Marlin 795 vs 10/22

Comparing the Marlin 795 vs 10/22 Ruger is like comparing apples with oranges. Both are excellent rifles. In this comparison of the Marlin 795 vs. 10/22, we’ll see how they are both admired for the same qualities but find themselves entirely different in terms of popularity.

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If you’re looking for reliable hunting rifles that will last you for years to come, these might be your best choices. The marlin 795 and the 10/22 are some of the best-selling rifles in America, and both have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Choosing between these two rifles might seem daunting, but it’s not as hard as you think. These two rifles are both renowned for their reliability and accuracy. However, many things make each rifle stand out in its way, but which one is right for you? This article will explore marlin 795 vs. 10/22 to help you decide which rifle is better for you since they are both semi-automatic hunting rifles.

Marlin 795

The Marlin Model 795 is one of the best choices on the market for novice shooters. Marlin 795 is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle that fires the .22 LR cartridge. Marlin Firearms Company manufactured it. 

Marlin 795 vs 10/22


  1. The Marlin 795 was designed as an inexpensive small game hunting rifle, but it was also used to hunt more giant games such as coyotes and groundhogs. 
  2. The Marlin 795 is an excellent rifle for young shooters. It has an adjustable open sight and a high-visibility fiber optic front sight, making it easy to see the target.
  3. It has an 18-inch barrel and weighs less than 6 pounds, so it’s easy to carry all day long without getting tired.
  4. This lightweight rifle is also equipped with micro-groove rifling to give you the accuracy you need on your hunt.
  5. The Marlin 795 is a bolt-action rifle. It is chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge and has a tubular magazine holding 15 rounds.
  6. The rifle’s receiver is made of aluminum alloy, while its barrel, bolt, and trigger guard are made of steel. 
  7. A safety catch on the right side of the receiver allows the shooter to lock the bolt in place so that they can load or unload cartridges without cycling the action.
  8. With its durable construction and affordable price point, it’s perfect for any hunter or shooter who wants to get into shooting sports without breaking the bank. You can’t go wrong with this classic firearm.

Ruger 10/22 Rifle

The 10/22 was designed by American firearms inventor William B. Ruger in 1964. Production of the first 10/22 began in October 1964. Ideally suited for informal target shooting, “plinking,” small game hunting, and action-shooting events, Ruger has sold millions of 10/22 rifles since their introduction in 1964. 


  1. The Ruger 10/22 Carbine features an 18.5-inch barrel and a walnut wood stock. The rifle is 37 inches long and weighs 5 pounds.
  2. Its legendary action and renowned reliable rotary magazine are sleek, perfectly balanced, rugged, and superbly accurate.
  3. The Ruger 10/22 Rifle combines the legendary reliability of the Ruger® 10/22® with the ability to customize with a wide variety of optional accessories – from stocks and grips to optics, barrels, and more.
  4. The 10/22’s patented lockwork allows the rifle to be completely disassembled for cleaning. 
  5. The Ruger 10/22 rifle has a hammer-forged barrel and comes with one ten-round magazine. This gun is versatile, accurate, and fun to shoot. It is excellent for hunting small games or just target practice.


Now let us elaborate on each rifle’s specifications. After this, you will have a fuller understanding of what the weapon can do for you and how it compares to its rivals. First, we examine weight, size, length, twist rate, and standard capacity.

1:Trigger Pull

For many people, accuracy is a critical factor in deciding which rifle to buy. Both the Marlin 795 and Ruger 10/22 hold an accurate shot at about 100 yards. However, individual preferences may differ on trigger-pull. The original 10/22 has a more difficult pull in comparison with Marlin 795.

2: Availability of Upgrades

It’s also harder to find upgrades for Roger 10/22; whereas the Marlin 795 has few available upgrades (currently), these are easier to find with more variety. 

3: Aftermarket customization

If you’re looking for off-the-shelf perfection that doesn’t need too much customization or aftermarket work done afterward, go with the Marlin 795, as it is a pretty nifty firearm that is less adaptive to upgrades.

However, if you know there will be some trigger tinkering in the future or want your performance enhancements, you may go for Roger 10/22.

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4: Price

A good Ruger 10/22 will cost upwards of $300, not including high-end models, which can be more than that price. On the other hand, a cheap and cheerful starting point for your rifle may just be a Marlin 795 with its highly reasonable price at around $150.

5: Coverage of Long-Distance Shots

The Ruger 10/22 is a higher-quality rifle and can be used to hunt small and mid-sized games. These rifles are more accurate, powerful, versatile, and user-friendly than the Marlin Model 795, which has the perfect power to take down varmints and small games. Still, it’s not as robust or heavy-duty for long-distance shots as Ruger 10/22.

6: Usage of a Firearm For Self-Defense

The Marlin 795 is not the most desired self-defense round for obvious reasons, but it still packs a punch at close range. The 10/22 will always come out on top with its tactical upgrades and possible modifications that can be made to make this rifle more favorable in combat situations.


The Marlin 795 is a great gun for hunters who need to shoot quickly and accurately.  It’s an affordable semi-automatic with a high-capacity magazine. It can take on small games like squirrels and larger games like deer in one go. 

The Marlin 795 was released on the market in 1997. The rifle is a bolt action, magazine-fed, rimfire rifle with a lever-action design. It is a .22 magnum caliber and fires from an 18″ barrel (rifle). 

Yes, the 10/22 rifle is an excellent option for those looking to protect their homes from intruders with fewer shots fired in situations where many people inside would be alarmed by gunshots.


One of the main reasons marlin 795 vs. 10/22 has a passionate following is that both are like wearing your heart on your sleeve. When you buy one, it’s not just for shooting targets or killing coyotes. It’s personal. The truth about these guns doesn’t come from some test out in Wyoming they read off an internet forum post; this knowledge comes from generations and years of experience passed down to them through their family tree. 

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