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Kimber Covert Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Kimber Covert
Kimber Covert logo - ballachy

From $ 924

Technical Data

Here is a detailed Kimber Covert review for you to consider. The Kimber Covert is a beautiful 1911, which has great workmanship and an excellent design at a very affordable price. This is another fine offering by the Kimber Company who is well known around the world for making some of the finest guns today. 

Table of Contents

The Kimber Pro Covert is a great concealed carry weapon that is lightweight and easy to handle. It has a good grip and texture, as well as a stylish digital camouflage print. The gun is also very accurate with the Crimson Trace Lasergrip. The stopping power on this gun is excellent. You will be able to carry this gun in style and shoot your weapon accurately with the .45 ACP. Let’s discuss in more detail the features of this gun.

Features of Kimber Covert

Grip and Textures

The Kimbe Pro Covert with Urban camouflage Crimson Trace Lasergrips is an excellent concealed carry weapon. The grips are very comfortable, and the laser is highly accurate. The grips fit the hand very well and give you a good grip. The laser gives you fast, accurate shots as it is right on target. The texture on the Pro Covert looks good and feels good in the hand. It is not too rough or too smooth but just right to give you that firm grip that you need when shooting your guns for accuracy. The digital camouflage print on this Kimber Pro Covert gun is very realistic and will blend in well with your surroundings. This makes it easy to conceal your weapon when you are out and about. The print is also very stylish and looks good.


You will be able to carry your weapon in style with the digital camo print on this Covert gun. Also, the Kimber logo on the grip is a nice touch. It adds to the style and looks of the gun. It also makes it easy to identify your gun as a Kimber. The logo is very nicely done and looks great on the grip of this gun. The 30 lines-per-inch front strap checkering on the Kimber Pro Covert provides you with a good grip on your weapon. The checkering is very well done and looks good. It also feels good in your hand. You will be able to get a good grip on your gun with the checkering on the front strap of the Pro Covert.

Kimber Covert Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

When you first pick up the Covert gun, you will be surprised at its lightweight. It will not be too bulky in your holster. The Covert 28 oz (unloaded) weight makes it very easy to carry concealed with you at all times without being too obvious. Also, the lightweight nature makes the gun easier to handle and shoot for accuracy. You will not get tired or sore when holding this gun for long periods. The Pro Covert is very compact at 7.7 inches in length, making it an easy fit for your holster. The overall height of the Pro Covert is 5.25 inches making it easy to conceal your weapon yet high enough to get a full grip of the gun. The width of this weapon is 1.28 inches, which is a bit wider than the average gun. But this makes it a little easier to grip and feel secure in your hand when holding the weapon. The barrel length on the Pro Covert is 4 inches, which keeps the weight down and allows for faster shots. Overall, this gun is a nicely designed gun that will be very comfortable carrying and shooting for accuracy.

Kimber Covert Size and Weight

Stopping Power

Of course, this Kimber Pro Covert review would not be complete without mentioning the stopping power. This Pro Covert gun has the outstanding stopping power to get you out of any sticky situation. It is accurate and easy to carry. The .45 ACP round is one of the most powerful rounds available. This gun also has less recoil than most guns. This is great when you are shooting multiple rounds at your attacker. You will still maintain accuracy and not lose control of the gun when quickly firing more than one round. This gun also offers a variety of ammunition to choose from. You will find the right ammo for your gun that will offer the stopping power that you need. This gun comes with a 230-grain bullet. This gives you good stopping power and accuracy. The muzzle velocity on this gun is 808 ft/sec, making it a very fast shooting gun. Also, the muzzle energy is 334 ft-lbs, giving you plenty of power to take down your target.

Kimber Covert Stopping Power

Safety Features

The grip safety is a great feature that will keep the gun from firing if it is not held properly in hand. The grip safety is located on the front strap of the gun. It has a nice curve to it, and your middle finger will naturally fall in position right over it when holding this gun. This is an excellent feature because you will not need to change how you hold your gun when this is in position. The manual thumb safety is another great safety feature that allows you to disable the weapon while carrying it with you easily. This gives you added security and peace of mind when carrying your Pro Covert gun.

Kimber Covert Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop and magazine release are very nice features that work well on this gun. The slide stop is located just above the grip, where you can easily reach it with either hand. The slide is made of carbon steel and has a nice matte black finish. The magazine release will let you easily eject the magazine with either hand. This gives you easy access for a fast reload and allows you to change magazines with little effort and time.

Kimber Covert Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

The Pro Covert is a single-action gun, making it easy to fire and accurate. The single-action trigger is smooth and easy to pull. You will not have any problems firing this gun quickly and accurately. The trigger is an aluminum match-grade trigger that gives a smooth and crisp shot when needed while still being lightweight. The trigger has a nice short take-up with an audible and tactile reset that will let you know when your next shot is ready. The trigger pull on the Pro Covert is 4.0 – 5.0 lbs., which is a nice weight for a handgun. This allows you to control the gun and maintain accuracy when firing easily.

Kimber Covert Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

This Pro Covert also has very little recoil and muzzle flip, which will allow you to fire multiple rounds quickly. This gun’s recoil is much less than other guns on the market today, making it easy to shoot. Recoil should not be a problem with this gun, especially if you use the standard 230-grain A/P ammo that comes with it. The muzzle flip is also minimal with the Pro Covert, which will allow you to stay on target faster after each shot. This is great if you need to fire multiple shots at your target quickly. The grip safety also helps keep this gun more stable in your hand when firing.

Advantages of Kimber Covert


This gun has a nice concealable size and will allow you to carry it easily. This gun is small enough that you can easily wear it on your side, in the pocket of your pants, or inside the waistband for easy access when needed. You will also easily secure this gun if necessary because of its small size.


The Pro Covert will be a reliable gun when you need it most. This gun will fire every time you pull the trigger, as long as you properly load it first. You can also easily make sure your rounds are in a position to be fired with this gun.


The Pro Covert is made of quality materials that will let you use this gun for years to come. The steel on the slide is finished with a matte black coating that will help reduce corrosion if left unprotected. This coating also helps reduce the glare you may see when firing your gun outside. The grip is also finished with a special process to protect it from corrosion if left outside.

Disadvantages of Kimber Covert

Magazine Capacity

The Kimber Pro Covert comes with a 7 round magazine, which may not be enough for some people. If you are looking for a gun with a larger magazine capacity, you may want to consider another Kimber model.


The Pro Covert can be a bit pricey for some people, but it is a great handgun you will be able to cherish and use for years. This gun is made of quality materials, and you will know it is a handgun that can withstand the test of time just by holding it in your hand.

Aftermarket Accessories - Kimber Covert Review and Price

You may want to consider several aftermarket accessories for this handgun. These accessories include a laser that attaches to the under-barrel rail, which will help you aim quickly and accurately at your target. You can also switch out the grip on the gun with another style if you desire. Some popular aftermarket accessories are:


Sights are an important part of any gun, and they can be especially helpful when you need to aim quickly and accurately at your target. There are various sights that you can add to your Pro Covert, depending on your personal preference. This gun comes with Tritium night sights, but you can purchase aftermarket sights if you find these are not what you are looking for.


Lasers can be attached to the underside of your gun to help improve accuracy when shooting. The laser will provide a red dot that is visible and easy for you to see, which will help guide your shot. A laser may also help you aim quickly at your target. This gun comes with a Crimson Trace Laser, but you can choose another model if preferred.


A flashlight can be attached to the rail on this gun, which will help you see in low-light situations. You should consider a flashlight if you plan on using your Pro Covert for home security purposes or if you need to fire your handgun in low-light areas.


This gun gives you a solid grip at all times. If you prefer a different type of grip for this handgun, then several aftermarket grips will work with this gun. You will be able to find grips that are either stippled or smooth, depending on your preference.

Extended Magazine

An extended magazine will allow you to hold more rounds in your firearm. If you do not think the 7 round magazine capacity of this gun is enough for you, you might consider buying an extended magazine.

Magazine Pouch

A magazine pouch is a great accessory if you need easy access to spare magazines. You can keep a magazine pouch on your belt or any other storage device, which will provide quick and easy access to more ammunition.


A sling may be an excellent accessory to have, especially if you plan on using this gun for hunting or home security purposes. You can purchase a sling that goes across your shoulder and chest, which will make carrying your handgun much easier and more comfortable.


You may want to purchase a holster if you plan on carrying this handgun with you for self-defense purposes. Several types of holsters are available that will fit Pro Covert handguns, including belt and inside waistband holsters. You can also attach a holster to your belt loop to make it easier to access your gun when you need it. You can also purchase an ankle holster if you plan on carrying your handgun with you in the ankle area. Choosing the suitable material is important when it comes to purchasing a holster. There are several materials that your holster can be made out of, including leather and nylon. Leather may be ideal if you need a holster that will last you long and work well in most situations. Here is our recommendation for the best holster for this gun:

Galco Concealable Kimber Covert 4in 1911 Right Hand Leather Belt Holster

This holster is specially made of premium saddle leather for 1911 guns with a 4-inch barrel length. It features a butt-forward cant, a forward-molded design that contours the hip. This concealment holster has full slide-barrel coverage and fits belts up to 1 ½” wide. The belt loop is adjustable for ride height, and the retention screw allows you to adjust how tightly it holds your gun in place. This gun also has a sweat guard that protects both you and your firearm from moisture during use. Also, the Havana color will blend in with many different types of clothing. Overall, this holster is suitable for its price range for a Kimber Covert gun.


Is it easy to customize this gun?

Yes, there are several components of this gun that you can change if you would like to. For example, the accessory rail on this gun can easily accommodate a laser or flashlight. You can also choose different types of grips, magazines, and holster options for your handgun. 

How much does this gun weigh?

This gun weighs 28 ounces, making it a lightweight firearm that you can carry around with you. If weight is a concern for you, you may want to consider purchasing a lighter gun. However, this gun does come with different magazines that have varying weights. You can also purchase an extended magazine if you feel that the 7 round capacity is insufficient for your needs.

How easy is this gun to operate?

There are several features on this handgun that make it easy for you to use. For example, the slide lock makes it easy for you to holster or un-holster your firearm. This gun also has an ambidextrous magazine release button, which will allow you to change magazines using either your left or right hand easily.

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If you are interested in purchasing a high-quality handgun, the Pro Covert may be a good choice. This gun comes with several features that help make it easier to use and different customization options so you can change your gun if needed. With many aftermarket accessories, you will find different products that work well with this gun. If you would like to purchase an accessory for your gun, consider one of the above options. Overall, this gun has a great design and is lightweight so that you can carry it regularly. I hope this Kimber Covert review has helped you learn more about this handgun.

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