded construction will keep your firearm protected and won’t wear well with time or excessive use, so you can have peace of mind knowing that it’ll be there when you need it most. Along with being waterproof and weather-resistant, this holster offers convenient belt loops that allow easy on-and-off application as well as a thumb break to help secure your weapon in place during transport.


The ammo used with the pistol is not very practical for hunting purposes because it quickly loses power at long range. You will have better chances of survival if you aim under the feet of a potential threat rather than over their head. The gun’s muzzle velocity is low compared to other guns.

Yes, you can. It is compact and light enough, so you can easily conceal it. It doesn’t require any special licenses or permits to buy one (in most states). If this gun is legal in your area, then you can use it for self-defense purposes only.

Yes, it is a reliable, compact pistol. It will serve you well as a firearm for self-defense. The cost of the gun is low, and the quality is high. People report very few malfunctions with this gun, and many states trust it more than their previous firearms (handguns or shotguns).

It is an excellent shotgun to purchase or to use as your first firearm because:

– It has high-quality build materials;

– Reliable;

– Doesn’t need much maintenance;

– Easy to use;

– Affordable price;

– Good customer support;

– Many color options.


In conclusion, the SCCY CPX1 certainly lives up to its motto, “Quality at an affordable price. It is a reasonably priced, reliable gun that will get the job done. It’s also one of the lightest guns at just 17 ounces with an unloaded magazine in place and is compact enough to conceal or carry for personal protection easily. If you want something more potent than your 9mm but don’t want to spend too much money, then consider getting a SCCY CPX1. This budget gun from SCCY is perfect for someone looking to get into owning a firearm or even improve their current skills with a cheaper firearm while still getting a decent weapon.


It’s essential to be armed with all the information you can get before making a purchase. They’re readily available online and even come in some cool colors like matte black or pink if you feel like being extra flashy when carrying it around town. I hope that this SCCY CPX1 Review helps you with your purchase. Good luck and shoot straight.

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