Kahr CW45 Holster

The Kahr CW45 is an affordable, lightweight .45 ACP pistol that’s perfect for concealed carry using Kahr CW45 Holster. The Kahr CW45 is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated pistol that uses a Browning locking system. The barrel locks into the slide via an enlarged ejection port. When fired, the barrel and slide travel rearward together for about 3/8″ before the barrel stops moving while the slide continues back under recoil spring pressure to extract and eject the spent cartridge case.

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Kahr CW45 holsters are the best way to carry your firearm. They’re made with premium materials and designed to fit your gun perfectly. There are many benefits of carrying with a Kahr CW45 holster. It makes it easier to conceal carry because they are lightweight and the slimline design is barely noticeable when wearing them under clothing. They also make it easy to draw quickly if needed by using our quick release thumb brake system or other options like belt loops or paddle attachments for even faster access

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