SCCY Cpx-2 Holster

This 10+1 capacity pistol wrapped in a sccy cpx-2 holster is great for concealed carry defense or as an everyday backup gun. The sccy cpx-2 pistol was designed specifically with new shooters in mind. The CPX-2 features a 3-inch barrel, double-action trigger  5.5 inches in height, and an overall length of 6.01 inches. It is lightweight at only 15 ounces (unloaded),  easy to disassemble, and simple to operate. The pistol offers the best of both worlds although it has the firepower of a full-sized handgun. The CPX-2 is designed to be slim and compact for both men and women. 

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We know how important it is to find a holster that works well with your lifestyle. That’s why we offer holsters in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want something simple or something more complex, we have what you need. You deserve a holster that fits like a glove – not one that leaves room for error or discomfort. Our custom options are designed to provide maximum comfort while still being easy enough to take on and off when needed. With adjustable retention levels, there’s no reason not to get the perfect fit every time

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