Make a Simple Bird Feeder: Easy Nature Craft for Kids

During the winter months, birds often have a hard time finding food. Creating a bird feeder is a wonderful way to feed the feathered friends and bring nature closer to the home. No one needs to buy an expensive bird feeder to provide them with a meal. A simple feeder can be made at home with the every day things that most families already have. Here is a fun nature craft that kids of all ages can make.

What You Need to Make a Bird Feeder

There are many different ways to craft a bird feeder. Some people hang cut a hole in the side of an empty soda bottle, add bird seed to the bottom, and hang it from a tree. The same can also be done with empty milk jugs and orange juice cartons. While these are great ways to recycle and care for nature, there is also a way to make a bird feeder almost completely out of food. This provides a treat to other animals after the birds have finished their meal. Here are the ingredients needed:

  • one slice of bread
  • peanut butter
  • bird seed
  • yarn

How to Make a Bird Feeder

Begin this nature craft by spreading the peanut butter across the bread on one or both sides. Some kids prefer to use cookie cutters and make fun shapes with the bread, however the birds will enjoy the bird seed no matter what shape it is on. Poke a small hole near the top of the bread to thread the yarn through. If the hole is too close to the top it can make the bread more likely to tear and fall. This is especially true on windy days. Leaving the crust on will help reduce the chance of tearing.

Sprinkle the bird seed across a plate or other smooth surface. Lay the bread across the seeds and press firmly to stick as many seeds to the peanut butter as possible. It can be easier, and less messy, to only spread one side with peanut butter first, then do the next after the peanut butter is covered with seeds. Try to get as many seeds as possible attached to the bread so the birds will have plenty to eat.

Take the Bird Feeder to Nature

Once the bread is covered in seed, it is time to take it out into nature. It is best to hang the bread from a high branch on a tree, however some birds do not mind flying lower for their food. The bread bird feeders can be hung up in the backyard, or taken along on a nature hike and hung up.

Parents can bring along bird guides and binoculars to help their children watch and identify the birds that show up to eat. The birds viewed can be added to a kid’s nature journal as a great nature study time.

Making a bird feeder is a fun and simple nature craft that kids of all ages can easily do. Whether parents choose to make recycled feeders or an edible one from bread, the birds will certainly appreciate the treat.