M&P9 Holsters

Smith & Wesson’s M&P is one of the most advanced pistols and perfectly conceal carry handgun using M&P9 Holsters. The features are numerous, but it all starts with a striker-fired design that provides a consistent trigger pull every time you fire your weapon. For added safety, this handgun has an ambidextrous thumb safety and grip safety. The M&P9 delivers superior performance under extreme conditions thanks to its improved trigger and the flexibility of its modular design. 

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M&P9 Holsters are made with the finest materials and designed to last. We have holsters that fit your needs, whether it’s IWB or OWB. Our retention is adjustable so you can find the perfect balance of security and ease of draw. You can also adjust our cant angle to find the best position for concealability. The M&P9 fits snugly into these holsters, preventing it from moving around while still allowing for quick removal when needed.

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