Lights for Hunting at Night

Lights for Hunting at Night

A Comprehensive Guide

Depending on the moon or on your bare eyes instead of the best lights for hunting at night will greatly reduce the chances of success of your hunting exercise. This is because none of these mediums can provide you with the ample light you need to make precise shots and hit your game.

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What you need is an extremely bright light that would assist you in navigating the woods with ease at night. The best lights are the ones that offer you the illumination needed to see your game and make precise shots. Regardless of any animal you find, you need a torchlight that would help you keep your prey in total oblivion. Even among the lights that are available for you to choose from, you must settle for the right one. The wrong light while hunting can even put you in more trouble than using no light at all.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best lights for hunting at night, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Lights for Hunting at Night

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Remember, you are dealing with badass predators here so you have to be extra careful when selecting one out of the numerous products available in the market. This would help you keep yourself safe and also to achieve the impeccable hunting results that you wish to get. Although hunting at night is an exciting experience, you need to know the right way to go about it so it doesn’t turn bad. This is why we have made our discoveries by putting together high-quality lights that would save you from falling off a cliff or stepping into the wrong area.

These lights would assist you in hunting for all kinds of animals such as coyotes, hogs, pigs, varmints, etc. After carefully testing these products individually and taking note of the reviews found by other users, we’ve reached a conclusion about the best lights for hunting at night time. Based on these findings, we present you with seven high-quality products that were manufactured mainly to provide you with the illumination that you require.

7 Best Lights for Hunting at Night (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens

Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens
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  • Dimensions:
    10.9 x 8.7 x 3.1 Inches
  • Weight:
    1 Kilograms
  • Material:

Do you find taking long-distance shots more exciting than short ones? Have you been looking for the hunting light that would help you achieve your desires? Well, you’ve found the answer because the Nitecore P30 helps you to get accurate shots in areas as far as 676 yards with its 1000 lumen beam. This product stands out as the perfect long-throw beam for your hunting exercise. The 4000mah rechargeable 21700 battery can adequately run for up to 40 days and more than one hour on turbo. bo. This battery is also useful for you with other devices because it is compatible with 18650 batteries or a pair of CR123A.

With this battery, you can interchange it for other functions that are different from the Nitecore P30 hunting light. It is a high-capacity battery with features that would enhance your general performance. Also, the level of ease you enjoy while operating this light. The tactical tail switch is one that you can tap for momentary on and depress it fully for constant on. Brightness settings and special modes are conveniently cycled by using the mode switch. With the battery life indicator of this product, you can easily determine the level of your battery by flashing constantly.

Settling for a hunting light that lasts only for a while and then fails is a disappointment that no hunter should have to experience. Nitecore P30 calms your fears in this aspect especially with its highly durable features. This light is made with HA III aero-grade aluminum that can stand in harsh conditions. When you find yourself in a rough environment, you can trust the Nitecore brand because they offer you the rugged performance that you truly deserve. The IP68 waterproof feature and 1m impact resistance also go a long way in asserting this.

With this product, you can conveniently hunt for any predator with ease.  Also, you need not worry about hauling too much gear when going on your hunting exercise because it is an extremely lightweight tool for you to use. With the lanyard and pocket clip, you can conveniently carry this torch around and mount it for usage. The offset mount of the light helps you to hunt for your game steadily by focusing better. You get to enjoy double color variations because this light uses red and green filters which allows you to hunt for a wide range of animals without hurting your eyes in the process.


  • Extremely bright
  • Lightweight features
  • Durable functionality
  • Double color variations
  • High power battery


  • The product instructions are not clear enough
  • Charger is an old model

2. ORION H30 Green or Red Premium 273 Yards Hunting Flashlight

ORION H30 Green or Red Premium 273 Yards Predator Hog Varmint Hunting Flashlight Light
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  • Dimensions:
    8.8 x 6.7 x 2.5 Inches
  • Weight:
    0.3 Kilograms
  • Material:

Have you been wondering about getting the appropriate flashlight for long distances? This Orion product is the best in the business. With this light, you get to enjoy up to 275 beams of either green or red light. Both lights being the perfect choice for the kind of animals you are hunting for such as coyotes, foxes, hogs, or varmints.  The light variations are Cree XP-E2 LED lights. Green light is mostly good for you because it allows you to see better especially when hunting for hogs. However, the perfect light variation for hunting varmint, foxes, or coyotes is the red light because it is difficult for them to detect.

Regardless of the type of animal, you are dealing with, the Orion product has just the light variation that you need. Also, you need a highly durable product that would serve you regardless of the situation you find yourself in. You require one that is made with a solid material that allows you to enjoy a rugged performance. This Orion flashlight is made with aviation-grade aluminum material that can stand effectively in all weather conditions. To further increase its durability, the flashlight is made with steel bezel with titanium compound coating and a non-reflective anodized matte finish.

These qualities contribute to the nature of the light by making it resistant to heat, cold, and even water. This way, you can hunt with confidence in your light because of its high-level performance. In addition, this light uses a maximum light capacity of 300 lumens that allows you to see even the most evasive objects in the dark. The reflector type is a smooth one that enhances your hunting activities and makes it as easy as possible. The Orion brand considers you in the aspect of mounting by providing you with various mounts for your hunting activities. It also comes with a charger kit that contains a charger and rechargeable battery that you can always fall back on even if you are hunting for a long time.

This package also contains a remote pressure switch that allows you to enjoy hunting like never before.  Also, you get to enjoy a product with an extended battery life of 300 lumens for 4 hours, 190 lumens for 5 hours, 50 lumens for 17 hours, and 6 lumens for 120 hours. Regardless of the length of time, you wish to spend in the woods, Orion gives you the battery capacity that can last you in all situations. As a flashlight that conforms to military standards with its IPX8 standard waterproof features and 30 yards impact resistance. Orion H30 flashlight is the ideal product for you to go hunting with.


  • Affordable light
  • Durable and reliable features
  • Long battery runtime
  • Different light variations
  • Suitable for all kinds of predators
  • Easy to use


  • The green light and red light are purchased separately and not in the same package

3. Ulako Green Light

Ulako Green Light
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  • Dimensions:
    7.6 x 4 x 1.4 Inches
  • Weight:
    0.2 Kilograms
  • Material:

If you are looking for a single-mode hunting light that is perfect for hunting animals that are not light shy, this Ulako model is a great pick for you. You can hunt effectively for coyotes, hogs, pigs, and even Varmint with this touch light without it harming your eyes. This light would assist you in making more accurate shots even for long distances. Both close-range and long-range shots are made with ease by employing the use of this Ulako product. Regardless of the distance, you get adequate functionality from this light as a choice.

Even on a rainy day, you can use the Ulako product especially because of its waterproof features. You no longer have to hunt with the fear of having your light damaged when you find yourself in a snowy or rainy situation. This light suits you adequately both at night and in multiple seasons.  When this flashlight is fully charged, you can use it for up to 4 and a half hours conveniently. The actual capacity of the battery is 2600mah and the rechargeable battery type is a Li-ion 18650 which is designed to serve you in cases where high power usage is required.

If you are someone that stays long in the woods, then you should get this torch to avoid getting stranded. The battery is made for this high power touch in the safest manner possible. You need not worry about memory effects or harmful substances when using the battery. The manufacturers put your safety into utmost consideration while making the Ulako product. In the aspect of convenience, this brand provides you with amount that is easy to use.

There are two types of mounts available with this brand, you get both the offset and quick-release mount that would adequately cater to your needs. Regardless of the need, you might have for it, this Ulako brand is up to the task.  Also, the pressure switch comes in two different modes which include the toggle pressure switch and the tactical switch together. Also, the green light option makes it great for hunting at night and the brightness level is just what you need to navigate the woods with ease.


  • High power capacity
  • Extremely bright torch
  • Great mounting system
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof


  • Provides only one light variation
  • Not as durable as lights made with aluminum material

4. Wicked Lights ScanPro iC

Wicked Lights ScanPro iC
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  • Dimensions:
    12 x 10 x 5 Inches
  • Weight:
    1 Pound
  • Material:

If you love a hunting light that would make your experience and targeting easier, then you should go for the Wicked Lights ScanPro headlamp. This light uses a patented center axis LED design that allows you to center the light without having to adjust or re-zero when you change the colors. A naturally strenuous task is made simple with this feature.  Also, you enjoy three different light variations by buying this headlamp. You get access to red light, green light, and white light without having to worry about the stress of switching between colors.

The green light is the ideal one for hunting predators in general, the red light helps you in hunting predators that are shy of light while the white LED aids you in your general hunting experience. It also uses a halo shield that takes away unwanted light and ensures that the brightness level is even at all times. The zoom focus of the flashlight is one that you can rotate the bezel right and left to change the beam. This flashlight comes with a full intensity control rheostat knob that allows you to easily turn the brightness of the tool up and down.

The knob also functions as an on and off button that helps you to turn the light to any brightness level of your choice. The most fascinating feature of this headlamp is that it is accompanied by an adjustable headband. With the headband, you can achieve a comfortable fit on your head every time you use it. Also, you can lend out your headlamp to others because it fits any head size perfectly. Also, you are assured of a long-term performance when you purchase this product. You get to enjoy its features for a whole 3 years and even more.

The headlamp housing and assembly comes with a 3-year warranty alongside the LEDs and internal electronics. It uses the scan and kill technology that features a zoom design that allows you to conveniently focus your light beam or defuse it. The aircraft-grade aluminum material type also contributes to its high level of durability that would help you in enjoying your purchase for a long time.  With a temperature that ranges between 30-120 degrees, you are assured of getting only quality performance in every climate condition.


  • Multiple light options
  • Easily adjustable features
  • Long term warranty
  • Extremely bright
  • Durable material type
  • Durable aluminum construction


  • Badly rubberized coating
  • Hard to aim while wearing the headlamp


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  • Dimensions:
    13.5 x 5.35 x 2.64 Inches
  • Weight:
    0.64 Kilograms
  • Material:

Getting a light that has a beam that allows you to focus exclusively on your game is a much-needed accessory for your performance. Windfire WF802 just happens to fall under the category of lights that would help you achieve such a result. The bulb that it uses is a Cree Green LED emitter that has a maximum output fit for up to 350 yards. With the green light, you can see far objects moving in the woods more clearly. You need not worry about using a lens or filter when you get the Windfire WF802 because the features you require to get your best shots are found in this torch.

In addition, you get a complete recharge kit that ensures that you don’t lose power when moving through the woods. You get two sets of rechargeable 18650 batteries that you can easily put into your wallet while hunting. It is environmentally friendly and can be charged up to 500 times without you encountering any complications.  The Windfire WF802 also comes along with a smart charger that makes charging an easy task for you. With the charger, you can detect the status of your battery every time and stop charging when the battery is full.

This would allow your battery to last longer and serve you more effectively.  Made with the 6061T aluminum material, you get to enjoy a high level of durability by purchasing this product. This makes the torch light resistant to water and shock allowing you to use it even in the most precarious situations. The Windfire product fills you with confidence about the results that you get while hunting. Also, you can mount this product conveniently by using the plastic mount that increases your performance especially because of its high quality.

As the flashlight functions between the range of 3.7 to 18 volts, you can keep it in place so as not to attract attention. This mount can work not only for torchlight but also lasers and telescopes. The knob of the light is easy to turn and quick to release. This product also comes with dual switches, one is an on and off tail cap while the other is a light momentary-on switch that is by pressure pad. If you need a torchlight that is ideal for all your outer activities, this one is a great pick for you.


  • Allows you to see far objects clearly
  • High brightness level
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Convenient mounting system


  • Batteries take a long to charge
  • Single light variation

6. VASTFIRE 350 Yard Zoomable CREE Green Flashlight

VASTFIRE 350 Yard Zoomable CREE Green Flashlight
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  • Dimensions:
    6.8 x 1 x 1.1 Inches
  • Weight:
    9.6 Ounces
  • Material:

This product is distinguished by its high level of brightness among its counterparts. The authentic CREE LED helps you in seeing images clearly in dark areas even better than the XML LED.  Although it comes in a single color mode which is green, you can still use it to focus on most animals that you encounter in the woods. Also, the lens is an all-glass one that enhances the quality of the objects that you see.  Also, the Vastfire 350 is an O-ring sealed product that you can use in snowy and rainy seasons.

It is made with an aluminum alloy material that is long-lasting and rugged for your applications. This flashlight is shockproof and waterproof because of the O-ring designs. The light is efficient in helping you achieve precise and accurate shots while hunting. It is also easy for you to adjust the focus of this light while hunting.  Within a distance of up to 250 yards, you can effectively use this tool to enhance the quality of results that you get.

It even has a focus feature that allows you to zoom in flood light for up to 200 yards and zoom out the spotlight for up to 250 yards. The 1000 lumens beam of this light would increase your performance and give you the illumination that you need. Also, the color of the light can function decently for scanning and viewfinder although it cannot beat the performance of a high-end hunting light. Besides, this product uses a 2400mah 18650 lithium battery that is easily rechargeable.

It offers an average of 2.5 hours for you to enjoy your hunting experience, although the run time is low, you get access to 2 batteries that can serve as a backup at any time.  Fortunately, the batteries are easy for you to carry around and charge. This way, you know that you would hardly find yourself in a situation where you are stranded. However, the most outstanding features of the Vastfire 350 are the unique Picatinny rail mount and remote pressure switch that allow you to keep your handheld torch steady.


  • Great for long distances
  • Rugged performance
  • Easy to recharge batteries
  • Offers a high level of clarity
  • Affordable


  • This light cannot function effectively for a 350-yard shot
  • Only a single color variation is available

7. ULTRAFIRE HG-3 Green Light Flashlight

ULTRAFIRE HG-3 Green Light Flashlight
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  • Dimensions:
    7.28 x 4.57 x 2.01 Inches
  • Weight:
    189 Grams
  • Material:

Ultrafire HG-3 flashlight is a product that allows you to easily switch between the on and off button by just pressing and holding the smart remote switch button. This brand leverages technology to give you an intelligent pressure switch that can also change functions even when you are wearing a glove. You don’t get to deal with the regular click sound you get when switching because the Ultrafire product is noiseless.  Getting a reliable flashlight is essential to the level of results that you get.

This is why you need a flashlight that would be able to hold up efficiently even in the thickest forests. With the anodized resistant product that is resistant to scratches and strong impacts, you can hunt having peace in your heart. Also, it is a daily IPX6 waterproof light that still functions properly even in heavy rain. With this product, you need not worry when you hear the sound of a raging storm because your torch can take the hit without malfunctioning afterward.

However, the beam level of this flashlight is a bit of a downside because it is only 650 lumens. This level of beam can still function relatively well for a distance of up to 256 yards. It is a 100-degree wide-angle light that allows you easy access to your prey without having to disturb them. The lifespan for the LED light is 100,000hours while you get a one-year warranty for this product. It comes along with a 18650 Li-lithium battery that would serve you well in all climate conditions, the battery is safe and easy to recharge. If you need a lightweight handheld torchlight that would


  • Reliable torchlight
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to scratches and strong impact
  • Easy to use
  • Great for targeting in short distances


  • This light is not bright enough
  • The product is not good for long distances

What To Consider While Buying The Best Lights for Hunting at Night?

There are certain factors you must take note of closely in order to enhance your hunting experience and increase the levels of results available to you.

Battery Life

The battery life of the hunting light that you decide to use goes a long way in determining how long you would take to hunt. You need a light that would help you to make the most of your time when you are in the woods. At night, you don’t want to lose your sense of direction, especially among dangerous animals. This is why it is most reasonable for you to always move around with extra batteries to avoid any surprises. A hunting light with a long battery capacity will help you move around even in the thickest forests with a high level of assurance.


You need to decide on the perfect color for your hunting light. The best lights are the ones that would allow you to see the predators without giving away your identity. If you choose the wrong one, it can make your predators see you easily, causing them to react to you wrongly. For hunting coyotes, it is best to settle for green and red lights because they do not pay attention to such lights. It is the one that would obscure you from the public eye that is the right one for you to use especially at night. Also, you would have to consider if you prefer a flashlight that works with a single color variation or one that provides multiple colors. This choice would be greatly informed by the kind of animals you deal with while hunting and also the price range you have in mind for your ideal light.


The durability of a light that you take along with you to the woods has to be of good quality. The quality of the material used in making the light is an important factor to be considered. By taking note of the material, it would allow you to enjoy the functions of the light even in the harshest conditions. Also, you need a flashlight that would last you for a long time. Even when you are stuck in the woods longer than you planned, your light has to be able to stand in that time. This is one of the factors that you have to closely consider before you select the right tool for your hunting experience. How your light would work regardless of the weather is also what you should look out for. Also, check out the coatings.


You must settle for a highly convenient flashlight that would allow you to easily carry it around without having to haul it. When you carry other equipment in your gear, you need items that are light for you to carry. This is why you should take note of the size of the light when making your decision. Also, the features of the light should also increase the level of comfort that you get to enjoy while carrying the equipment all around. When you are sure the features of the touch are convenient for you, then you can go ahead to make your purchase.


It would be foolhardy to consider all the features that come with light without taking note of your budget. The product you choose should be easily affordable while still being durable. Buying an overly expensive light that does not give you the value you need for your money can be frustrating. This is why you should have a price range of what you want to buy and then, select the ideal ones that fall under that category


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Hunting is naturally an exciting exercise even though it is a sport. However, the gear that you take along with you goes a long way in determining if you would enjoy your experience or not. This is why the light that you settle for is an important factor because your entire hunting exercise at night depends greatly on it. Lights are one of the most affordable tools that are required for you to enjoy hunting. Although it is cheap, you cannot eradicate the need to buy a good and quality one because anything other than that will frustrate you to no end.

So you don’t experience any complications while making your choice, that is why we’ve put together this article. The necessary information that you require to make your perfect choice is what you would find here alongside an explicit guide that would help you navigate effectively throughout your purchase. We have checked out these products individually and researched quality reviews from customers who have patronized the various brands. Take into close notice the power of the battery you buy and the level of a beam that it casts when you use it.

Also, the level of brightness is to be carefully considered because you are using it at night, you need a torchlight that would offer you the most clarity while going about your exercises. The major deciding factors for the successful purchase of lights for hunting are addressed here. We were then able to distinguish the lights for hunting based on their features and the torchlight that would serve your situation best. We hope that you’ve been able to narrow down the best lights for you based on the specifications of the product and your personal needs.