No-Grass Landscape Ideas

Some people hate to mow, yet they still want an attractive and green landscape. Having a grass-less yard or a green yard are not mutually exclusive and the ideas happen to be a very possible. Sell your lawn mower and give one of these no-grass landscape ideas a try.

Cottage Garden

A cottage garden is basically a spot of ground completely planted with a variety of flowers. Turn your front, side or back yard into a cottage garden that will provide brilliant blooms and fragrance while keeping the grass choked out.

Roto-till the landscape area, smooth the soil with a rake then use spray paint to mark off sections for various flowers then plant away. Pile some soil in the center or off to one side to prevent the cottage garden from looking one dimensional, and also plant various flower heights to keep the garden interesting. Incorporate a few meandering pathways through the cottage garden and use a thick layer of mulch or pavers to prevent grass growth.

No-Mow Grass

For a virtually work-free grassy lawn, plant a no-mow grass variety. No-mow grass does not grow as fast nor as tall as traditional grass, but everything else is the same. Clover blends will also provide a green ground cover without the need for mowing. No-mow grass or clover won’t provide you with a lush golf course lawn, but either will provide a green ground cover that requires very little maintenance.

Edible Ground Cover

For landscape areas that never have foot traffic, consider planting edible ground covers like herbs or berries. Many herb varieties, like thyme, sage or wintergreen grow low to the ground and spread, creating an edible ground cover that looks nice. Strawberries and other berry varieties growing close to the ground and produce ground covering runners that will keep you in berries and off the lawn mower. Some garden vegetables are also low growing and produce green leaves (loose leaf lettuce, kale, etc.) that will keep a corner area green and put food on your table.

Hardscape and Mulch

Using hardscape is the simplest way to have a no-grass landscape and no yard maintenance. Hardscaping is the use of concrete, gravel, pavers or other hard substance to cover the soil to prevent grass growth. A concrete patio is a good example of hardscaping and most homeowners use a mixture of hardscape and mulch in their landscape to keep the lawn confined to certain areas. For a no-grass landscape idea, use more hardscape and mulch to keep grass completely at bay.