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This is a detailed Kimber Micro 380 review. The Kimber Micro 380 is a lightweight, compact pistol that holds seven rounds in the magazine. This firearm is perfect for concealed carry, measuring 5.6 inches in length and weighing only 13.4 ounces unloaded. This firearm is a great choice for those looking for a caliber that provides effective stopping power and offers crisp, smooth action.

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The Micro 380 is an excellent firearm designed for concealed carry or personal protection. The solid build and durable construction make it a dependable choice that will stand up to regular use and provide you with many years of service. It also has a great design, making it very easy to conceal and an added level of safety with the frame-mounted thumb safety. Let’s discuss in more detail about this gun.

Features of Kimber Micro 380

Grip and Textures

The checkered rosewood grips are both stylish and functional as they provide a firm grip to help control recoil with rapid-fire shooting without any pain on your hands or fingers from prolonged use. In addition, these grips give you more traction, which can be helpful if you have wet or sweaty hands when firing the weapon at the range. The grip angle of the Kimber Micro 380 is ergonomically designed to fit snugly into your hands and gives you better hold on the firearm when firing. The grip’s texture gives you a better feel of where your palm and fingers should be placed. The grip is also long enough to give you a comfortable feel but not too big to interfere with the concealability of the weapon. Overall, these features make the Micro 380 extremely easy to handle.

Kimber Micro 380 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The Micro 380 weighs in at just 13.4 ounces unloaded. This makes it an extremely compact firearm that can be easily concealed inside your waistband or carried inside a handbag or purse with no problem. The firearm’s overall length measures 5.6 inches, which makes it even easier to carry around. The height of this firearm measures 4 inches, and the width measures 1.08 inches. The barrel length of the weapon measures 2.75 inches, and it has a seven-round capacity for .380 caliber rounds. Overall, the size and weight of the firearm are extremely manageable to carry around without being too bulky or heavy.

Kimber Micro 380 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

The stopping power of the Micro 380 is impressive for its size. Although this firearm was designed to be easy to conceal, it does not sacrifice any performance for its portability. The recoil on the weapon feels similar to other .380 ACP handguns and achieves a muzzle velocity of 931 feet per second with a muzzle energy of 173 ft/s, even though many other calibers fire projectiles at a faster rate, the stopping power of this Kimber firearm is still impressive.

Safety Features

The Micro 380 has a frame-mounted thumb safety that can easily disengage with your thumb. This safety feature provides an extra level of protection for the user and helps prevent accidental discharge of the weapon when it is not in use. This small safety feature is extremely beneficial and can prevent serious injury and damage to the user and others.

Kimber Micro 380 Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Micro 380 has an extended slide stop that makes it much easier to release the slide after firing around. This feature helps to prevent unnecessary tension on your hands, reduces the time you need to re-cock the firearm, and gives you much greater control over the weapon when compared with other firearms in its class. The magazine release is also easy to reach, which is not always the case for firearms in this class.

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism makes using the [Micro 380 smooth and effortless. The single-action mechanism ensures that the firearm fires off every time you pull the trigger. Each shot’s smooth action ensures no jerkiness when firing and allows for a better grip on your target to make a precise shot. In addition, this mechanism provides a comfortable feel to your finger while reducing the risk of accidentally pulling off two shots at once. The Kimber Micro 380 features a solid aluminum frame machined to tight tolerances and finished with a brushed satin silver KimPro II finish.


This makes the firearm extremely durable and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The frame is also matched grade, meaning that it is of the same quality as those used in competition shooting. In addition, the Micro 380 has a factory setting of 7.0 pounds, which can be adjusted depending on your preference. This allows you to personalize how the weapon feels in your hands and gives you more control over the recoil when firing.

Kimber Micro 380 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Micro 380 is very solid build, making it very easy to control the recoil when firing. This is almost an essential feature for compact firearms, but not always the case. The muzzle also flips downwards slightly after each shot, which can be beneficial depending on your shooting style but may take some getting used to if you are not familiar with this style of firearm.

Kimber Micro 380 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Magazine Capacity

The seven-round capacity of the Kimber Micro 380 makes it very convenient for everyday use. Since this firearm was designed to be compact, you can easily find a place for it without having to carry around extra ammunition. This capacity is also well-suited for smaller calibers like the .380 ACP since they are not as large and powerful as other calibers.

Kimber Micro 380 Review and Price Magazine Capacity

Advantages of Kimber Micro 380


The Micro 380 is extremely concealable and easy to fit in a holster for anyone looking to carry their firearm on them. The weapon’s small size makes it easy to fit in small places or a concealed holster without being too bulky. In addition, the lightweight of the weapon only adds to its ease of use and makes carrying around the firearm for extended periods more comfortable. This is especially beneficial if you are looking for a firearm to wear on your person at all times for self-defense.


The Micro 380 has a well-deserved reputation for reliability and accuracy, which is unparalleled in its class. Unlike other firearms in this range, the Micro 380 has been very reliable when it comes to firing off rounds. In addition, the weapon can be brought to bear via a single-action mechanism that helps reduce the risk of jamming and other malfunctions. This works together to give you a steady and reliable firearm ready when you need it most.

Ease of Use

The Micro 380 is extremely easy to use and take care of, making it ideal for new users trying to get their foot in the door with firearms. This weapon has been designed with simplicity in mind, from its extended slide stop to its added safety features.

Disadvantages of Kimber Micro 380

Magazine Capacity

The Micro 380 has a magazine capacity of only seven rounds which may not be ideal for experienced users. In addition, the safeties on the firearm may require some getting used to and prevent you from firing in an urgent situation.

Aftermarket Accessories - Kimber Micro 380 Review and Price

Many accessories can be purchased for the Micro 380, including holsters and different grips. Each of these items serves a unique purpose and increases your ability to use your firearm effectively and comfortably. In addition, each accessory allows you to personalize your weapon by making it your own. Some of the best accessories are:


Grips for your weapon can be made from several different materials and serve different purposes. For example, some grips might be designed as replacements, while others are meant to provide increased control over the firearm. You can purchase grips made from different materials depending on your preference or what you are most comfortable with.


Micro 380 has 3-dot tritium night sights, but you can buy a fiber optic front sight to replace them. This will make your daytime aiming more accurate and help you get on target faster at night or in low light conditions. 

Extended Magazine

This will increase your magazine capacity from seven to eight rounds, a small but significant improvement. In addition, the extended magazine provides you with greater control over the firearm and increased comfort when firing.

Magazine Pouches

These pouches are meant to allow you to carry additional magazines with your firearm, which can be especially useful in a self-defense situation. Carrying extra magazines along with your Micro 380 will give you more options if you ever need to reload.

Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit that comes with your Micro 380 will help you take care of your gun and keep it in proper working order. This includes all the tools you need to clean, maintain, and repair your firearm so you can get back to shooting as soon as possible.


There is a huge assortment of slings available on the market, and each serves its unique purpose. You can make your firearm more comfortable to carry or increase your accuracy by purchasing the right sling for your weapon.


You can purchase different types of holsters depending on what you are most comfortable with, whether an ankle holster or a pocket holster. A good holster will save you time and effort as it makes your firearm easily accessible when you need it most. Leather is the most popular material used for holsters, but you can also purchase them in different fabric materials, depending on your preference. Leather is very durable and will last you long, while some fabric materials are more comfortable to wear than leather. You can also purchase Kydex holsters or polymer holsters which are lightweight and easy to carry around. Here is our holster recommendation for this gun:

OWB Paddle Holster for Kimber Micro 380

The OWB paddle holster for Micro 380 is a hand-crafted, custom-made holster designed to fit this pistol. This holster can be worn outside of the waistband and features adjustable retention with an easy on/off thumb break. It has a quick-release button that allows you to draw your gun quickly and safely when needed. The holster is made of durable, comfortable polymer material that will keep your micro 380 concealed and secure. The adjustable carrying angle allows you to change the position of your pistol from horizontal to vertical. And with the paddle, it allows you to attach and remove this gun holster from your pants or belt in width up to 2. Overall, this holster is a great option for those looking to purchase an outside the waistband concealed carry holster.


It is made of stainless steel and has a matte black finish. The barrel is 2.75 inches long, and it weighs about 13 ounces.

Yes, you can dry fire this weapon as long as you do not pull the trigger and attempt to load a cartridge.

Some of the best accessories to purchase along with your weapon are grips, sights, extended magazines, cleaning kits, holsters, and slings.

Yes, you can conceal your firearm under various outfits. However, it may not be as comfortable as a heavier weapon with a larger grip.

Recommended Holsters for Kimber Micro 380


The Kimber Micro 380 is a powerful and reliable firearm that will serve you well in difficult situations. It is an ideal gun for concealed carry, home defense, and recreational shooting. This firearm has many accessories available that allow you to customize your weapon the way you want it to fit your needs and requirements. The most popular accessory that people purchase along with the Micro 380 is a holster because it allows them to carry their firearms easily. You can purchase different holsters depending on your preference and concealability requirements. Overall, the Micro 380 is a high-quality firearm that will be able to keep you safe in dangerous circumstances. I hope this Kimber Micro 380 review was helpful and you found the information presented here to be accurate.

Thank you for reading.

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