How to Replace the Ground Drive Belt in a Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower?

When it comes to maintenance of a Husqvarna we all are tensed about the replacement of some parts such as the blades, drive belt, hydraulic fluid, oil filter, etc.

Replacement of such parts takes a lot of time and effort and one the toughest replacing elements of a zero-turn mower is the ground drive belt.

The ground drive belt is a crucial part of the Husqvarna zero turn mower because it joins the engine crankshaft with the transmission pulleys.

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You should always check the ground drive belt on a regular basis and if you face any issues, then probably you should replace the drive belt immediately.

Never ignore any issues or damages that may occur with the ground drive belt. Take them into consideration.

Here are the steps that will help you in replacing the drive belt of a Husqvarna zero-turn mower.

Steps to Replace the Ground Drive Belt in a Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower

Step 1: Safety First

Before beginning, put on your work gloves and disconnect the spark plug wires.

Also, make sure that the parking brakes are into action.

These safety measures are extremely important that is why we consider them to be written in step one.

Disconnecting the spark plugs will ensure that the mower will not turn on while you are working with it.

The parking brakes do not allow the mower to move on itself whenever you push the deck.

Step 2: Remove the Blade Drive Belt

Pull the mower deck to the lowest possible height and remove the cover of the left pulley.

Now, push the blade belt idler pulley and roll the drive belt that is covering the left blade pulley.

Further, you have to slip under the back of the mower in order to remove the blade drive belt that is attached to the electric clutch.

Step 3: Pull Out the Mower Deck

Once you have removed the blade drive belt, you have to take out the mower deck from the mower.

For doing so, detach the mower deck mounting pins and hanging brackets. 

Push the deck and release it from the front bracket. Push the deck from its back so that it can easily come out of the mower.

Step 4: Take Out the Flywheel Nut

Unplug the harness of the electric clutch and remove the mounting screws of the flywheel cover.

Pull the cover off so that you can reach the flywheel nut.

Rotate the nut in order to take it out

Ask help from someone to hold the flywheel nut stationary so that you can work to remove the mounting bolts.

Step 5: Disconnect the Electric Clutch

Once you have taken out the flywheel nut, disconnect the electric clutch from the engine crankshaft.

Step 6: Remove the Ground Drive Belt

 Push the driver seat upwards and roll the ground belt from the engine pulley.

After doing this, you have to disconnect the ground drive belt that is attached to the transmission pulleys.

Once the belt is completely detached, pull it out of the mower.

Step 7: Attach the New Drive Belt

Install the new drive belt and ask your helper to hold the idler pulley bracket so that you can easily attach the belt on the engine pulley.

Once the new drive belt is installed, lower down the driver seat.

Step 8: Reconnect the Electric Clutch

For the reinstallation of the electric clutch, you have to align the slot of the engine pulley with the key that is located inside the engine shaft.

Step 9: Put the Flywheel Nut Back

Connect the flywheel nut and attach the flywheel cover that you removed in the beginning.

Also, connect the engine clutch with the harness.

Step 10: Attach the Mower Deck

 After completion of this, it’s time to connect the mower deck with the mower.

For doing so, keep the mower deck under its frame and connect it with the front bracket.

Precisely, connect the hanging brackets, and don’t forget to put the mounting pins back as they are very important to hold the deck on its position.

Step 11: Attach the Blade Drive Belt

 Put the blade drive belt back on the electric clutch that you rolled initially.

Properly roll it on the left blade pulley and push the idler pulley inwards.

Step 12: Connect the Spark Plugs

Once everything is reinstalled and reattached, connect the spark plugs, and you are done!

Final Words:

Following all the steps and accurately and in serial order is a must.

Read the steps carefully before you begin and do not do it by yourself if you are not confident enough.

Note all the safety measures and make sure that you go through to the owner’s manual for better understanding and knowledge.

Once you have replaced the ground drive belt, make sure that you attach the flywheel nut, blade drive and belt, and mower deck properly.

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