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Ruger LC9s Review and Price

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Ruger LC9s Review

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This Ruger LC9s review provides a detailed review of the pistol with specs, features, pros, and cons. This Ruger LC9s is an updated version of the popular LC9 handgun. It is a lightweight, compact, sturdy polymer-framed 9mm handgun that has been extensively tested for reliability and strength by police departments in Australia and America. It is ideal for concealed carry and home protection. The LC9s is chambered in 9mm Luger and has a capacity of 7+1 rounds. It is also equipped with manual safety, a slide stop, and a magazine release. The Ruger LC9s is available in both black and blued steel finishes. Let’s take a close look at its specs, pros, and cons through this Ruger LC9s review.

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Features of Ruger LC9s

Grip and Textures

One feature that makes the Ruger LC9s stand out is its glass-filled nylon grip frame. This makes the handgun extremely lightweight and easy to conceal. It also provides a solid grip and allows you to maintain control over the handgun even in wet or slippery conditions. The grip design is unique as it will fit almost any hand size. The Ruger LC9s also include a finger grip extension floorplate that can be added to the magazine for comfort and improved grip. This extension also allows you to get a higher grip on the handgun, giving you more control.

Grip and Textures of Ruger LC9s

Size and Weight

The Ruger LC9s have an overall length of 6.0 inches and a weight of 17.2 ounces. It is quite light for a handgun, which makes it easily concealable. The trigger pull on the LC9s is smooth at around 5 pounds, which helps you deliver accurate shots with the less physical effort required. The width of Ruger LC9s is 0.9 inches, while the height is 4.5 inches. The barrel length is 3.12 inches, which is quite small for a handgun. It allows you to carry the handgun in your pocket without bulging out too much. However, it also means that the recoil will be stronger than most handguns of similar size.

Size and Weight of Ruger LC9s

Stopping Power

The Ruger LC9s packs quite a punch with its 9mm Luger cartridge. It has less stopping power than the .45 ACP, but it is still more than capable of handling most self-defense situations. The recoil is also moderate, so you can easily fire multiple rounds in quick succession if needed. The muzzle velocity is around 1000 feet per second, which is well below average compared to other handguns in the same category. This also means that the handgun will have considerably less range than comparable firearms.

Stopping Power of Ruger LC9s

Safety Features

The Ruger LC9s have several safety features that make them a safe firearm to use. These include an external manual safety, a slide stop, and a magazine disconnect. The handgun is also equipped with a loaded chamber indicator that lets you know when the gun is ready to fire. These features make it extremely difficult for the gun to discharge while in use accidentally. The LC9s also come with trigger safety. Another safety feature on the Ruger LC9s is the chamber that allows you to verify if there are any rounds in it visually. This inspection port can be found at the top of the handgun and permits you to look inside to indicate whether the gun is loaded or empty. You can also use this port to push out any rounds that have been left in the LC9s. However, the safest option is to remove all cartridges before storing your firearm.

Safety Features of Ruger LC9s

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Ruger LC9s also include a slide stop that allows you to keep the slide in the open position after the last round has been fired. You can easily reload your handgun this way, and it eliminates the need to rack the slide each time. The slide stop is made of steel and is quite durable. The LC9s also have a magazine release on the left side of the grip. This makes it easy for you to eject a loaded magazine from your handgun, even while wearing gloves or in wet conditions. You can quickly reload your Ruger LC9s by removing the empty magazine and inserting a new one into its grip. The magazine release on the LC9s is also ambidextrous, allowing right or left-handed shooters to remove the magazine from the firearm easily. You can also release the magazine using your index finger.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of Ruger LC9s

Trigger Mechanism

The Ruger LC9s is a striker-fired handgun with an integrated trigger safety. This feature ensures that this gun will not fire when dropped on its muzzle. It also makes it difficult for the firearm to discharge while in use accidentally. The downside to striker-fired handguns is that they can be more prone to accidental discharge if the trigger is pulled inadvertently. There is no external safety on the gun to prevent it from being fired. However, the Ruger LC9s has several safety features that help mitigate this risk. The trigger mechanism on the Ruger LC9s is quite smooth and has a pull weight of around 4.5 pounds. This helps you deliver accurate shots with less physical effort required. The Ruger LC9s also have a reset button that lets you quickly fire another shot after the previous round has been fired. This button is easily accessible, so you can quickly take advantage of any opportunity that arises.

Trigger Mechanism of Ruger LC9s

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Ruger LC9s is a lightweight handgun weighing less than one kilogram. The reduced weight helps reduce both recoil and muzzle flip, which makes it easy to fire the LC9s quickly and accurately. It also means that you can fire this handgun for extended periods without any issues. This makes it easy to carry the gun all day long without getting tired or experiencing hand fatigue. The muzzle flip on the Ruger LC9s is also quite minimal, which allows you to quickly get back on target after firing a shot. This is due in part to the low bore axis of the handgun, which helps keep the barrel of the gun in line with your eyes.


The sights on the Ruger LC9s are made of steel and are quite durable. The sights are white and three-dot sights, which also have a rear sight notch. These sights are quite durable and ensure that you can fire your Ruger LC9s accurately under less than ideal conditions. They are also adjustable, which allows you to customize the point of impact for each cartridge that you fire. The sights are also easy to see, making it easy to line them up with your target.

Sights Of Ruger LC9s

Advantages of Ruger LC9s


The Ruger LC9s is an excellent handgun for concealed carry. It is extremely lightweight, and its small size makes it easy to conceal on your body. The Ruger LC9s also has many safety features that make them safe to carry and use.


The slide stop of the Ruger LC9s is made of steel, and the barrel is made of a durable alloy. These parts are quite sturdy and can withstand being dropped on hard surfaces without damage. The trigger mechanism on the gun is also very durable, allowing you to fire up to seven 9mm rounds accurately from this pistol.

Ease of Use

The Ruger LC9s is extremely easy to use, thanks in part to its striker-fired design and ambidextrous magazine release. The slide stop also helps you keep the slide open after the last round has been fired. This makes it easy to reload your handgun, even under stressful conditions.


The Ruger LC9s have some safety features that make this handgun safe to use. This includes the internal hammer block safety, which prevents the handgun from firing when dropped on its muzzle. It also has a trigger safety and a drop-safety feature that helps ensure that this gun will not discharge unintentionally while in use.

Disadvantages of Ruger LC9s

Trigger Pull

The trigger pull on the Ruger LC9s is quite heavy, especially for a striker-fired handgun. This can make it more difficult to fire this gun accurately while under stress.

Reliability Issues

Some users have experienced reliability issues with the Ruger LC9s, such as failure to eject spent rounds or chamber around. However, these problems appear to be isolated incidents and are not common.

Aftermarket Accessories - Ruger LC9s Review and Price

Many aftermarket accessories are available for the Ruger LC9s, including laser sights, holsters, and magazines. These accessories can help improve the performance of your Ruger LC9s and make them easier to use in a variety of situations.


The most popular aftermarket accessory for the Ruger LC9s is a laser sight. This helps improve accuracy and engages your target more quickly and accurately. There are also rail-mounted lights available for this gun, which help you use it in extremely low light conditions. The laser sight is a small device that emits a beam of light when you press the trigger. The laser beam creates a red dot on your target, making it easy for you to fire accurately without lining up your sights. In general, most Ruger LC9s owners find that the laser sight increases accuracy and helps them improve their shooting.


Laser sights are a popular add-on for the Ruger LC9s. There are a variety of lasers available for the Ruger LC9s, including some that attach to the trigger guard and others that clip onto the side of the gun. All of these lasers emit light when you press the trigger, which creates a red dot on your target. This makes it easy for you to aim and fire the gun accurately, even in low-light conditions.


Another popular accessory for the Ruger LC9s is a flashlight. This allows you to use your gun in extremely low-light conditions, such as at night or in a dark room. There are a variety of rail-mounted and handheld flashlights available for the Ruger LC9s, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. The most popular rail-mounted flashlight for the Ruger LC9s is the SureFire X300 Ultra. This flashlight is extremely bright and emits a powerful beam of light that can be seen up to 300 feet away.


It also has a strobe mode, which can disorient an attacker or assailant. The X300 Ultra attaches to the bottom of the gun’s rail system and is very easy to use. The other most popular handheld flashlight for the Ruger LC9s is the Streamlight TLR-6. The TLR-6 is a good choice for concealed carriers because it can be attached to a pocket or belt clip and is not holstered.


The Ruger LC9s is easy to conceal in a pocket or inside-the-waistband holster. However, some people find that the small grip on this handgun makes it more difficult to hold when they are firing several rounds. For these people, using one of the many rubberized grip sleeves can solve this problem. There are a variety of rubberized grip sleeves for the Ruger LC9s, including models from Hogue and Talon. These grip sleeves are made of durable rubber and provide extra grip and stability when you are firing the gun. They also help protect the gun’s finish from wear and tear.


The Ruger LC9s are available with a 7-round magazine. The 7-round magazine is shorter and easier to conceal. For people who want a magazine with more rounds, Ruger aftermarket accessory offers a 9-round magazine. This magazine is longer, but it provides extra rounds and makes it easier to hold the gun when highly tiringa lining.

Magazine Pouches

One of Ruger’s best Ruger LC9s accessories is a magazine pouch. This accessory clips onto a belt or waistband and allows you to carry an extra magazine for your gun. You can also use it to store a pocket knife, keys, snacks, and other items you might need outside of your home. There are a variety of magazine pouches available for the Ruger LC9s, including models from Blackhawk and Galco. These magazine pouches are durable materials and designed to hold your extra magazines securely in place. There are also various carry options, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.


The Ruger LC9s is an extremely lightweight handgun that can easily be concealed in a pocket or inside-the-waistband. If you are carrying your gun for self-defense, it’s always a good idea to have a holster on hand. Pocket holsters are designed to be carried in a pocket and are made of a soft, suede-like material. They help to protect the finish on your gun and keep it from being scratched. IWB holsters are designed to be carried inside the waistband and are made of a variety of different materials, including leather and Kydex.


They provide a more secure fit for your gun and help to keep it from being seen. There are a variety of Ruger LC9s holsters available in the market, including models from Blackhawk, Galco, and Safariland. These holsters are designed to hold the LC9s securely in place and protect it from wear and tear. They also have a variety of different carry options, so you can choose the one that meets your needs. Here is our recommendation for Ruger LC9s holster:

Safariland Right Hand Concealment Holster for Ruger LC9s

The Safariland right-hand concealment holster For Ruger LC9s is the perfect holster for anyone who wants to carry their gun with them. It’s made of durable materials that will last through years of use and abuse, so it’ll be ready when you need it most. And because this holster is designed specifically for your firearm, it fits like a glove and feels just as good too. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life. You won’t find another holster like this on the market today.


Safariland’s concealment holsters are designed to be worn outside the waistband but with an open top that allows a fast, natural draw with the swipe of the thumb release as you acquire your shooting grip. The retention is fully adjustable and can be set up for either straight drop or FBI cant carry positions. A tensioning device keeps the weapon secure in all conditions. This holster has been rigorously tested and has met the demands for durability and quality.

The Safariland Model 7378 7TS Holster combines the security of ALS with the speed and simplicity of an open-top design. ALS secures your weapon automatically as it is holstered, yet still allows a fast, natural draw with the swipe of the thumb release as you acquire your shooting grip. Built...
in stock
Safariland #7378 7ts Als Concealment Holster


The trigger pull weight is about 4.5 lbs. It can be easily adjusted if necessary. 

 Yes, it comes with a user manual and a magazine pocket. You can buy additional accessories from Blackhawk and Galco, e.g., magazine pouches, holsters. The shooting laser is available as well.

One magazine comes with your gun. The magazine can hold 7 rounds maximum. The 9-round magazine is available from aftermarket accessories.

Ruger LC9s holster is a device included in the kit, which allows you to carry your gun safely. It protects from dust and damage. Various highly can use it to hold your gun or magazines. 

Recommended Holsters for Ruger LC9s


The Ruger LC9s is an extremely reliable handgun with an intuitive design. It is perfect for concealed carry and home defense. It also comes with various holsters and magazine pouches to choose from. You can buy the shooting laser separately to increase accuracy when firing the gun. Overall, the Ruger LC9s is an excellent choice for a concealed carry handgun. I hope this Ruger LC9s review article is helpful for you. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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