Hummingbird Symbolism

On a closer look at the hummingbird, you will realize that it is cheery at all times. This is whether it is just flying around or even looking for food. You will also notice how peaceful it is even when it is sucking nectar from a flower or even a hummingbird feeder. Many who are keen on the birds can decipher the symbolism that the hummingbird stands for.

Generally, hummingbirds are a symbol that shows the need to enjoy the present of one’s life. In life, some parts are quite bitter, like when you lose a loved one or when you are in depression. However, there is a point in time when you simply have to move on with life, accept what has happened, and leave the bitter parts behind you.

hummingbird symbiolism

The hummingbirds advocate for the need of one to let their inner peace develop so that they can enjoy the present time. The hummingbirds are quite a rare species of birds as you will notice from their behavior and the way they conduct themselves. For instance, unlike most birds, they fly backward and have the ability to come to a complete sudden stop; however, fast they have been flying.

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The wings of the hummingbirds are also able to flap at a high rate when compared to those of other birds. This is even though it is quite a small species of birds-but, its potential is simply unmatched. When the hummingbirds fly, you could hear a sound similar to the humming of insects like the bees.

hummingbird symbolism

A unique thing that also serves as an eye-catching site is the birds’ ability to move their wings so that they form the infinity symbol. There are no other birds that can accomplish this except the hummingbirds and a few others, and this is not by coincidence. Just as the whole of this article explains, each of the acts of hummingbirds has a rich meaning, and so does this particular one. The infinity sign created by the movement of the hummingbirds might be an indicator of eternity, continuity, and infinity-this might be a symbol of the continuity of life despite the major challenges that we go through.

Unlike most other birds, it is common to see the hummingbirds fly cheerfully without any worry and are rarely threatened by their enemies. They also suck nectar from their favorite flowers despite the presence of an effective defense mechanism on their body. This shows that there is no amount of threat that can stop them from going on with their daily life.

Despite the inferior size of the hummingbird and the difference in the way the bird conducts itself, it can achieve whatever it targets. It can fly all through the year migrating from one point of the world to another and also can feed itself to its full potential. This shows that the hummingbird is not just like any bird but has a rich meaning.

The hummingbird generally symbolizes the need for one to harness their inner strength to realize their potential. Similarly, the hummingbirds serve to remind us that we need to enjoy and partake in the simple pleasures that life offers us every day. There might be a couple of bitter parts in your life, but you can put them aside and enjoy the present just like hummingbirds.

Some tattoo enthusiasts also have the hummingbird tattoo, which has some rich meaning-the obvious one being the need to always be on your feet and moving forwards. They may have the tattoo to let them enjoy what life offers them even though they have a past that was not the most bearable.

What a Hummingbirds Visit symbolizes?

When a hummingbird visits you, it may not be a usual visit with any bird type. All over the world, different people explain the visit from a hummingbird in various ways. For instance, according to the native American culture, the hummingbirds symbolize healing and are also regarded to bring some virtues when they visit. The virtues associated with the visit of the hummingbird include love, good luck, and joy.

Similarly, in Central America, when one can spot a hummingbird when it visits, this is not just like spotting any other ordinary bird. Instead, it is a show of love, and it brings the virtue of love to whoever can spot the hummingbird.

hummingbird symbolism

In the Bible, several birds are mentioned; for instance, the bird that visits Noah’s ark after the floods. The hummingbird is not mentioned at any point in the Bible. Contrary to this, there are groups of people, the religious ones, consider a visit from the hummingbird as being a message from heaven. They think that the hummingbird is a messenger from God. The message varies, but the most dominant one that is believed by most is the message from heaven asking us to let go of a loved one that has passed on.

Religiously, some take the visitor from the hummingbird as a nudge from heaven, pushing us to release the memories of a loved one that has recently died. It may indicate the need to move on with our lives as those who have passed on should no longer be part of our lives.

hummingbird symbiolism

This can also be translated as an indicator that anyone who has passed on a few months ago has made it to the other side peacefully. For those who believe in the existence of spirits after one’s death, they pray for the deliverance of their spirits to heaven. In this case, when a hummingbird visits them, they take it as a sign that shows that the fallen spirit has made it to the other side successfully, and they are faring on well.

On the other hand, some see the hummingbirds as angels who pay a visit to them. They take it that the angels ask them to let go of their burdens and their past and maybe to enjoy the present and what it has to offer. This is seen as a sign from the angels that pushes them to follow their dreams and do whatever makes them happy.

A hummingbird in your dream?

A hummingbird may also visit you in your dream, maybe just passing by or even dominating it. This is a sign that you should pay attention to because it is a rich symbol that can work to guide your life actions and decisions. When a hummingbird appears in your dream, this has a little bit different in the symbol it portrays when you see it.

When it appears in your dream, it will be reminding you that you need to note the small ideas that cross your mind. These are the budding ideas that you usually ignore, as you might not think that anything significant can come out of them. However, they are simply potent and might develop to be a breakthrough in your life.

hummingbird symbolism

This symbolism is that even though hummingbirds are small creatures, they are full of potential and can achieve a lot. They can migrate from one part of the world to another all through the year, and this counts for something. As such, just like the other bigger birds, the small and mostly overlooked hummingbirds can achieve whatever they set their eyes on.

Similarly, you may overlook your budding ideas or even just yourself and might not think you can amount to anything significant. However, the hummingbirds indicate that you can overcome this if you use the little ideas you usually ignore as they are the source of the breakthrough in your life.

The hummingbirds’ appearance in your dream may also be an indicator that you need to rely on your instincts when making your life decisions. This should help you prosper through whatever that is going on in your life. All would be well if you only took the chance and trusted your instincts, however wild they might seem.

Bottom Line

All in all, the hummingbirds are generally viewed as bearers of good news whenever they visit you or even appear in your dream. These little, beautiful, and peaceful creatures mainly advocate for one to enjoy their present life and throw away the burdens of their past-living at the moment. They may be seen as a sign that one needs to put aside the bitter side of life and enjoy the best parts that life has to offer.

Those who love hummingbirds use their visit as a sign that shows that they need to work on their inner peace and develop their freedom. This is mainly because the way the hummingbird conducts its activities through the way it sucks nectar or flies around is simply peaceful. It does this in a cheerful manner and with an always happy heart.

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