Ruger Ec9s Holster

The Ruger Ec9s is a great gun that will fit your hand perfectly and conceal with a Ruger Ec9s Holster. It’s easy to use, simple to maintain and built with the same quality materials as all Ruger models. You can count on this firearm when it matters most. Plus, it comes in a 9mm Luger or .40 S&W, so you can choose the caliber that fits your needs best. 

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Ruger EC9s holsters are the perfect way to carry your firearm. They’re made from durable materials and have adjustable retention so that you can get just the right fit every time. You can adjust your holster to fit your exact needs with ease. They come with an open-top design that makes them easy to draw quickly when needed. The sweat guard protects both gun and body from moisture during use while protecting clothing from being damaged by the weapon itself. The trigger guard cover keeps dirt out of the trigger area while allowing quick access when needed most.

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