Review of Ruger PC Charger

A Comprehensive Guide

Review of Ruger PC Charger

Review of Ruger PC Charger

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Ruger firearm manufacturing co. was founded in 1949, and since then, it has been producing high-quality and efficient firearms. Ruger has never let its customers down when it comes to quality or efficiency.  It comes up with new models every year. As far as the review of Ruger PC Charger is concerned it is a submachine gun, which has been introduced for law enforcement use. PC stands for Police Carbine, meaning it’s meant for Law Enforcement use in non-firearm restricted areas.

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The Ruger is a micro sub-gun as the gun is not held and fired like any other weapon. Instead, it uses a stock attached to the end of the barrel for support. The weapon uses 9mm round magazines inserted into the bottom of the grip, usually in double stacks (new high cap mags can hold up to 30 rounds depending on design). Ruger’s PC Charger – 9mm Micro Subgun is a scaled-up 10/22 takedown that accepts 9mm. The barrel only measures 4″ long and it is perfect for getting up close and personal with your target. Ruger decided to introduce the PC Charger after the PC Carbine was introduced, and it is no different from the carbine in terms of functionality.

Features of Ruger PC Charger

If you’re looking for the best gun to buy this year or want an affordable option as your first firearm purchase, look no further than the Ruger PC Charger. Read more here on how its features make this gun not only practical but also fun.

You Can Customise It

Ruger PC charger comes with Ruger’s lifetime warranty and customizable features, so everyone gets what they want. Ruger offers an option of adding on Ruger Picatinny Rail so you can add different accessories according to your need at the moment. You can find accessories to customize it further. Ruger Firearms also offers Ruger Suppressor-Ready Slide to Ruger PC Charger owners. A Ruger 9mm Micro Subgun Kit can be bought separately or bundled with a Ruger PC Charger pistol to enhance the shooting experience. It is available in both the factory variant and the custom variant, which can be bought at an extra cost, of course. Aftermarket additions such as Ruger Suppressor-Ready Slide, Ruger Picatinny Rail, and Ruger Charging handle are available at additional cost. Still, they make your gun look even better and enhance its efficiency.

Accurate Firearm

Ruger firearms are well known for their accuracy, and Ruger PC Charge is no different. It is equipped with Bolt release, which allows an accurate way of locking back both the bolt and slide without using extra hands, keeping your eyes on the target, allowing you to stay on point and focused on what matters most, making every shot count.

Affordable Firearm

Ruger PC charger 9mm is Ruger’s latest and Ruger’s most affordable firearm. If you don’t want to invest too much in firearms but still want an efficient and reliable gun, it is the perfect choice for you. Ruger’s new handgun is affordable and provides accurate shots every time.

Rugged and Reliable

Rugers are known for their ruggedness. Ruger has a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens in the future, it will be fixed in no time. All their guns, including the PC Charger, have durable construction and perfect functionality, which is why many shooters have enjoyed them over the decades.

Easy to Use

Ruger provides the best guns in different categories depending upon customer demands. The structure of their firearms, including this one, is easy to use.

Easy to Use of Ruger PC Charger


Ruger has managed to pack some whack in its half brick at just 5 pounds unloaded and 23 inches long. The lightweight frame makes it easy to carry for long periods. With its lightweight polymer frame, this sub-gun is easy to carry for long periods. Ruger has made this sub-gun with every situation in mind making it perfect for various scenarios. The Ruger Power Custom barrel is fluted, which saves weight and keeps the heat down. Ruger Stabilizing Brace makes one-handed shooting a lot easier than trying to hold that tiny little thing up separate from your arm. With its adjustable length bracelets, you customize the length of the pull to fit your size exactly how you want it.

Ruger PC Charger Lightweight

No Recoil

If you are looking for a low-recoil Ruger firearm, then it can be a perfect choice. Rugers are not only known for their accuracy, reliability but for low recoil too.Not only beginners but experienced shooters also enjoy firing with it. The Ruger PC’s charging handle is located on the left side of this handgun, allowing the user to maintain a good grip while using it. Shooting this gun gives you no kickback at all, making your shooting experience smooth and easy.


This Micro Sub-gun can pack a punch while being small enough for anyone’s back pocket. Ruger PC Charger – 9mm Micro Sub-gun’s simple design is perfect for Ruger fans of all ages. The gun has the new Ruger American modular stock. It makes it possible to switch between 10 different configurations but still fits in a backpack.


It does not come with any sights. However, it does have an accessory rail for mounting optics or laser sights on top. You could easily customize it later.

Sights of Ruger PC Charger

Ruger’s Patented Chrome Bolt Stop Pin

Ruger’s patented chrome bolt stop pin lets shooters know when the magazine has been completely expended. The painted steel charging handle can be used with either hand and features an extended forward tang that enables you to pull back the bolt while keeping your hand on the forward grip.

Ruger’s Patented Chrome Bolt Stop Pin of Ruger PC Charger

Interchangeable Choke System (IC1-IC8)

The firearm comes with a choke wrench with eight variations, one for each of the eight chokes in the gun. The different configurations are named IC1-IC8. Ruger states that this interchangeable choke system makes it, so there is “no need to buy extra choke tubes” because it ships with all eight chokes installed.

Multi-Purpose in Its Uses

The Ruger PC Charger is a compact, lightweight carbine that offers dependability and versatility. It’s perfect for home defense or other uses where close encounters might occur. You can use it for home defense, target shooting, plinking, and hunting small game animals such as squirrels or rabbits.  Ruger PC Charger- 9mm Micro Subgun has Ruger’s legendary operation, making it a dependable performer in the field. It can be used as a pistol, carbine, or an SBR, depending on your needs and abilities.

Ruger PC Charger Magazine 

The PC Charger uses a 9mm magazine, which can hold up to 18 rounds. Its mag release is integrated to be used with the trigger index finger and offers a quick reload. It has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds and can fire up to 10 rounds per second. Ruger also includes two 10-round magazines so, you’re not only getting the gun—you’re getting an EDC bag’s worth of ammo!

Ruger PC Charger Magazine

Available in Different Versions

The PC Carbine from Ruger comes in three different versions to suit just about any scenario. It could be Home Protection, Range Shooting/Small Game Hunting, and Competition Shooting. It uses a 16″ barrel and has an AR-style ergonomic pistol grip with a collapsible brace.

Price Range of PC Charger

The Ruger PC Charger is known for being a high-quality gun at a fair price. It will cost you a little bit more than some of the other micro sub-guns out there, however, it will last you a lifetime. It is sturdy and tough enough to deal with most conditions and last a lifetime.

The Perfect Holster for PC Charger

PC Charger looks like an automatic pistol, but it shoots bullets from a magazine. This new gun is unique, so what can be considered the best holster for this type of firearm What are the general rules to follow when choosing a perfect holster for any gun? First, you have to consider your safety and that of those around you. Second, think about how easy or difficult it will be to pull out the gun from its case if necessary. And lastly, think about how accessible it will be for drawing your weapon quickly in case of emergencies. With these rules in mind, we are now ready to explore some possible options.

Nylon IWB Holster

One of the best options for this gun is a nylon IWB holster. You can wear it inside your waistband. It comes in three different styles that are all very comfortable to wear – Tuckable Clip-on, Non-Tuckable Clip-On, and Tuckable Belt Loop. The Tuckable Clip-On has clips that help this holder fit onto any size belt or pants without discomfort or falling off while you move around. The Non-Tuckable Clip-On is the same as the previous style, except it does not come with clips so that you can tuck in your shirt over it neatly. As for the third option, the Tuckable Belt Loop, it works just like its name suggests.


The loop will go over the belt to keep it in place, but you can tuck in your shirt if you prefer. What makes this holster rock is that it has a unique design that keeps the gun firmly upright. This way, you know for sure that once you draw out the PC Charger from its case, it will already be pointing towards your target. The nylon material is light and thin, so no problems are putting on jackets or coats with this holster model underneath them. Even if you sweat a lot under hot weather conditions, this type of holster will remain cool and dry against your skin.


Nylon IWB holsters are also very affordable, so these are a great option if you are on a budget. They come with a one-year warranty against faulty products and quality. It is an option that can be worn both inside and outside the waistband. So its versatility makes it a good choice. The nylon material is light and flexible, so wearing jackets or coats during cooler weather should not pose a problem while carrying this holster around underneath them. It has a unique design that keeps the gun upright when drawn out from its case to hit the target easily.

Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster

The BlackHawk SERPA Concealment Holster is a good choice when looking for a PC Charger holster that can hide handguns well. This model has a unique design that locks the gun in place once it is placed inside its case so accidental dropping or shooting cannot happen anymore. This type of holster comes with adjustable straps on its leg platform and thigh platform. This way, you can keep it in place as your PC Charger is drawn out for use, so you will not miss the target. It also has a quick-release button that makes weapon ejection and reholstering easy to do, even with one hand only.


This holster fits the PC Charger snugly, so it stays in place as you move around or draw your gun quickly when faced with dangerous situations. The downside about this option is that its straps need extra adjusting now and then because they sometimes come loose. If you want a holster that can conceal handguns well and stay put on your body without coming off quickly, though, then go for this type of PC Charger holster.

Inside Pants Holster

If comfort is your top priority, then this type of holster is just what you need. You can wear this model inside the waistband. It will not cause any rough feeling against the skin or an unsightly bulge on your pants that can give away your secret weapon.


The Ruger PC Charger-9mm Micro Sub Gun comes with full coverage from Ruger during the first year of ownership. Ruger will repair or replace your gun, at our option, if it doesn’t work as intended for reasons not due to faulty quality or materials. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the blued steel receiver against defects in materials and quality.

Ruger also offers a two-year warranty on their stainless steel barrels against defects in materials and quality, so be sure to keep your receipt.

No, absolutely not . Many firearms companies are selling their products through internet websites. They do not require any FFL (Federal Firearms License) to purchase or transfer these items. They only need your name & address and details about what you’re buying/moving before shipping it. Some other companies might ask you to come down in person for pickup approval, but you can do all transactions without ever leaving.

The popularity of the PC Carbine is mainly due to its ease and speed of use and faster reloading (due to 9mm pistol mags vs. Lcp mags). It’s significantly lighter and handier than larger rifles which are great for shooters who might not be as strong. It’s also smaller, which makes it easier to transport and store. Another popular feature is the Picatinny rail system that allows you to add accessories such as a red dot sight, flashlight, or laser.

The PC Charger is a micro sub-gun. The Ruger PC Carbine is a .30 caliber rifle that uses pistol magazines in a narrow category of handgun calibers. These are 9mm Luger, 45 ACP. Like other rifles or shotguns, the PC Carbine has a very high rate of fire with low perceived recoil per shot fired.

Another difference between the two is weight and recoil reduction when shooting them. The PC Charger has less recoil and is easier to shoot quickly, making it more accurate for novice shooters. 

The magazines differ greatly as well. The PC Carbine uses Ruger handgun magazines. The PC Charger uses Ruger LCP magazines or Beretta 90-Two magazines. This difference makes it easy to transition from handgun shooting to carbine shooting by changing the magazine you are using in your gun.

Ruger has produced quality firearms reasonably priced, so the Ruger PC Charger-9mm Micro Sub Gun should have no problem with sales. It is available for 700- 900$.


To conclude, we can say that it is a spectacular weapon to have in your arsenal with all these features. It’s also small enough to carry around with ease. If you’re in the market for a new firearm, we recommend that you take a long hard look at the Ruger PC charger. This micro sub-gun is perfect if your goal is to get into competitive shooting or you want something fun and easy to shoot on the range. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today before they run out! Ruger Firearms are made with the idea of convenience and ease of use in mind. They are created using modern CNC machines, allowing perfect copies of already existing guns or making new designs for future firearms.

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