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Hey there, Thanks for showing interest in writing on the outdoor niche for Ballachy.com. We provide quality guides to a large audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

In the outdoor niche, we cover the following topics:

outdoor write for us

If you have expert knowledge in any of the above topics, we would be glad to publish your content on our site as a guest post.  We believe that when we collaborate with other professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, we will bring more useful info and guides to our audience. 

Please Note: When submitting a guest post, you have to provide detailed info that can solve the reader’s outdoor problems. 

The Benefits Of Writing For Us Are:

outdoor write for us

What We Look For:

Original outdoor articles:
We appreciate originality, and we only want articles about the outdoors. So, we welcome content on any of the following topics: camping, hiking, fishing, and related issues.

Expert voice:
In your articles, please provide detailed information with actionable steps. As much as possible, let your expertise and technical knowledge flow through the article.

Well researched articles:
We want our articles to contain insightful ideas backed up by solid, verifiable facts and figures. This means that they should be well-researched, with painstaking attention to detail. We frown at spun or copied content and consider fluffy articles a waste of time.

Well illustrated articles:
Adding pictures would be a real boost. If you’re using stock photos, please ensure that you’ve been permitted to use that photo to avoid copyright issues.

Engaging, well-written, and well-structured articles:
Make sure your article has a high readability score. Avoid jargon and use simple language. To structure your article, use appropriate headers, bullet points, and numbers. Our editors are happy to assist with this, but we’d need to understand what we’re reading first. That’s why it’s important for you to properly structure your article.

Articles We Don’t Like

  • Already published articles: Before writing, please look through our website to find out what areas have already been covered to avoid duplication of ideas.
  • Articles that do not contain a unique or actionable idea.
  • Promotional articles or articles that advertise another website.
  • Articles that are written for the express purpose of garnering backlinks.

A Couple Of Rules Are:

  • Articles related to gambling, casinos, bitcoin, adult content will not be published. 
  • Articles should not be less than 1500 words in length. 
  • You may include pictures, videos, infographics, and other relevant materials. 
  • The article becomes the property of ballachy.com after publication. 
  • We reserve the right to reject or accept articles for whatever reason. 
  • It must be related to the outdoor niche.
  • Your tone should be friendly.
  • Avoid passive sentence constructions.
  • We own the final version of the content.
  • Submit in MS Word
  • Acknowledge the source of facts
outdoor write for us

How to Submit...

Send us a mail:
Send us a mail gabriel@ballachy.com. We’ll go through your application to determine your eligibility

Attach sample outdoor content:
It would be useful for you to attach a draft of what you want to publish on our website. 

We’ll review your application, and we’ll get back to you within 14 days. 

Publishing Your Submission:
If your submission meets the above guidelines, we’ll be glad to work with you

We will publish your submission under the “outdoor” niche. If necessary, after evaluation, we can publish the content in a more specific sub-category under “outdoor.” When we receive submissions that have met our criteria, we set to publish it. The work may be published immediately or later. 

Usually, we try to publish the work within 1-2 weeks.  However, the content may take up to 4 weeks before publishing. After publishing your work, we promote it on all our social media platforms. 

So, do you wish to start writing with us now? Send us a mail via


We look forward to working with you!

Note: Ensure that any article you send to us has not been published somewhere else. We don’t accept such articles. After submitting your article, give us up to 14 days to send a response. We often have to sort through many applications to pick the best.

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