Red Light vs Green Light for Night Hunting

While going on a hunting expedition, to guarantee success, you have to look for any advantage as you are in the natural habitats of the animals you want to hunt. So ordinarily, they have an advantage over you, to even this field, you have to look for an advantage such as the use of light while hunting at night. 

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Unlike human beings who can see a wide array of colors, most animals are unable to see some kinds of colors. This is due to the number of cones present in the retina in the eyes. Human beings have three cones that help us to see several colors, animals on the other hand have only two cones. Thus, the number of colors they can see is limited. 


colors such as red and green cannot be seen by animals like coyotes, hogs, and other predators. They are dichromatic mammals, colors whose wavelengths are higher than 520 nanometers are not seen by these animals. Thus, using lights while hunting at night is favored by many hunters.

Red Light Or Green Light: Which is Better for Night Hunting

Red and green light are colors that most predators find difficult to see, thus, these two lights are commonly used by hunters while hunting. However, which is better between the two or which is a predator more likely to see. 

The purpose of using light while hunting at night is to enable you to scout and stalk predators efficiently at a time when they may be vulnerable. But, there are also other purposes that light serves while hunting. 

While hunting, when you beam light onto an animal, this light will shield you from the view of the animal. Although most of these animals can see well at night, the light will shield you from them, they will only see the light and not the hunter. 


However, one of the downsides of using light while hunting is that it can startle the animal and alert it to your presence thus blowing your cover. Thus, to mitigate this, hunters make use of light which is less intense and would not startle the animal. 

For instance, using a white light will surely startle an animal and make it wary thus, the animal would run away. This is why using colors like red or green is advisable, although it may still be visible to the animal, it appears less startling. It is also less intensive than white light. It does not startle them to an extent that they flee. This also allows you to scout effectively to be able to take a clear shot.

Differences Between Red Light and Green Light

The way the eyes view colors; white is the brightest while red is the darkest. Green however is in the middle ground. Thus, it is more difficult for animals to recognize red light at night than green light, green light may still be visible to them but red being a dark color, they will literally be color blind to the color red. 

While hunting predators like coyotes and the likes, red would be more advisable. This is because predators such as coyotes are generally nervous and usually wary of their surroundings. Thus, using red light will give you an opportunity at stealth hunting thereby allowing you to catch it unawares. Green however may be more visible to predators thus eliminating your element of surprise. 


Generally, the type of hunting expedition you are going home should determine the kind of light you use. When hunting wild hogs, you don’t necessarily need to go stealth as hogs have poor eyesight they also do not have the awareness of predators like coyotes. 


Thus, it may be better if you use green light which enables you to see better. The use of light goes both ways while hunting, that is, although animals are unable to see it, it also affects your ability to see. Red is a dim color, thus, you may also not be able to see games clearly. 

Green light however being in the middle between red and white is still more visible and allows you to see better. Thus, using green light while hunting animals like wild hogs or other animals with poor eyesight green light may be better as it allows you to see clearly and get an even clearer shot.


No, deer are red and green color blind. 

Red light is the best color light to hunt deer at night as they are unable to see the red color. 

Both are good for night hunting. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Red light is darker and most animals cannot see the red light at night, however, green will allow a hunter to see better at night but is more likely to be seen by animals as it is not as dark as red light. 

Final Words

Red light and green light both have their advantages, although red is preferred by most hunters because of the cover it provides. Red is darker than red thus allowing a hunter to carry out a stealth operation while hunting. 

Green also, although not as dark as red, allows the hunter to see more clearly while hunting. However, this comes at a risk of the animal recognizing the light and bolting away.

Night hunting can be quite the experience as it helps you test not only your endurance skills but also your hunting skills. It is said that the best hunters hunt at night. 

Both red and green are useful while hunting at night, based on the type of animal you are looking to hunt, you can pick either of the two. With the right color light, you can improve your chances of coming home with a sackful of games.

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