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Kimber K6s review begins with a short history of the company. Kimber is an American firearm manufacturing company founded in 1979. The company has been named one of the world’s topmost manufacturers specializing in handguns and other firearms. The company’s products are used by military and law enforcement worldwide and for self-defense purposes.

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If you are looking for a reliable self-defense weapon that can last for years, then the Kimber K6s fits this description perfectly. It’s an ultra-lightweight, compact revolver that packs six rounds of .357 Magnum into a frame small enough to fit in your pocket. The Kimber K6s is also a favorite choice among concealed-carry permit holders, as its length matches many other firearms used in this category. However, the revolver packs enough power to rival any pocket pistol. The price is incredibly reasonable. Keep reading to learn more about the Kimber K6s and find out why it’s such a great choice for anyone looking for quality, precision, and value. 

Features of Kimber K6s

Grip and Textures Features

The Kimber K6s have rubber grips specially made for the revolver. The grips have an indentation in the middle to ensure that you get a firm grip on it each time you fire. The rubber grips are very comfortable to hold, especially for long periods. The Kimber logo is engraved on the grips, and the grip is textured to ensure a firm hold. The pistol also has a few subtle textures on the side. These are not only for aesthetics, but they are also functional. The side textures help you better grip the weapon and safety purposes. The back of the grip is also textured for firmness.

Kimber K6s Review and Price Grip and Textures Features

Size and Weight

As stated before, the gun is ultra-lightweight. The length of the barrel is just two inches and weighs only 23 ounces with an empty cylinder. It makes the Kimber K6s extremely compact and easy to store in your pocket. The firearm measures about 6.6 inches long. The width of the Kimber K6s is only 1.39 inches, making it super slim and easy to conceal. The height of the firearm is just 4.46 inches. It makes it easy to carry around all day without feeling fatigued or sore. The cylinder holds six rounds of .357 magnum bullets, which are quite powerful.

Kimber K6s Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

Another amazing feature of the Kimber K6s is its stopping power. This revolver packs quite a punch, making it good for self-defense purposes. The stopping power of the Kimber K6s gives you an edge since you can shoot multiple times without worrying about reloading anytime soon. It can shoot a 158-grain bullet at 1240 ft/s with an energy of 539 ft-lbs, which is more than enough to take the target down. The stopping power of this revolver is also more than most firearms used for concealed carry purposes.

Safety Features

The Kimber K6s has many safety features useful for protection and general ease of use. The revolver has safety features that, if used properly, can help minimize the danger of an unintentional discharge. The trigger guard is large and wide enough to ensure you get a firm and secure grip on the firearm. The size also makes it easier for you to shoot without worrying about accidentally pushing the trigger, which could cause an accident. One feature that makes this weapon safe is its internal hammer block. This safety feature keeps you from accidentally pulling the trigger and firing the round by mistake. It’s good for concealing since it reduces the risk of going off prematurely during transportation or storage.

Cylinder Release

The cylinder release button of the Kimber K6s is quite reliable. You can quickly eject rounds when you need to reload in a hurry or when there’s an emergency. Just push the button, and it will pop out, ready for replacement with another loaded cartridge. It makes switching out rounds very simple and easy, which is good for when you’re in danger.

Kimber K6s Review and Price Cylinder Release

Trigger Mechanism

The Kimber K6s is a double-action revolver. The double-action trigger mechanism means it does not cock back like most pistols. It also prevents you from squeezing off rounds unintentionally if you drop the firearms. The trigger on the Kimber K6s also has a non-stacking feature. It means that as you’re squeezing and holding down the trigger, it will only cock back one time. It won’t continue to rack and cock after every shot, so you can easily fire rounds off without having to worry about resetting the trigger every time. A double-action trigger is an excellent choice for a concealed carry firearm because it allows accurate shots even with stiffer, heavier triggers. The factory setting of the trigger on a Kimber K6s is (approx. pounds) 9.5-11.5. It makes it a bit heavy compared to other firearms, but you can reduce this weight by adjusting trigger play.

Kimber K6s Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil of the Kimber K6s is manageable. You can shoot rounds off quickly and accurately since it doesn’t have much muzzle flip. The design of this firearm helps reduce muzzle rise to a minimum even when fired repeatedly, which is beneficial for accuracy. It also features a full-length underlug which helps reduce muzzle flip even more. The underlug also protects the barrel from damage since it covers the end of the gun. It makes it safe to carry around with you for protection all day long. It also helps to improve accuracy while shooting rounds. 

Kimber K6s Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip


The Kimber K6s has an attractive brushed stainless steel finish on its barrel. It gives it a classy touch and makes it more durable to handle rough or tough uses. This feature is not only good for protection but also good for concealing the firearm. The barrel is made of stainless steel, which is more resistant to rust. The frame of the Kimber K6s is also made of stainless steel, which makes it lightweight for simple carry and easy maneuverability. It is good for when you need to draw it quickly or in danger. The frame also makes the firearm durable and easy to maintain. The frame has brushed stainless steel finishes as well. 


The surface is smooth and polished for easy handling and carrying. As such, it’s good for protection and concealing. The Kimber K6s come with standard black sights, which are simple and easy to use. They’re good for quick target acquisition and accuracy while shooting rounds off. The rear sight has some serrations, which come in handy when cocking back the hammer.  The grip of this firearm is contoured for easy handling and target acquisition. It’s good for protection and concealing since it reduces hand fatigue while holding it down on attackers or assailants.

Kimber K6s Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Kimber K6s


The Kimber K6s is a lightweight pistol good for easy carrying and concealment. It makes it good if you need to keep it with you for protection. You can carry it around all day and will not experience hand fatigue or stress since the firearm is easy to conceal and transport.


The Kimber K6s is made of stainless steel, making it durable. The material is strong and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about wearing it out quickly or buying new ones frequently. The brushed stainless steel finish also adds protection to the firearm to handle tough conditions and protect you at all times.

Target Acquisition

The Kimber K6s features standard black sights that are easy to use for quick target acquisition. You can quickly aim and shoot rounds off without worrying about zeroing in the sights or acquiring the right target. The sight also features serrations and grooves that help you cock back the hammer for a more accurate shot.

Ease of Use

The Kimber K6s is a lightweight firearm that’s easy to use and maintain. The Kimber K6s feature a double-action trigger that allows cocked and locked carry options. It is beneficial because it gives you full control of your firearm at all times, even if you’re under stress or in danger. You can also quickly acquire your target because it has standard black sights that are simple and easy to use.

Disadvantages of Kimber K6s

Availability of Parts

The Kimber K6s is not as common as most firearms, so it can be hard to find accessories or spare parts for this firearm. You may have trouble finding the right part if something happens or you need to replace a certain feature. 


It is a more expensive firearm than other pistols in the market. It costs around $900 to $1100, depending on where you buy it.  However, even if it costs more, it still features less muzzle flip so you can use your firearm safely and accurately when firing rounds off.

Aftermarket Accessories - Kimber K6s Review and Price


You can buy replacement grips for the Kimber K6s. There are various colors and materials that you can choose from, including black rubber, tan suede, and hardwood.


The Kimber K6s features good standard black sights. However, if you want to use it for concealed carry, you may need a laser sight. Be sure to keep the width of your firearm in your mind before purchasing a laser. Lasers are good for pinpointing targets but aren’t always reliable. Your firearm may malfunction when you need it most, so keep this in mind before choosing a laser sight. 


There are also various holster options available for your Kimber K6s. You can get one depending on your preference and need. The Kimber K6s has a standard width of 1.39 inches, which makes it compatible with most holsters in the market. You can get one if you want to conceal it when not in use.

1791 Gunleather K-Frame OWB Leather Revolver Holster

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The open-top also works as a safety as the revolver cannot be accidentally pulled out of the holster. It is made for the K-frame revolver with a 3″ barrel.  It is a custom fit holster; you must have a form-fitting measurement to where you will be wearing this holster to fit your revolver correctly. It is perfect for right-handed shooters. This holster is covered under lifetime warranty and is unconditionally guaranteed to be free from any type of defect. It will not crack or break if properly used and maintained.

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The Kimber K6s is designed to be carried safely and easily. The firearm is lightweight, has standard sights, and a double-action trigger for cocked & locked carry so you can maintain full control of your firearm at all times.

Kimber is a good brand, and they make quality firearms. The fact that the K6s is lightweight and compact also makes it more expensive compared to other brands. The brushed stainless steel finish adds durability, while the standard black sights make it easier for new shooters to use and aim.

You can purchase either right-handed or left-handed holsters for the Kimber K6s. Nylon and leather options are available. It all depends on your preference and need. You can also choose from the inside or outside waistband, shoulder, ankle, or fanny pack.

Recommended Holsters for Kimber K6s


Kimber K6s is one of the leading brands in the firearm industry. The company’s focus has always been on making precise and accurate revolvers. This snubnose revolver is the best example of the brand’s legacy. The K6s is a sturdy and reliable revolver that delivers with accuracy. The heavy-duty design makes it perfect for personal security, and smooth trigger action adds to its appeal. After thorough research and analysis, the Kimber K6s review has been done to help people make an informed decision. Thank you for reading this article. We hope you would love reading the K6s review and if you do, please share it with your friends.

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