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Here is a detailed Kimber Two-Tone review. The Kimber Custom II Two-Tone is a large frame 1911 semi-automatic handgun, chambered in .45 ACP. This gun is well known for its superior craftsmanship, accuracy, reliability, and durability. It is a well-made handgun for any individual looking to purchase a high-quality gun.

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The Custom II Two-Tone is a modern handgun that was designed with both beginners and seasoned shooters in mind. It is intuitive and easy to use, which allows individuals of various skillsets to take advantage of all its features. The exceptional accuracy of this firearm enables users to shoot numerous rounds without having to adjust their aim. Let’s discuss in more detail the features and specifications of this gun.

Features of Kimber Two-Tone

Grip and Textures

The rosewood grip of the Custom II Two-Tone is made with some of the highest quality materials on the market. The gun features a stylish smooth/checkered design, which provides individuals with increased stability and accuracy when shooting. This customizable style allows users to personalize their firearms according to their preferences. The texture on the grip is designed to prevent slipping, making it difficult for an individual to drop the firearm accidentally. The grip of this gun provides excellent support for individuals with smaller or larger hands alike. Most individuals with any hand size will find the grip on this gun to be comfortable and well-suited for them. This feature ensures that the person feels comfortable when holding the firearm, which will lead to superior accuracy. This gun is designed to promote accuracy and provide a stable shooting platform for its user.

Kimber Two-Tone Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The Custom Two-Tone is a full-size gun and has a barrel length that is 5 inches long. The overall length of this gun is 8.7 inches, and the height is 5.25 inches tall. The width of this firearm is 1.28 inches. The size of this gun makes it difficult to carry around in a pocket or holster. Still, users can purchase an attachable holster designed specifically for concealed carrying if they wish. This gun weighs 38 oz unloaded, making it heavier than the average handgun. The weight of this gun provides it with enhanced stability while shooting. The heavier gun makes it more difficult to move and thus enhances the accuracy of individuals when they shoot. It also allows individuals to exert less effort when pulling back the slide, allowing them to take multiple shots efficiently without becoming tired or fatigued.

Kimber Two-Tone Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

This gun is chambered in .45 ACP and has a magazine that holds 7 rounds. The stopping power on this firearm is excellent and provides individuals with numerous options when shooting. Individuals can fire more shots without reloading the weapon, which is something they do not have to worry about while using other firearms. This gun will not jam, which protects users from wasting their ammunition. The  Custom II Two-Tone has a muzzle velocity of 830 feet per second when using 165 grain ammunition. This ammunition is designed to provide users with excellent stopping power and enhanced accuracy. When using this ammunition, the Custom II Two-tone can accurately shoot at a distance of up to 164 ft. (50 m).

Safety Features

One of the most important features of any firearm is safety. Individuals need to be confident that their guns will not fire when they are not ready, despite how often this occurs with other firearms. The front of the gun features an extended beavertail grip safety that protects the hammer when the firearm is cocked and locked. The high grip helps to keep the weapon firmly in your hands and prevents people from accidentally firing it, causing considerable harm or even death to the shooter. The slide of this gun features cocking serrations at both the front and back, which allows people to get a superior grip when pulling back the slide. It is nearly impossible to pull the slide without getting a good grip on it, so it is impossible to fire off shots while holding onto this gun accidentally.

Kimber Two-Tone Review and Price Safety Features

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil on this weapon is manageable, even with guns that have a lightweight design because of the extended beavertail grip that helps to absorb some of the shocks with each shot. The grips on this gun are also made out of rosewood, which helps to keep them in place while individuals fire their weapons. This will prevent people from dropping their guns when shooting and accidentally discharging shots. This gun features a simple recoil spring, which makes it easier for individuals to manage recoil and the movement of the slide.


Tighter springs can cause a gun’s recoil to be rough and harder to manage, but the spring on this firearm is not as tight, which results in a smooth movement of the slide after each shot. The muzzle flip on this gun is also manageable, allowing people to recover from recoil and fire off additional shots quickly. Muzzle flip occurs when the bullet’s force causes the front end of a firearm to fall downwards after each shot. This can make it difficult for people to aim their weapons accurately or keep them steady while firing multiple rounds in a short period.

Kimber Two-Tone Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Advantages of Kimber Two-Tone


It is essential to know that the Kimber Custom II Two-Tone will not fail when you use it. Firearms are reliable, but many individuals have experienced issues with their guns jamming or misfiring. This firearm will work well for you, even if you do not clean or maintain it regularly because it features a simple design that does not have many moving parts.


This gun is durable. It will not easily break or wear down because it does not contain any plastic pieces on its exterior. This design makes it difficult for individuals to accidentally damage the firearm and cause parts to fall off while using it.


This gun is accurate. The barrel on the Kimber Custom II Two-Tone does not have any divots or imperfections that cause shots to go off course. This ensures that users can hit their targets every time they fire, making this firearm an excellent option for defensive purposes.

Disadvantages of Kimber Two-Tone

Difficult to Carry

The Custom II Two-Tone measures 8.7 inches, which means that individuals will have difficulty concealing this firearm when carrying it on their person.


This gun also weighs over 38 oz unloaded, making it difficult for individuals to carry around with them during the day. Individuals looking for lightweight firearms will want to consider alternatives because this is not an option that they can regularly use without developing back or shoulder problems.

Aftermarket Accessories - Kimber Two-Tone Review and Price

People can buy many aftermarket accessories for the Custom II Two-Tone. They can replace parts on their weapon if worn down, purchase new grips to customize the look of this firearm, and add attachments like scopes or flashlights to help them see better when they are using it in low light conditions. Some popular accessories are:


The front and rear sights on this firearm are fixed, which cannot be adjusted. People who want a more accurate shot will have to purchase new sights or apply a laser sight so that their shots go where they want them to.


The best laser sight for this gun attaches directly beneath the barrel, where individuals will be able to see it while they are using the firearm. This makes it easy for people to aim accurately and hit their targets.


For people who live in areas where it is dark, many individuals who want to use their firearm at night may need a flashlight attachment. This will allow them to see targets better and aim more accurately. 


This gun features rosewood grips on the front and back of the frame, but people who want grips made from other materials may not be able to find a suitable option. People can replace their grips with aftermarket versions or purchase grip tape and apply it themselves to the wooden portions of the frame.

Extended Magazine

People who want to shoot more rounds before reloading this gun will need an extended magazine. People looking for this accessory should only purchase the extended magazines that fit and work with this firearm and not ones made by other manufacturers because they may not work correctly.

Magazine Pouches

People who want to hold their magazines when they are not using them can consider buying a magazine pouch. This will give people a convenient option for carrying the bullets they need to take with them daily.


People who want to carry their firearms on their person should consider getting a sling. This accessory makes it easier for individuals to carry the gun over their shoulder and quickly get it into position when they need to defend themselves.


Individuals who want to carry their weapons on their person can also buy holsters made specifically for this firearm. This accessory will ensure that the gun stays safely in place when it is not in use or being fired. You can purchase an IWB or OWB  holster for this weapon. You can also buy a hip holster for this firearm. This accessory will sit on the waistband of the individual and allow them to conceal it under their pants or skirt. The positioning should ensure that they have easy access to their firearm when in a dangerous situation. A shoulder holster is another option for this firearm, which will allow individuals to carry it on their bodies without concealing it. Here is our holster recommendation for this gun:

Galco V-Hawk Kimber Two-Tone 5in 1911 Right Hand Leather IWB Holster

This holster is designed for the Kimber 1911 with 5 inches barrel length, especially for Kimber Two-Tone. This holster features a tuckable injection-moulded 1 1/4″ C-hooks that allows you to tuck your shirt in over the firearm and still have it concealed. It has a wide  1 1/2″ belt loop spacing that lends excellent stability to the design and an open-top that offers both speed and ease of draw. The reinforced mouth allows for an easy one-handed return to the holster. The open-top allows a very fast draw and its unique wedge shape adds considerable grip to the firearm for an easier return to the holster after the draw. It is constructed of premium steer hide leather; this holster is made to last a lifetime yet remains affordable as well.

Constructed of premium steerhide; Leather 1 1/2" belt loops; Tuckable injection molded 1 1/4" C-Hooks; Wide spacing of the belt attachments lends excellent stability to the design; Open top offers both speed and ease of draw; Reinforced mouth offers an ea
in stock
GALCO V-Hawk Kimber 5in 1911 Right Hand Leather IWB Holster...
Constructed of premium steerhide; Leather 1 1/2" belt loops; Tuckable injection molded 1 1/4" C-Hooks; Wide spacing of the belt attachments lends excellent stability to the design; Open top offers both speed and ease of draw; Reinforced mouth offers an ea
in stock
GALCO V-Hawk Kimber 5in 1911 Right Hand Leather IWB Holster...


Kimbers are very easy to clean. You can disassemble your Custom II Two-Tone, wipe off the rails with a rag, and use solvent to remove any other dirt or debris that has accumulated on your firearm. 

The Custom II Two-Tone is compatible with most laser sights. You can attach them to the front or back of the firearm as long as they fit on the accessory rail.

Kimber Custom II Two-Tone can be purchased at many local and online gun retailers. People should research their options and find a retailer with reasonable prices and fair shipping rates before purchasing.

Recommended Holsters for Kimber Two-Tone


People who want a powerful self-defense tool that is easy to conceal should consider buying Custom II Two-Tone. This weapon is designed specifically for individuals who are looking for an accurate, dependable firearm that will give them the best chance of survival in dangerous situations. They should not experience any problems with the recoil because of its design. This is an excellent firearm for people who are looking for something with a classic look that will keep them shooting accurately for decades. This gun can withstand significant features and is made from high-quality parts, ensuring that it will remain functional even after meeting some resistance. Also, the lightweight aluminum alloy frame helps keep weight down while still offering a very durable design. I hope this Kimber Two-Tone review will help you make a more informed decision about this firearm. 

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