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Kimber TLE II Review
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This is a detailed Kimber TLE II Review. The Kimber TLE II is a tactical handgun developed by Kimber’s well-known American handgun manufacturer. The weapon has become very popular due to its accuracy and sleek design. It is also used as one of the standard-issue handguns for military units worldwide.

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It is a firearm built with the superior craftsmanship of all Kimber handguns, making it extremely accurate for long-range shooting. The finish on this handgun’s frame is made from matte black. The weapon permits customization through its ability to accept accessories like laser sights and reloading kits. This review will tell you more about this firearm’s features, advantages, disadvantages, and more. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Features of Kimber TLE II

Grip and Textures

One of the most striking features of the Kimber TLE II is its grip and textures. The Kimber TLE II has  G-10 grips that are aggressively textured. This provides a solid grip on the weapon, even in wet or slippery conditions. It also gives the shooter a more confident grip, which is important when firing a weapon. Options like custom grips are also available, so this weapon can be personalized to fit users’ unique preferences.

Kimber TLE II Review and Price Grip and Texture

Size and Weight

The Kimber TLE II is a .45 caliber handgun with an overall length of 8.7 inches, a height of 5.25 inches, and a width of 1.28 inches. The barrel on this weapon measures 5 inches long. This makes this gun just the right size for tactical purposes. It is long enough to provide you with a better range yet short enough that it can be concealed if need be. When outfitted fully with cartridges, it weighs 39 ounces, which may be quite heavy to carry around for some people if they don’t have prior experience handling handguns. But, most users who carry handguns around don’t seem to mind the weight.

Kimber TLE II Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

The stopping power of this handgun is among the best because it uses .45 caliber ammunition. Target acquisition and stopping power depend on the weapon’s caliber, which is why many law enforcement agencies choose to use .45 caliber handguns for their tactical purposes. The weapon itself is very powerful, capable of penetrating body armor with ease due to its cartridge’s high velocity and energy levels. This makes it very useful in tactical law enforcement or self-defense situations. The selected bullet mass of this firearm is 230 grains, which makes it very powerful. The muzzle velocity is 850 feet per second, and muzzle energy is 369 ft-lbs.

Safety Features

The Kimber TLE II also has a grip and manual thumb safety. The grip safety is a small protrusion on the back of the grip that must be depressed for the weapon to fire. This helps prevent accidental discharges, which can occur if the weapon is dropped or mishandled. The manual thumb safety is located on the left side of the frame above the trigger. It allows the user to engage and disengage the safety without taking their hand off of the grip. This is a beneficial feature because it lets you keep your hand firmly on the weapon while cycling the action or reloading.

Kimber TLE II Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Kimber TLE II also has a slide stop lever and magazine release button located on the left side of the gun. The slide stop is used to help you cycle the action for reloading, while the magazine release allows you to eject and insert magazines with ease. The Kimber TLE II has a slide style that is a flat top. This means that the top of the slide is completely flat, with no serrations or grooves. This gives the slide a clean and streamlined appearance. The slide material on this weapon is made from steel, making it very strong and durable. The slide finish is matte black, which gives it a sleek and professional appearance.

Kimber TLE II Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release


The trigger mechanism on this gun is a single-action, external hammer. The external hammer allows you to manually cock it and release it to fire the weapon. This is often more comfortable for people who are used to revolvers and other old pistols because it gives them a sense of nostalgia while also allowing them to use better self-defense methods than simply throwing their pistol at their target. The Kimber TLE II also has a match-grade aluminum trigger. This means that the trigger is very smooth and consistent when you pull it. It also has a factory setting of 4.0 to 5.0 pounds, making it easy to fire for most users.

Kimber TLE II Review and Price Trigger

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil and muzzle flip of this handgun is often negligible. This means that the weapon can be fired several times in quick succession with minimal difficulty. Muzzle flash with this gun can also be controlled easily with a simple fix by using flash hiders, unburned propellant, and other methods, you can reduce or prevent muzzle flash from occurring altogether.

Kimber TLE II Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Advantages of Kimber TLE II

Convenient to Use

The Kimber TLE II has a conventional, more old-fashioned design. This makes it very convenient and easy to use while firing the weapon. It also reduces difficulty when holstering or drawing from concealment while being used in tactical law enforcement or self-defense situations.

Longer Barrel

Another advantage of the Kimber TLE II is that it has a longer barrel than handguns of its size. The 5-inch long barrel provides added velocity, stability, and power for this handgun’s bullets, which makes the rounds fly faster, further, and with greater accuracy at their intended target.


This weapon is also very durable. The slide and frame of the Kimber TLE II are made from a steel alloy, which makes them more resistant to damage than other handguns that have polymer frames instead.

Disadvantages of Kimber TLE II

Magazine Capacity

The Kimber TLE II magazine capacity is seven rounds, but there are extended magazines that can hold more bullets. Choosing to use these extended magazines will make the weapon bulkier and more difficult to handle in tactical situations.


This handgun is also a bit heavy, weighing 38oz. This heavyweight might be an advantage because it can reduce recoil and improve the weapon’s handling. However, those who are not used to handguns will find them difficult to use due to their heavy build and small grip.

Aftermarket Accessories - Kimber TLE II Review and Price

Many aftermarket accessories can improve the functionality of the Kimber TLE II. Some of these are:


Sights are an essential add-on for any weapon because they help users aim and fire the weapon more accurately. This gun has 3-dot tritium night sights, which help with target acquisition and firing at night. But, you can purchase and install other types of sights as well.


Lasers are another great accessory for any weapon because they make it easier to aim. The Kimber TLE II doesn’t have laser sights installed by default, but you can add them if desired. 


Flashlights are another must-have add-on. Without proper illumination, you won’t aim your weapon properly in low light or dark conditions. This model has Kimber Tactical Rail slots, so it’s very easy to mount a flashlight.


Having a sling is essential if you’re using the Kimber TLE II for tactical purposes such as law enforcement or self-defense. Slings help with firearm retention and make transferring your weapon from one hand to another when necessary. This gun has attachment points, so adding a sling is straightforward.


Grips are also very important add-ons. This gun has a great grip, but you can improve your comfort while using this handgun by adding a set of custom grips that fit your hands better. Custom grips also help with retention and make it easier to keep control of the weapon while firing in tactical situations.

Extended Magazines and Magazine Pouch

To maximize the magazine capacity of this weapon, you can purchase additional magazines that will hold the maximum number of rounds for this handgun. The standard magazine holds seven rounds, but you can increase this number. Keeping additional magazines on you can be difficult, so having a pouch for your additional magazines is important. 

Cleaning Kits

Tactical situations usually involve exposure to dirt and sand and accumulate debris on your weapon. Getting extra cleaning kits is essential to keep this handgun clean and functional even under the harshest conditions.


You can also find holsters made specifically for the Kimber Custom TLE II. These will keep your weapon secure and accessible at all times. You have many different options here, from concealment holsters to tactical thigh rigs. There are many different types of holster materials to choose from. The most popular materials are leather, nylon, and Kydex. Leather holsters are the most traditional type and are very popular because they are comfortable and look good. Nylon holsters are also very popular because they are tough and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Kydex holsters are popular because they are very durable and can be molded to fit the specific firearm that you own. Here is our holster recommendation for this gun:

GALCO Kingtuk Air IWB Kimber TLE II 5in 1911 RH Natural Holster

The GALCO Kingtuk Air IWB Kimber 5in 1911 RH Natural Holster is a hybrid Kydex/premium steerhide construction holster that is ventilated to improve airflow and comfort. It also has a tuckable design and raised sweat guard to protect the pistol and wearer. The holster pocket is also made from Kydex for easy holstering. It also comes with 1.5″ UniClips and Ultimate Stealth clips. This holster is designed to fit the Kimber Custom TLE II 5″ but will fit other models of similarly sized firearms. It is comfortable enough to be worn all day long, and this holster comes in the right hand only.


What accessories will fit Kimber TLE II?

You can find many different accessories that work great with this gun. These include laser sights, flashlights, slings, grips, spare magazines, magazine pouches, and cleaning kits. There are also holsters made specifically for the Kimber Custom TLE II that you can choose from.

Are there any caliber recommendations for Kimber TLE II?

The Kimber Custom TLE II is only built to fire .45 ACP rounds. Please make sure the ammunition that you use is compatible with this gun. Using the wrong type of ammunition can damage the weapon and would void the warranty.

What type of rail does Kimber TLE II come with?

The Kimber Custom TLE II comes standard with a Kimber Tactical Rail. This is highly beneficial for tactical situations because you can attach lights, lasers, scopes, etc., to the rail.

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The Kimber Custom TLE II is an excellent firearm with great features designed specifically for modern-day use. It is built using top-quality material so that it will last a long time, even under extreme conditions. All of these high-end components ensure your weapon doesn’t misfire or jam. The gun comes with a rail which allows for easy customization, so you can have everything you need all in one place. This firearm is very reliable, too, because if your weapon does not fire or misfires, it will be safe. Also, the sights are highly adjustable, so they are suitable for use even under low light conditions. Having good night vision is essential to staying safe during tactical missions, and this handgun makes that possible. Overall, the Kimber Custom TLE II has many great features that make it an ideal choice for long-term use in law enforcement, military, or civilian applications. I hope this Kimber TLE II review has been helpful to you.

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