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Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 Review

A Comprehensive Guide

Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 Review
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Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 Review

Specification Comparison and Reviews

As we all know Nikon is one of the companies that provide good quality cameras and other electronic components. Like Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 is binoculars that you can enjoy bird watching. In this article, we will see the complete information about this product in this way, you will not regret buying this binocular model. This type of binoculars is a silver-coated mixture of roof prisms and with no reflection multi-coated optical. That creates a bright and sharp high-contrast appearance. And a rendition of true color across the entire field of scenes. The magnification of 8x takes the view up close. However, without noticing the shakes of the hands it is identified with higher optical power. 

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Even though, the objectives of 42mm increase the light function with the ability to boost the views in a demanding light. Such as early in the morning and early in the evening or even in foggy weather. With the consolidation of prisms, optic coatings, substantial angle of the scene, especially the long size of eyed relief. The owner can take the pleasure of comfort and immerse observation experience in better conditions of light.

Why Buy Nikon Prostaff 3S 8x42?

Here is some reason why your money is worth to buy this model of Nokia binoculars. With the complete description, your Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 is the best choice for birders and natural-looking scenery.

Solid and Strong Bodies

Most products in Japan are popular for high-quality and built for longer use. This Nokia Prostaff 3S binocular is not an exception, it is built with a standard size for multiple purposes. From being an observer in a big event to nature out looking. This unit has a lightweight of 565grams which you can easily put the binoculars inside your bag. You can carry them for your picnic, hunting games carrying them around your neck without hurting your neck strain.

With High Magnifier

This Nokia model is thumbs up in terms of its optic device. The magnification of Prostaff 3S 8×42 is high enough for birding and hunting purposes. That is not heavy to carry the whole body. No need to invest in higher magnification otherwise it will be heavy and huge for travel.

Spacious and Convenient for View

If the binoculars have large magnification it means the field of view is narrow. However, Prostaff 3S 8×42 features the same with high magnifier and wide view ranges. Because of the 42mm objectives lens, it has a wide possible angle and builds in the smart of Niko Prostaff 3S. Also, it has long eye relief and it has a large exit pupil that provides a good view even you are wearing glasses.

Multi Colored Coated for a Clear View

Another plus for this product is the silver-alloy roof prism. This helps lessen the substance of the binoculars, however, it offers a clearer view. Binoculars have a multi-coated lens and built with arsenic-free glass. The light allows the prism to transfer completely through the glass. As a result, you can be sure to have a visible bright spectrum and images.

Fog and Waterproof

This binocular has rich characteristics not to say, the improvements of the optic work for outdoor activities. This optic material is filled with a nitrogen gas system and with a seal O shape ring, it helps to resist any fog or dew. Furthermore, the entire body of the Nokia Prostaff is made of rubber-armored to stop from slipping and from water damage. You can use the binocular in every outdoor activity like hiking, sports events, bird watching or outdoor games at any weather.

Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 1

How to Use Nikon Prostaff 3S 8x42?

It has near bridge configuration allows a firm and steady platform for the inside focusing device.


It has a big slip center focus wheel that provides for excellent focus control, even you are wearing gloves.


The adjustment collar of the diotic is at the right side of the eye that helps to take care of every eye prescription.


With a rubber eyecup for slip-free when used with or without eyewear.


The 20.2mm eye relief is particularly helping lessens the eyestrain and enhances viewing comfort.


The exit pupil is 5.3mm is wide enough to cover the whole pupils as they widely open in low light to maintain the full view.

Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 2

Advantages of Nikon Prostaff 3S 8x42

This billow-quality 8x power magnifier objects that are not compromising the field of view.


The weight of the binocular is not compromised with the 42mm objective lens that enhances the function of light.


The rubber eyecups are easy to open just turn and then slide with more click promote easy placing of eyes at the right eyepoint.


With superb portability, it is small and easy to carry because of its 42mm objective lens diameter.


The Best product with bright, highly coated optical, ample field of view, more importantly, it waterproof as well as fog proof.


When you buy these binoculars it includes a carrying bag for safe carriage while adventuring and bird watching.


The cover both lens and the eyepiece are good for the protection from the dust and dirt.


With a large knob to help you get the right focus, you need to see the image you need.


A comfortable bag and strap for easy traveling anywhere everywhere. And worth the price that lasts longer years.

Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 4

Disadvantages of Nikon Prostaff 3S 8x42

The adjustment of the standard diopter particularly the center focus is not high value.


The lens adjustment is hard to rotate the pivot to have a correct view. And worse, the eyecups will reverse prematurely it twist and against your eyes whilst.


Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 is expensive compared with other prostaff models. Also, you need to consider if you need a high magnifier and need of wide view before buying the product.


It has low quality eyecups.

Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 3

Point of View

Nikon Prostaff 3S 8×42 is one of the best binoculars you can own to enjoy bird watching and natural-looking. Another advantage of this binoculars we can say is that it is environmentally friendly with eco-glass without using any lead and even arsenic material. People enjoyed using these binoculars for bird watching and other use. It is multipurpose binoculars that Nikon company manufactured which is very useful and the product is very convenient in all of its features. Especially the size and weight which can put in the bag without too much space required. Another advantage that people love this product is the overall materials – waterproof which can be used when going hiking. In case, you may pass a river or another place that has water you will not be afraid if it fell down the water. Your binoculars will still work sufficiently.


However, the cons that this product has is bearable because you can adjust the way you want to. For the lens, adjustment is hard to rotate, however, it is easy to comprehend while using the binoculars. As long as the lens is working and the focus it is very important because that is the main purpose of the binoculars. At any rate, the hard lens adjustment can resolve with a repair or put a little oil on it. While the other disadvantage of the product it is bearable because it is not the main part of the item. People who wrote a review on this product they are content with the product because of the overall positive characteristic. An overall view of this product is the best choice that you will not regret. Though the price is expensive the quality of the product will surely worth the price it lasts for a long time.


If you are looking for binoculars that will fit your style this is the best model that you need to consider. It has the things that you need for the quality you are looking for binoculars. The materials that were used are environmentally friendly meaning it will damage our surroundings. They do not use the lead and arsenic that create harmful effects on our health and surroundings. There are different models and brands of binoculars available in the market both local and online. But the difference is the quality materials that were used to produce this product. So, the next time you will buy binoculars either for yourself or as a gift for your love one consider this product.


You will not surely regret buying this kind of product people see the exact expectation they have in a mind. Fully satisfaction, for the overall customer satisfaction especially the advantage of the product they love the product. The modern style of the binoculars is one of the advantages that is an eyecatching to all kinds of buyers. If you plan to buy this product you will not regret having this part of your adventure. Even you are wearing an eyeglass this is still good for you because of its long pupil that is practically fit for all people. You can be sure of your money went to the right product.

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