About Us

We are a small, family-owned business run by father and son who have a thriving passion for photography and travel. Ballachy markets towards hobbyist and professional photographers, offering the best-of-the-best tripods on the market that translate to maximum image quality with no camera shakiness. We invest in the highest standard of quality technology and equipment at an unbeatable price range. Our products cater to the needs of beginner-to advanced-photographers, who photograph on their phones or DSLRs. What sets Ballachy apart from its competitors is our focus on our wide range of lightweight and sturdy tripods for those who travel or need to carry their tripods a lot. We understand that not all tripods are built the same way, making it sometimes a daunting task to carry heavy tripods to eye-capturing destinations. With Ballachy, leaving your tripod home because it’s too heavy is a thing of the past.

Every 2$ Spent, 1 Tree Is Planted

We opened Ballachy in 2015, as a means to give back to Earth as we have personally witnessed the man-made destruction over generations that has severely harmed our planet. As photographers, we have traveled the world to capture its beauty, and were setback by the catastrophe of deforestation in several countries. We realized that our environment and ecology are at risk and just how important it is to preserve nature for our future generation. For this reason, we combined our hobby for photography with our passion of giving back to nature by planting trees, as we understand that replanting trees is not a dream too far-fetched. 

We plant a tree on your behalf for every 2$ spent on Ballachy tripods, making you a part of a global movement that strives to make a change in the environment for the better. Currently, we are replanting rainforests in Brazil and Africa. Our goal is to plant 10 million trees by the year 2020 all across the World.

As a professional or serious hobbyist who seeks high-quality gear at unbeatable prices, it’s a nice feeling to know that we want to help you in the pursuit of your passion for photography. We understand that your time is valuable, so we are here to offer our support at anytime, anywhere 24/7/365 for any questions you have!