We're gear obsessed. Here's how our recommendations work.

Providing gun reviews that are helpful, reliable, and authentic.

At Ballachy, we are dedicated to helping people find the best gear out there will make sure their needs are met whether they’re looking for a new shotgun or just want some advice on how to clean your existing weapon!

We’re a team of firearm enthusiasts who have been testing and evaluating new guns for over 10 years. We test these out on our range before they hit store shelves, so you know exactly what to expect when shopping with us!

We’re not going to sit here and say that we have the best testers in all of 2A. You can fly anywhere, anytime! That being said – our team consists entirely of dedicated enthusiasts who are 100% obsessed with finding out what works when it comes down to gear for this industry: shooting sports competitors and authors alike…we’ve even got contributors from some popular gun websites on board too so you know your input is read loud & clear every time

That’s why we’ve spent years curating the perfect selection for every adventure. We know how impactful finding gear can be – and almost more importantly, frustrating when you buy the wrong stuff! So come on over to our site where we’ll help match your needs with just what’s right at this moment in time.

We know that finding the best products is an important decision, and we take our role in helping you make it seriously.


How We Test

We know that learning about new products can be difficult, which is why we test everything out. Every month our team of firearm experts evaluates dozens of guns and hundreds of pieces of equipment so you don’t have to!
The scores are always compared against established benchmarks for accuracy in various conditions – no matter how unusual it may seem at first glance…

We do this by comparing products against competing items, accurately providing insight into who it’s for, and honing in on its shortcomings so that no one gets left behind!

If you want to make the best decision possible, it’s important that we test in real-world conditions. That means when there’s a question about performance characteristics like FPS or weight of certain CCW pistols -we’ll do quantitative testing on them! It also gives us (and hopefully future buyers) some peace of mind knowing exactly how consistent each rifle shot from one barrel was compared with another just so they can have confidence pulling out their own gun at home without worrying if it’s going be reliable during an emergency situation.

When it comes to testing products, we have some limitations. In those cases where there’s no opportunity for hands-on testing due to busy schedules and other circumstances outside of our control (like being at work), then you can count on us relying heavily upon research into similar items as well as professional feedback from fellow consumers who share your interests! Our recommendations will be informed by gear that has been thoroughly played with.

How We Select Products to Review

We work hard to make sure that each piece is carefully selected after rigorous research into the category, trends, and recent product releases. Our editors interview experts in order to reach a decision on what’s best for readers who have different needs.

We’re always on the lookout for new gear that will make your life better. We don’t just review products because a company asked us to, and we never accept compensation in exchange for an article’s publication either! All reviews are conducted independently by our team of editors and writers, so you know the gear will be excellent!

Revising Existing Articles

The gun world is a constantly evolving ecosystem, and we’re here to keep you up-to-date on all of the changes. Sometimes older products fall out of popularity or get discontinued – that’s why it pays off for us as writers/reporters dedicated time each month to reviewing previously published content so your readers can have accurate information about what has happened lately within this volatile industry!

We are constantly updating our articles to provide the most accurate information possible. Our guides and reviews will always be up-to-date with all new knowledge that comes out on a regular basis!