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Are you looking for a credible website to publish your hunting guides? Do you love to enlighten people about hunting skills? Or are you a journalist interested in the hunting niche? 

We want to publish your content. At, we publish valuable content in the hunting niche for the consumption of our eager audience. We love to help our readers solve their hunting challenges by providing answers to their questions. Also, we offer tips and tricks for overcoming any potential problem on a hunting trip. If you want to share your hunting experience and expertise, this is your chance to write for us. 

Please Note: Your content has to solve our readers hunting problems. It also has to answer any crucial question in the hunting niche.

The Benefits Of Writing For Us Are:

hunting write for us

A Couple Of Rules Are:

Write For Us

  • Well Structured Article: We appreciate well-composed articles with topics that show strong relevance to the hunting society.
  • Word Count: Your article must be at least 1500 words.
  • No Plagiarized Content: Please avoid plagiarized content. When you write for us, your work must be original and unique.
  • Use original pictures: You must use pictures, which you have copyright claims. Your content needs to be spiced up with enough images that speak to your content.
  • Avoid fluffy words: Avoid stuffing your content exotic words. We frown at ambiguous contents.
  • Avoid spams and paid promotions
  • Follow our format for each article

What We Write:

Here, we have a wide range of readers that exist from professional hunters to people who are aspiring to be hunters. We ensure that what we write must cover aspects of hunting that involves:

How-To Guides:

This kind of content provides information on understanding how to go about several hunting activities. It usually serve as a comprehensive guide on hanspecificnd accomplishing certain hunting tasks.

Some topics you can cover under this category include:

  • How to go about game hunting
  • How to make use of and maintain hunting firearms
  • How to go about hunting with a bow or a gun
  • How to hunt down predators
  • How to go about big and small game hunting
  • How to hunt a deer
  • How to hunt down turkeys
  • How to go about waterfowl hunting
hunting write for us

Question Articles

Articles under this category will require that you have had the first-hand experience in hunting. It is going to provide answers to many questions that relate to hunting.  You must be familiar with the topic and you can share your experience with the reader to improve their hunting techniques.

This article must as well carry along hunting enthusiasts which means that you have to explain any professional terminologies used.

List Articles

In this kind of article, you’ll arrange your ideas using numbers and bullets to help readers quickly grasp helpful hunting tips. It could also be a list of useful tips to solve common problems faced by hunters. Listed items must be followed by a brief but detailed description.

Submitting Your Article To Us: How it Works

Send us a mail:
If you’d love to write for us, send us an email with the words “Guest post” as the subject. 

Attach samples in the mail:
We give top priority to mails with attached samples. You can send a draft of the content you want to publish

We’ll go through your mail and let you know if we will be publishing your content

Publishing your submission:
If your submission meets the above guidelines, we’ll be glad to work with you. 

When we receive submissions that have met our criteria, we set to publish it. The work may be published immediately or later. We will publish your submission under the “hunting” niche. If there’s a need to be more specific, we may publish it under a subcategory.

Usually, we try to publish the work within 1-2 weeks. However, the content may take up to 4 weeks before we publish it. After publishing your work, we will promote it on our platforms. Also, you have to promote the content on your social media platforms too.

So, do you wish to start writing with us now? Send us a mail via

We look forward to working with you!

Note: We own the right to review and reject your article

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