P365 Holster

The p365 holster lets you wear your firearm all 365 days of the year, and hence its name. This gun is made by the American company SIG SAUER. It is a double-stacked magazine and is the size of a smartphone, this makes it more comfortable to wear than most pistols. Since this is a high-quality firearm, it can be fired in wet or cold conditions, which is essential for concealed carry. 

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The size of the P365 allows it to fit in small, concealed carry holsters which allow the gun owner to wear it under their clothes without anyone knowing except for them. Some holsters are made specifically with certain weapons in mind, but most of them can be adjusted to fit any gun. We have holsters for the P365 that can be carried under the arm or around the leg depending on personal preference. These holsters are specially designed to fit and carry this firearm without any issues.

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