Preschool Science Lesson: Bird Watching

Most preschoolers have a love for the birds that are both near them, meaning the ones they see everyday, and those they only see in videos or movies. The truth is, kids love birds. Why not use them in a lesson that uses books with bird photos in them and gets them involved with bird watching? Here’s an easy lesson plan that allows your class to explore and find different birds. They can discuss what the bird looks like, ask questions about what they eat and where they live, and compare them to the birds they see in their own neighborhoods.

First, you will need the following materials for this lesson plan. (Perhaps you already have them in your classroom or in an art closet in the school):


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Bird pictures or decorations that can be used outside.Place the pictures or decorations around the classroom or playground.
  • Let the kids use binoculars or empty paper towel rolls that have been cut in two as a pair of spy glasses and search for the birds!

Kids love to explore and birds are a great way to introduce them to the environment around them. They also have the opportunity to be creative and talk with their classmates about what they saw and where they think the birds live. Above all, they have fun!

Once they have explored the playground or classroom looking for the birds, use circle time for discussion. Sometimes, kids can become so excited about looking for the birds, you can use this lesson plan for the entire week, using different birds for each day of the week. This lesson plan gives them a hands-on activity that they will remember.

As an extra activity, the children can take home their binoculars and look for birds from the windows of their own home. You can add a homework assignment by having a circle time discussion on what they saw or didn’t see looking through their binoculars at home.

This lesson is easy to set up and take down. The materials can be saved for a specific month or week that focuses on birds. It can be used during a snow day where the children cannot go out because of bad weather and on sunny days it can be used outside in the playground. This gives them a safe place to look and wonder while learning in an environment that is familiar. Not to mention, it’s great fun!