Hunting Bobcats at Night?

Bobcats are nocturnal creatures that thrive at the crepuscular poles of the day. Most of their havoc is created in the night. And there could be no better time to get rid of them, than at that particular time range they are up for the nightly business.

The wee hours of the morning or the dusk hours is their most active period. They are a dusk and dawn type of creature. They rise to work by dusk, have a little nap somewhere around 11 pm to 2 am, then wake up after that and start hunting. As can be seen, most of their active period is during the night, since their nighttime vision seems to be better with the twilight.

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Imagine what a nightmare it could be, if a bobcat; the red lynx of an animal somehow has a territory that encroaches into yours. As they can travel two to seven miles(2-7miles) while hunting. If there were a bunch of rabbits around or chicken, or any animal(s) you happen to be rearing or a stray pet, they all will serve to fill its mortal hunger.

hunting bobcats at night

Bobcats could be agents for rabies dissemination. A Bobbie with rabies could be dangerous, as it will naturally be more aggressive. Bobcats carrying rabies had been known to attack humans and sometimes inflict wounds on them. Though they are generally seen as shy creatures, they can fight; like the cat.

Many people have had not-so-savory encounters with these bobcats, and they are seeking ways to deal with it. Many couldn’t just do anything because of the subtle nature of the animal. But, sticking with this article, you will be armed with enough knowledge to end their menace.

Surely, there are cogent reasons why you need to hunt down these creatures. And also, to hunt them at the best time at night.

Why You Should Hunt Bobcats at Night

For Safety reasons

Sometimes, Bobcats launch unexpected attacks on humans. If you are living near brushlands, mountains or caves, even marsh areas, you might expect the presence of bobcats in your vicinity, even if you don’t see them. 

Imagine being in a camp like the Rays, to nurture some family bond, only to jam bobcats head-on attack. Hence, you need to hunt it down to curtail its chances of attacking you.

Preservation From Rabies

Bobcats have never been considered major carriers of rabies, but recently, bobcats carrying rabies have been found and you wouldn’t like that anywhere near you or your loved ones. A trap here or there could be all you need to ensure that. 

Rabies is a really dangerous disease. If not treated urgently and on time could cause death.

According to what happened to Jared and Dannika Ray, the spontaneous nature of the bobcat’s attack is quite consistent with rabies and they had to seek help to fund their medical bills.

Treasure hunt for wildlife gamers. 

Bobcats are treasure hunts for the hunters, The animal could quite be sleek and coy in its mannerisms. Bobcats are one of the hardest animals to catch and that is why it’s a trophy catch.

Meanwhile, hunting bobcats at night could be the answer. A hunter from Kentucky finally understood this and the only thing he has to do was set traps with products we’re going to show you and he would have won any bobcat hunting championship.

3 Effective Ways You Can Hunt a Bobcat at Night 

Set up a traditional trap

You can set up a traditional trap with woods nearby a brushland or marsh around, most effective with a feather of a dead bird floating over in a tied reed over it. The bobcat is sure coming for it.

Mount a decoy in a cage trap.

cage trap

Electronic decoys, also known as ‘cottontail distress call’ are much in vogue now. Just mount it somewhere inside a trap or cage and leave the door open, the bobcat will come to answer the call.

Cage and string traps

These are rather basic and depend so much on the efficiency of your baits and sure the strength of their scents. Bobcats react heavily to scents and that better if it is following a definite path.

hunting bobcats at night

4 Things To Have In Mind Before You Hunt

The regulations in your area. Do the regulations in your area allow you to do so? You are not permitted to violate hunting regulations in your region, because doing so will be unreasonable and may incur some consequences.

Make sure you have a hunter’s license. Without a hunter’s license, it might be a violation of regulations in some regions of the country. Get a hunter’s license at the National Agency For Forestry And Wildlife. Then resume your hunting without fear of repercussions.

Observe Hunting Rules. Since it is legal to hunt bobcats in your region, there may be some hunting rules you might not want to violate. So go to your region’s wildlife department and make sure.

Safety First. While baiting or positioning your trap, make sure it wouldn’t lead it to any place it might hurt things or persons. You need to be extra careful when dealing with creatures of that kind.


For the killer shot, the lungs and the heart are excellent targets. Because these are vital organs, any shot at them could be the first time fatal for the bobcat. But, you need quite a level of marksmanship to accurately get it, so the back of the knees is also quite a good option. When you shoot at its knee, the bullet could go right through the body of the bobcat and there will lie your trophy.

A wild range of things can attract a bobcat.


Bobcats are carnivorous animals, so they are generally interested in the flesh. Using some of its basic foods like carcasses of birds, or even as trivial as it may sound, feathers of dead birds, it could get attracted to your set up or trap.

Also dabbing anything in substance replete with a familiar smell could misle the bobcat into falling for you.

Bobcats are well known for their sound sense of smell and that is a strong one if you would like to attract them.

Over the years, rabbits, birds, or even electronic decoys to simulate the sharp cries that must surely attract a bobcat had always been used.

Bobcats, as earlier discussed, love to hunt at sunset or the wee hours of the morning. This is because its night vision is not so sharp in the middle of the night, and also that it prefers to sleep mostly in the daytime.

Bobcat’s visions are at their peak in low light, hence it’s the preference to hunt at night.

And that is why we advise that to efficiently hunt the bobcat, the nighttime, preferably dusk or dawn is the best time to do it.

Bottom Line

hunting bobcats at night

Hunting a bobcat could quite be arduous, given the sleek and intelligent nature of the animal. To hunt it at night would make the most sense, and make the most of your efforts.

Due to their nocturnal nature, no time could quite be better than the nighttime, particularly in the dusk or at dawn. And you might not need to stay all awake all night to hunt the nightwalker, of course not necessary. There are conventional means you can employ and the bobcat is at your mercy.

However, they don’t easily fall as your prey. Effective methods have to be employed in catching your bobcat. In terms of the setup, it has to be correct. The traps have to be in a good place and a good position. The baits should still be desirable and particular care should be given to the scents as those are very important. And also, making a clear path to where you want them to go and how you want them to move is paramount.

These ravenous animals are particular about their movement and that means to successfully hunt them, you have to be particular too. They engage some scents on their paths; you engage them with it to your trap. They don’t normally like tracking back while on the front foot, and you don’t make them do that. They love to see what a preceding cat saw, therefore, a familiar scent could be used. And importantly, they don’t like distractions or disturbances, so you have to remove any possible cause of those.

hunting bobcats at night

With this information we have provided you, we believe it will be an easier and more rewarding experience next time you venture out there to get rid of that menacing bobcat. 

Those territorial creatures might be counting your dwelling place as part of their territory and it’s just about time you stop them. Hunting Bobcats at night is the best way possible and you just have to do it right.

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