Owl Symbolism

A bird of the night can be slightly creepy when you notice them when it reasonably dark. Take the example of the crows and the owls, mainly because they are usually perched on the house’s creepiest parts just for you to notice them. Inevitably, chills will run down your spine as the site of the owls is not the most comforting at night-neither is their hooting. The owl is one such bird, and the fact that it appears rarely and only at night makes it one of the queerest birds you will ever interact with.

In movies, there is that idea that jumps into your mind whenever you see an owl in any of the scenes. In most cases, they are used in horror movies and appear during a dark evening or in the thick of the night. If this happens, then death or something close to that will occur.

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Many birds of the night are usually associated with the dead in the society, maybe a friend or relative that passed away. Such birds are usually a sign of an imminent loss of the life of a relative or a beloved one. This has made the birds to be shunned against as many perceive them as a bad omen, and they are usually stoned and chased away from any establishment.

Christianity And The Owl Symbolism

Christianity has its fair share of illustrations of the owl symbolism; in fact, the owl has been mentioned a number of times in the Bible. According to Christianity, the owl is of sacred significance and portrays a variety of meanings when used in a text. This is an illustration that has been derived to go back to the lives of early human beings- even before the invention of reading and writing.

owl symbolism

In numerous times, the owl has been used in a text in a Bible; it is used to indicate that a significant change is imminent. This does not necessarily mean death, as some instances have just shown that people would need to start a new life altogether after a phenomenon has occurred.

Some things you didn't know about owls

  • The owls are among few birds that have specialized feathers that have fringes with different levels of softness. This feature helps them muffle the sound of the wings when they are flying.
  • The owls also have relatively broad wings that are light, as well as a light body structure that makes them creep on their prey. The owl, being a bird of prey, has to stalk its prey when hunting, and these features help it to do so.

Basically, the symbolic meanings of the owls include:

  • The intuition which is its capacity to notice what other people or creatures might not be able to
  • When there is an owl present, it signifies that a change is coming.
  • The ability of the owl to see under covers and beyond instances of deceit and masks of any kind
  • Wisdom-because, the owl, is a relatively wise bird.
  • Life transition, which mainly signifies death- it may appear to announce the death of a prominent figure.

Unlike many birds, the owl has the ability to see through the dark, and this is a significant property that you won’t realize in many creatures. This capacity is only shared by the felines and the bats. This might be a general symbol that the owl is able to see what we can’t see with our naked eyes.

For us, the owl may be signs that it is showing us that there is something beyond what we see. Its presence seeks to advise us to see what is beyond reality-for instance, the need to see beyond the veil that is deception or even illusion. It indicates that there is something hidden that we need to look out for. This might be maybe due to the fact that reality, as we assume it to be has something hidden beyond what we see as human beings.

owl symbolism
In our interactions with people, they are led to take some actions and through different states of mind. We, on the other hand, might judge them based on merely this, but there is a possibility that something else led them to act as they did. The owl symbolizes the need to cut past the illusions and get to see the genuine reason that led the people we interact with to act as they did.

Being led by the owl will provide you with an unmatched ability to see more than just the ordinary. You are able to be led with the strong intuition that will help you get the necessary information that is not obvious to many others. You might also be blessed with the gift of wisdom which should guide each and every action that you take.

Generally, birds have spirits that lead us as human beings, either through a challenge we are facing or simply through life. For the spirit of the owl, it seems to encourage and challenge us not to rely on what is obvious rather advocates the need to see beyond what can be described as illusions. Illusions present us with appearances that are obvious but are highly deceiving and can mislead us to take any action we will regret. Similarly, if we are led into making decisions based on what we perceive from the illusions, we might not be able to realize our potential.

For instance, the owl might appear in your dream, and this might have a variety of meanings if well interpreted. It may be a deceased loved one who has taken the form of a spiritual creature, in this case, the owl, and they might have a message for you. 

The owl as a symbol of death

In many traditions, the owl is perceived to be a messenger of death whenever it visits your space. That is why not many people are in high spirits whenever they see an owl on their roof. You might notice them on your roof, eyes wide open, and they rarely blink. These birds are quite strange as they will stare at you for a long time and will not move a muscle even if you scare it away.

Unlike what many people think, the death that the owl symbolizes is not necessarily the literal meaning of death. Instead, you can think of it as a figurative death that has a variety of meanings. One common literal meaning of the death that the owl symbols is the end of a stage in your life as you graduate to another level.

In life, there are numerous changes that will be marked as you age. For instance, there is a transition from childhood to adulthood. This is a prominent transition in life that has its fair of changes in your life. This is similar to the literal meaning of the death that the owl symbolizes.

When you notice an owl in your life, either when you just see it flying or resting on a roof, you should be ready for changes. The owl might be communicating that there are a number of changes that are coming into your life when you are transiting from one stage to another.

The transition here might be marked with a variety of physical changes that both you and the people close you will notice. For instance, you may leave some habits, traits, and behaviors which you were fond of maybe a year ago. Instead, you will develop new ones that fit what you have transformed into.

Is an owl present in your dreams?

If an owl is your spirit animal, then you should be ready to see one or a number of them in your dreams. You should not be scared because they come to your dreams as an ally and are there for your own good. For one, they might be warning you about a danger that is on the horizon. This is because a main characteristic of the owl sees beyond what we ourselves can’t.

In your life, you might have noticed some signs, such as some changes, but you are unable to interpret any of them, or you are just ignoring them. When an owl appears in your dreams, they are coming through to warn you and let you know that you need to pay attention to those signs as they may be a sign of a threat to you. The threat may later on turn to be harmful to you if you don’t heed the warning from the owl.

owl symbolism

Similarly, the presence of an owl in your dream may be an indicator that your intuition is seeking your attention. This is a part of your life that is guided by numerous subtle signs that you might not be able to figure out on your own. Such is usually not that obvious and thus the need why the owl’s eye would provide a better clear picture.

When the owl appears in your dream, it may also be a sign of a transition in your life. Many would wrongly think that this is just a sign that there is death that will occur close to you- may be of a loved one or someone who is close to you. However, the transition role of the symbol of the owl will be a guider, maybe just letting you know that the changes you are going through are normal as you are transiting from one stage to another.

Therefore, these changes should just be embraced as you transform into a better version of yourself than you currently are. Similarly, the owl in your dream might appear as a person who just passed on, and they might have a message for you. You should not be worried as they can’t possibly harm you in any way when they appear in your dreams; neither can they hurt nor attack you when you are wide awake.

Owls can appear in your dreams in various ways

A single owl in your dream will be an indication that you need to give attention to what is taking place in your life at the present moment. Your surroundings might be trying to communicate to you, and this might be a guide that seeks to influence a decision that you should take. As indicated above, the owl has the superior ability to see just beyond the ordinary and illusions. You can borrow a leaf and view things through a well-informed eye.

Several owls in your dream will be an indication that you need to heed the pieces of advice that are offered by those close to you. If in your dreams, the owls are flying freely in the sky, this is not a sign of good news. Instead, it might be a symbol of challenges that are imminent, and they will affect you and those close to you. They may be a sign of a major conflict that will be between you and your relatives or a group of friends.

If you spot a Black Owl in your dream is usually a symbol of spiritual awakening and awareness. A dead owl that might be seen as an unconscious owl in your dream is a bad omen-the worst there ever is. It symbolizes the death of either you or someone very close to you.

If you spot a barn owl in your dreams, it symbolizes good financial endeavors in the coming days of your life. An ordinary owl is a sign that you should focus more on yourself and your needs for a change. This will work to help you follow your dreams and realize your potential in life.

If in your dream you spot an actual owl, this will be an indicator of your insomnia issues that will be affecting you at that point-no need to worry at this point. A better one is a snowy owl, which indicates that you have inner peace and a sense of being relaxed, which is good for you, especially after a period of challenges.

The superstition of the owl

The owl is a bird of the night and can be rather creepy when you notice them when it is fairly dark. This is especially because they are usually perched on the creepiest parts of the house just for you to notice them. Surely, chills will run down your spine as the site of the owls is not the most comforting at night-neither is their hooting.

Most of the birds of the night are usually associated with the dead in the society, maybe a friend or relative that passed away. Such birds are usually a sign of an imminent loss of the life of a relative or a beloved one. This has made the birds to be shunned against as many perceive them as a bad omen, and they are usually stoned and chased away from any establishment.

owl symbolism

This is the same as the owl, which not only shows up but announces its arrival with a hooting that is not the most pleasant to hear. This is as the Romans perceive that the hooting of the owls is because that they are announcing that someone prominent is about to pass on. Other traditions think of it as it is a sign of the presence of the spirit of someone who has passed away just recently.

In the European traditions, the owl is associated with acts of witchcraft and hence shunned upon. This is because, in the olden days, witches and wizards would be accompanied by the owls through their endeavors. This is because they perceived the owls as being creatures that would provide them with spiritual guidance.

On the other hand, the American Indian traditions refer to the owl as the night eagle. This is because they associated the eagle with the day and the sun. The term “night eagle” because the owl is associated with the night and the moon because it is rarely seen during the day like the eagles.

This gets much interesting with the Greek mythology that perceives the owl to have spiritual powers. The Romans believe that all it takes is a single owl feather placed next to one’s pillow, and they will spill all the beans. This might have been n used when interrogating a suspect, and they were adamant to reveal all their secrets.

Bottom Line

Of all the night birds, the owl is the strangest one; you can even think of it as being rather one of the creepiest. Its appearance is not the most welcoming, and when it perches, it takes more than a threat to scare it away. The hooting of the owl is also the least pleasant and is quite scary on a quiet night. It actually sends fear down your spine whenever you notice it on a roof at night, and the only light on it in the moonlight.

However, despite the fact that the owl is quite scary, it is a fearless bird that is one of the symbolic ones. Many traditions all over the world associate it with literal death. This might not be true as the owl might just be a figurative indication of death-meaning transition into another form or a new stage in one’s life. This article explains the various symbols that the owl portrays in the different traditions across the world.

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