Paddle Vs Belt Holster

Holsters are also known as the carrier of arms. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can carry a weapon or firearm with you everywhere, be it on your waist, shoulder, ankle, etc., as they provide safety to the gun from getting damaged and from any kind of weather damage as well as damage due to water. In this blog post, we will discuss paddle vs belt holster.

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A gun holster can be made from different materials. The most common material used to make holsters is leather or polymer materials. Different kinds of guns need different kinds of holsters suitable for the particular kind of firearm. As it depends on the safekeeping and comfort that a person requires.

Paddle Holster

A paddle holster is a particular kind of holster that can be attached to the belt loop. They are made up of leather or polymer materials. Paddle holsters are easy to carry and concealable. The paddle slips into pants where it locks onto the belt, keeping the gun steady by preventing too much movement. It does not have any strap around the holster to fix it with your belt or waist.

Paddle holsters are mostly used for handguns as they are easily concealed and very easy to carry on the waist. Most users prefer this kind of holster because of its ease of use. It is very easy to draw out the gun from the holster. The only thing you have to do is just push it in a direction, and your hand will be able to remove the weapon very easily.

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Paddle holsters are mostly used by people who cannot carry long guns or rifles on their waist or back because they fear that these long arms can accidentally hurt somebody if they fall.

Paddle Holster

Belt Holster

A belt holster is a carrying case that fits the waistband of pants and loops around the belt from the inside. A hook on the backside of the holster holds more securely by clipping to the belt or waistband when drawing out a firearm. Belt holsters are worn on the outside of pants, and others can easily see them.

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People who carry guns for official purposes like police, army, other security officials, etc. It can be easily carried and hidden on the waist and does not notice until the gun is required to be used.

Paddle Vs Belt Holster

There are many differences between the paddle holster and the belt holster. These are some of them:

  1. In a paddle holster, the gun is not held securely against the body. Therefore, it makes it harder to conceal it. While wearing a belt holster, the gun can be easily hidden from others as it is kept close to the body.
  2. There is no strap attached in a paddle holster, so it may fall out of the holster f you are running or taking some major action. While in a belt holster, the gun is tightly locked inside with a strap attached to keep it secure.
  3. A paddle holster comes at an affordable price but cannot be used all the time, while belt holsters are expensive but can be used for all purposes and daily work and security purposes.
  4. Paddle holsters are attached to your waist, and you wear them inside your pants. While a belt holster is worn outside of the pants and can also go over the pants if need be.
  5. You cannot adjust the gun directions in a paddle holster, while a belt holster can be adjusted for easy access in any direction.
  6. A belt holster is easy to carry, but it makes you uncomfortable as the gun can cause pain in your waist or lower back. A paddle holster can be carried easily without any problems at all times.

Therefore, both the holsters have advantages and disadvantages depending upon personal choice and other preferences. It is entirely up to you which one suits you the best based on your need for easiness in use, safety, comfort, etc., so choose wisely.

Paddle Holster and Belt Holster-Features

Here are some common features and specs of Paddle Holster and Belt Holster:

Retention Mechanism

Both the holsters have retention mechanisms to keep the gun safe and secure. In a paddle holster, the retention mechanism is built into the gun’s design, while in a belt holster, this feature has straps wrapped around to keep it safe.


The paddle holster does not come out very easily from the clothes, and thus it doesn’t print that much, making it more comfortable for daily use. However, a holster coming out of the clothes makes it visible for others and thus prints a lot. A belt holster is very difficult to carry daily because it can cause discomfort and pain in the waist. 


A belt holster is adjustable to the desired position for easy accessibility. A paddle holster cannot be adjusted as it can come out of its position at any time, making it unsafe.


The weight of a belt holster varies depending on the material used in manufacturing, but generally, they are very light. On the other hand, a paddle holster is not that heavy but still more than a belt holster.

Wearing Position

Both kinds of holsters can be worn at three different positions, i-e, Cross draw (for example, behind the hip), Vertical Draw (in front of hip) or behind the hip, etc.; however, some positions may not be available for both kinds which are mentioned below.

A paddle holster can be worn behind or in front of the hip, cross draw, etc. The belt holster is much more adjustable and thus can be carried at any position anywhere around the waist without much problem.

Paddle Holster and Belt Holster-Features


Both Paddle Holster and Belt Holster come in different styles, which are mentioned below:

Open Top

Allows very fast draw action, so it is preferred mostly by law enforcement officials for security purposes and self-defence needs. 

Open Bottom

This kind of holster allows an easy reholstering feature, so it is the type of holster most commonly used by long-term firearm carriers. 

Concealed Carry

This kind of holster is often worn inside the waistband so that it can be pretty comfortable for daily use


The material used in making both kinds of holsters are mentioned below: 


This type of material gives a good look to the holster, and thus it is preferred mostly by people. It lasts long but becomes stiff after a long time of use, making it difficult to take out your gun. 


This kind of material is moisture resistant, ensures safekeeping, is easy to clean, and is highly durable. 

However, they are a little bit noisy while drawing out the gun from it. They can make you uncomfortable as well because they tend to be very rigid.

Paddle Holster and Belt Holster-Features

Types of Paddle Holster

Paddle holster comes in different types which are mentioned below-

Standard Paddle

This type of paddle holster is very easy to put on and take off. It doesn’t stay at the same place, so it requires readjustment every time you wear it.

Retention Adjustment

This kind of paddle holster allows people to set their retention level according to their choice, but they can come out easily if not properly adjusted.  

Custom Molded

The custom-moulded paddle holsters are used to produce gun-specific models i-e they go with a particular firearm model only like Glock, etc. Once you buy one for your gun, there is no need to purchase another one when you get a different gun because they are specifically moulded.

Types of Belt Holsters

Belt holsters also come in different types, as follows:

Open Top

This type of belt holster has an open-top, so you can easily draw your weapon from the holster. It is very easy to carry and doesn’t take much time to reholster it after drawing it out. However, safety will always be an issue if worn over the waistband. 

This type of belt holster is mostly preferred by people who wear it for security reasons, etc. Because safety cannot be compromised over a concealed carry holster that might not be visible while going through metal detectors at airports, etc. 

Concealed Carry Belt Loop

This kind of belt loop comes with a slot behind the holster, used to fit the belt. This type of holster can stay in one place, so it doesn’t require frequent readjustment but cannot be worn over the waistband because it will fall off.

Custom Molded

This kind of belt holster is specially designed for each model gun, so you don’t need to buy another one for your new firearm. They are moulded based on a particular gun’s model.  


This kind of holster clips onto your belt and stays at its place no matter how much you move around; hence they are very popular among people who prefer conceal carrying their guns all day long, especially with clothes that don’t have loops for tucking belts through i-e jeans, etc.


If you are wearing a coat/jacket over your clothes, they can serve to conceal well. Otherwise, it won’t be possible because they come with an exterior paddle. However, people often use them for security reasons.

You need to use a belt with a paddle holster because it does not have loops to tuck belts into, i-e, jeans, etc.

This completely depends on a person’s choice; however, if you carry a gun for your safety or other people, a paddle holster might be better because you can wear and remove it very easily and quickly. However, if your gun is for conceal carry, then a belt holster is the best option because it does not make any noise/disturbance while you are moving around.  


Paddle holster and belt holster both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends on a person to choose which one will suit them the best. They serve different purposes, but both of them are used for the same purpose i-e safekeeping. This article can help people learn about paddle holsters and how to choose the best holster that serves their purpose.

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