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This Kimber Pro Carry review tells you everything you need to know about its features, performance, cost, and more. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about this model. The Kimber Pro Carry is a beautiful .45 ACP pistol engineered to perform at levels far above its weight class. This pistol weighs less than two pounds but is incredibly powerful. 

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Despite its low weight, this pistol is incredibly accurate with great handling. Due to its high-quality materials and features, the Kimber Pro Carry is an excellent firearm for someone passionate about shooting. Kimber builds reliable firearms for military and civilian use using the finest components available. The price of the Kimber Pro Carry is between $900 and $1100, depending on where you buy it from. 

Features of Kimber Pro Carry

Grip and Texture

The Kimber Pro Carry is well-balanced and has a great grip that feels natural in your hand. Also, this beautiful pistol is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and increase accuracy. The Pro Carry has smooth rosewood grips, which are excellent for wet hands. It also comes in black synthetic grips. The Kimber Pro Carry has double-diamond checkering for better grip no matter how you hold your pistol. The grips and checkering don’t tear up your hand even after hours of target practice. Also, this design prevents slipping and accidentally discharging your weapon.


The front and back of the grip are stippled for increased traction control. Additionally, the back of the grips is slightly curved, providing a comfortable hold even during long shooting sessions. It is an excellent feature that reduces fatigue and increases accuracy. The slide of the Pro Carry has serrations. It is important for racking your weapon quickly if it jams or you need to load another round manually. Also, this feature makes it easy to operate your pistol with heavy gloves on.

Kimber Pro Carry Review and Price Grip and Texture

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the Kimber Pro Carry contribute to its overall performance. This model has an aluminum alloy frame that is sturdy yet lightweight, making it a great carry pistol for concealed carry purposes. The Pro Carry is a full-sized handgun with a 4-inch barrel. It is 7.7 inches long and 5.25 inches high. The Kimber Pro Carry is thinner than most carry models of its size. The width of the grip is 1.3 inches, which provides optimal control over your weapon and reduced recoil. The overall weight of this pistol is 28 ounces, making it an excellent concealed carry pistol. It comes with a seven-round magazine capacity. It uses .45 ACP rounds, one of pistols’ most powerful self-defense rounds. It is also compatible with 9mm rounds. 

Stopping Power

The Kimber Pro Carry is designed for self-defense purposes. The stopping power of the .45 ACP caliber that this model uses makes it an excellent firearm choice. This weapon also comes with a relatively low magazine capacity of seven rounds. This firearm can shoot a standard .45 ACP round, has a 230-grain bullet and a muzzle velocity of 830 feet per second. It also has a muzzle energy of 356-foot pounds. The stopping power of the .45 ACP round is very high compared to other calibers, making it an excellent choice for self-defense purposes.

Safety Features

It exhibits a bumped, up-swept beavertail grip safety feature. This safety feature prevents the pistol from firing accidentally. It is ergonomically designed to be easily accessible with one hand. The advantage of the up-swept beavertail grip safety allows you to load your weapon quickly and reduces fatigue after prolonged shooting sessions. The Kimber Pro Carry also comes with thumb safety, which is easy to activate. The advantage of thumb safety prevents you from accidentally discharging the firearm when drawing it out of your holster or when it is in your purse or bag.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

This attractive pistol has a slide stop, increasing its ease of use. Using the slide stop, you can release the locked back slide without having to rack it back with your hand. This feature is convenient if you wear heavy gloves and need an easy way to reload your weapon. The Kimber Pro Carry has an ambidextrous magazine release, allowing you to release the magazine quickly. The advantage of this feature is that it allows you to reload without removing your eyes from your target. This feature makes it easy to switch magazines while fending off multiple assailants.

Kimber Pro Carry Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

The Kimber Pro Carry trigger mechanism is a crisp, single-action with a 4 to 5-pound pull. The advantage of this system is that it creates tighter lock timing and minimizes muzzle jump when firing the weapon, thus increasing accuracy. This compact model has a single-action trigger mechanism. The advantage of a single-action trigger is that it allows you to take careful aim before firing to achieve accuracy and increase stopping power. It also reduces accidental discharge.

Kimber Pro Carry Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Kimber Pro Carry has low recoil, advantageous for self-defense. Its low bore axis reduces muzzle flip, and its locking system minimizes slide travel. The effect of the low recoil produced by this pistol is a fast recovery time after each shot. It makes it easier to stay on target while firing multiple rounds. 

Kimber Pro Carry Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Recoil Spring

The recoil spring system in the Kimber Pro Carry is a flat, non-captive guide rod and a recessed flush-mounted head. The advantage of this design is that it reduces muzzle flip and provides better cycling. The Kimber Pro Carry is a great single stack .45ACP gun. The grip has an extremely low bore axis to minimize the effect of muzzle flip in rapid-fire. This feature makes shooting your weapon much easier, enabling you to take more accurate shots. The recoil spring of the Kimber Pro is very heavy which is around 22 pounds. The advantage of this design is that it reduces muzzle flip, making your job easier to stay on target. It also increases durability because it absorbs more energy compared with other designs. 


The Kimber Prohas an aluminum frame with a black matte finish. The advantage of an aluminum frame is that it provides a lightweight option without compromising durability. The black matte finish of this pistol prevents corrosion from sweat and blood, making it more durable against daily wear and tear. The Kimber Pro Carry features a stainless steel slide, absorbing more energy when fired. The slide with a matte black finish is very durable, making this carry gun look attractive. The slide serrations help you cycle the weapon efficiently during an emergency. The Kimber Pro Carry has a 4-inch carbon steel match-grade barrel.


Its length makes this pistol very accurate, enabling you to shoot your targets easily, even from considerable distances. The Pro Carry has fixed low-profile sights, giving this pistol great accuracy at greater distances. They are durable and do not easily break. The sight radius is 5.7 inches, making aiming at distant targets easier. This Kimber model has grip textures to increase friction between your hand and the gun. This feature enhances gripping and reduces the risk of your hand slipping under recoil. The grip is ergonomic, making it very comfortable to hold. This model features an aluminum, match-grade trigger with a 4 to 5-pound pull. It makes it very easy to shoot accurately in rapid succession. Kimber Pro Carry has a great, crisp trigger. 

Kimber Pro Carry Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Kimber Pro Carry


The Kimber Pro Carry is a small, lightweight weapon that can easily conceal. Its dimensions make it very handy to carry. Its extra-thin profile makes this a great option for concealing your weapon under a shirt or jacket. Its length also contributes to the ease of concealment. The Kimber Carry has smooth edges that make drawing your weapon fast and efficient. If concealment is your primary concern, you should invest in this pistol.


The Kimber Pro Carry is made of aluminum, making it lighter. Its features also make the gun more durable and functional in extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow. Its matte black finish gives it an attractive and sleek look. Kimber Pro Carry has a stainless steel slide that absorbs more energy when fired. It prolongs the life of your pistol by preventing corrosion.

Ease of Use

The Kimber Pro Carry has a lightweight design that makes it easy to handle. It features an extra-light recoil spring that enables the pistol to cycle faster and reduces muzzle flip. This feature improves your accuracy and efficiency when firing multiple rounds.

Excellent Reliability

Kimber Pro Carry is a highly reliable pistol. It has the best quality control compared with other pistols. The only downside is that it’s difficult to find specially trained dealers who can service this weapon properly. 

Disadvantages of Kimber Pro Carry

Low Magazine Capacity

The Pro Carry only has a 7-round capacity. If you plan on carrying or using your weapon for self-defense, this pistol does not offer enough ammunition.

Heavy Trigger Pull

This pistol may be inappropriate for beginners because of its heavy trigger pull weight. If you cannot adjust to the trigger pull, it could lead to costly mistakes.

Aftermarket Accessories for Kimber Pro Carry

Kimber Pro Carry can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can add various aftermarket accessories such as holsters and night sights, which will enhance your shooting experience. Let’s take a look at some of the best products that will help you customize your pistol.


Kimber Pro Carry has a textured grip that reduces the risk of your hand slipping when you shoot. However, the original grip may not be comfortable enough for everyone. You can try an aftermarket grip such as aluminum rubber grip panels with finger grooves to improve comfort and prevent your hand from slipping.


Kimber Pro Carry has fixed, low-profile sights to improve accuracy and reduce snagging. However, if you feel that this feature does not fulfill your needs, try an aftermarket sight to enhance visibility. One effective way to integrate a high-visibility sight into your pistol is by replacing the front and back sights with fiber optic sights.

Lasers and Flashlights

Kimber Pro Carry is compatible with lasers and flashlights. You can choose between green or red lasers to improve accuracy in low-light conditions. The addition of a flashlight will give you an edge in dark environments.

Extra Magazine

Kimber Pro Carry has a standard 7-round beveled magazine. You can purchase an extra magazine for this gun to give you more rounds of firepower. However, the original 7-round mag will be your primary source of ammunition.

Mag Pouches

Kimber Pro Carry has a large ejection port that enables you to reload your pistol quickly. You can purchase a pouch to store your magazines specifically for Kimber to ensure easy accessibility and efficiency. If the holster doesn’t fit your mags, you might want to consider acquiring a separate magazine holster.


A quality holster is necessary to protect your gun when carrying or storing it. Kimber Pro Carry’s aluminum frame makes it difficult to find a holster for this pistol. Aftermarket holsters made of synthetic or injection-molded materials are highly durable and fit the Pro Carry perfectly.

Safariland 6378 ALS Paddle & Belt Slide Holster for Kimber Pro Carry 

In the world of firearms, there are few companies as well-known and respected as Safariland. When it comes to holsters, Safariland delivers high-quality products that have been tested in some of the most extreme conditions around the world. This holster is designed for individuals who want to carry concealed daily. It’s made from Safari laminate with STX plain finish, which means you’re getting a holster that will last for years to come. Safariland has designed this product with comfort in mind, and the ventilated design of the paddle will ensure you don’t tire during your day carrying around your firearm. A bonus is the interchangeable belt attachment system.


You can wear this holster with or without a paddle attachment, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple holsters if you’re looking for something that’s easily adaptable. The automatic locking system locks your pistol in place, providing the highest level of security. The Safariland holster has an extremely slim profile which allows you to conceal your firearm under a shirt, jacket, or even a loose-fitting t-shirt. It fits a Kimber 1911 Pro Carry perfectly. When you’re looking for a holster that can provide comfort and security, this product from Safariland is an excellent option. 

Safariland 6378 ALS Paddle Holster Fits Kimber Pro Carry
in stock
Safariland 6378 ALS Paddle Holster Fits Kimber Pro Carry


Kimber Pro Carry is a fairly affordable handgun. The cost of this handgun will vary depending on where you purchase it and if any promotions are going on at the time. Some people may find it worth every penny, while others may feel it’s too pricey for their budget.

Kimber Pro Carry is available in calibers .45 ACP and 9mm. The caliber of the weapon you purchase will depend on your preference and the laws in your state. This handgun functions well in self-defense situations and is even used by law enforcement professionals.

The Kimber Pro Carry II is manufactured by the Kimber manufacturing company and falls under the category of a 1911 handgun. They are known for their durability, reliability, and accuracy.

Yes, the Kimber Pro Carry II is a great handgun. It’s a popular choice among law enforcement professionals and everyday civilians. This handgun is used commonly because of its low-maintenance design and ease of use.

Recommended Holsters for Kimber Pro Carry


Kimber Pro Carry is a high-quality product that will stand the test of time. Whether you need a new handgun for self-defense or casual shooting, the Kimber Pro Carry II is an excellent choice. It’s manufactured by a reputable company and uses reliable components. This Kimber Pro Carry review is a detailed analysis of the handgun. With this information at hand, it will be easy to make an informed choice. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading this article. 

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