Sccy Cpx 1 Holster

 Featuring a lightweight polymer frame and steel barrel assembly, you can easily hold this semiautomatic 9mm handgun in your hands with its sccy cpx1 holster. The SCCY CPX 1 pistol is an affordable and easy-to-use pistol. It’s the perfect first gun for anyone who needs a reliable firearm at home or on the road. The CPX 1 has a 3.1″ barrel and weighs 15 oz.  It measures 5.7 inches (140 mm) in overall length and is 1 inch wide (25 mm), making it a great choice for concealed carry. It’s small enough to fit into purses or under clothing without being bulky or uncomfortable to wear all day.

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If you looking for a new holster. You’ve come to the right place. We offer an extensive selection of holsters that are perfect for your lifestyle and needs. Our products are designed with comfort, safety, and concealability in mind. They also feature retention capabilities so you can rest easy knowing your firearm will stay secure until you need it most. Whether you want to carry it around the house or on the go, we have a holster that is perfect for every situation.

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