How to Wear M7 Shoulder Holster?

A Comprehensive Guide

The M7 shoulder harness was designed to be used with the M1911-A1 and Barreta pistols. Still, it has proven so versatile that every bU.S. military branch currently uses it for either garrison or field operations. The article “how to wear M7 shoulder holster?” will guide you about wearing the M7 shoulder holster.

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The M7 shoulder holster is great for carrying your sidearm when on duty or out in the field because it makes it comfortable to carry a gun. This takes off some of the strain of holding up the weapon all day long. The M7 shoulder holster helps support your gun while riding a horse or climbing a tree stand while sitting in a vehicle.

Parts and Nomenclature of M7 Shoulder Holster

The M7 shoulder holster is made up of two straps that are attached together with either snaps or buckles. The left strap goes over the left shoulder and then under your armpit to your right side, where it attaches to itself or the other half of the strap. The main portion of this strap has an adjustable slide buckle. This allows you to tighten the strap across your back when you are in a tree stand or sitting in a vehicle. The right strap goes over your right shoulder, under your armpit, and attaches to itself on the left side of the holster. This portion of the strap has an adjustable slide buckle that tightens it against your body when you are carrying the weapon. The strap ends attach to the holster itself with either snaps or buckles. These straps can be tucked into a pocket when you don’t want them hanging from your shoulders. It makes sure that they are snapped inside the pocket, so you don’t lose them.

Parts and Nomenclature of M7 Shoulder Holster

Why Use M7 Shoulder Holster?

The M7 shoulder holster distributes the weight of your weapon over both shoulders instead of just one. This takes off some strain that would be placed on only one side of the body if you were to carry it with a belt holster or tactical thigh rig. If you need to climb up into a tree stand, sit in the vehicle, or do any other strenuous activity with your weapon, the M7 shoulder holster is perfect for this. The harness distributes the weight of your gun so that you can carry it longer without worrying about hurting yourself. Another reason why you should use an M7 shoulder holster is that it looks great when you are in uniform at a formal function. This has become popular with men who are wearing formal-wear suits for these types of events. They will often wear their dress gun with the shoulder holster.

How to Wear M7 Shoulder Holster?

1) The first step to wear your M7 shoulder holster is to attach the right strap end to itself on the left side of the holster. Make sure that you snap it into place so that you do not lose it while taking off the harness. 


2) Next, take hold of your weapon and lift it up and out of its regular resting spot on your hip. Clip the other end of the right strap onto itself on the right side of where your weapon will be hanging from.


3) Attach the left strap to itself by snapping it into place at a comfortable spot under your armpit. At this point, you also have an option as to whether or not you want your harness straps long enough to wrap around your chest. This is done by adjusting the slide buckle on each portion of the harness strap that goes over your shoulder.


Now you are ready to put on your coat or jacket. Make sure that all of the clips are snapped firmly into place so that they do not come undone while you are out in public, walking around with your gun. If you want to tuck your harness straps into a jacket or coat pocket, make sure that the clips are snapped securely into place inside the pocket, and they will not interfere with anything else in there.

Safety Precautions to Wear M7 Shoulder Holster

1) Make sure that the harness strap ends are snapped into place securely, so they do not come undone while you move around. If this happens, your gun may fall out of its holster, and you will not realize it until later. This can be dangerous if someone else finds your weapon on the ground.


2) Wear your weapon where it is naturally pointing at your target, not off to the side. This would prevent you from hurting yourself if the gun were to discharge while walking around with it accidentally. 


3) While many people wear their M7 shoulder holster in uniform, this is not always recommended because of safety issues. If you are in a situation where you need to run for cover or jump into a fight, there is the possibility that your gun will catch on an object and injure you or someone else. If your M7 shoulder holster has quick-release clips, this can be very dangerous because the gun could come loose and fall out of reach before you can get to it.


4) Make sure you are wearing your M7 shoulder holster in the proper place on your body before attempting any strenuous activity with it on. If you wear yours too high or too low, this could interfere with how well you can climb into a tree stand or lean forward to get inside of a vehicle. Always check to make sure it is in a comfortable position that will not interfere with anything else. 


5) Safety precaution when wearing your M7 shoulder holster in public: make sure that you do not walk around with one of the strap’s ends unattached to itself on either side. The harness must be completely put together before you put it on and take your weapon out for any reason. If someone were to run past you and pull on one of the strap ends, they could take your gun from you without you even knowing it was gone until much later.


6) Your M7 shoulder holster can be an essential part of your tactical gear selection. Many people find that it is more convenient to have their guns easily accessible safely, so they keep them on them at all times. Make sure to take safety precautions when wearing your M7 shoulder holster, so you do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.

Safety Precautions to Wear M7 Shoulder Holster


It is a good idea to inspect your M7 shoulder holster for wear and tear every so often. Look at all straps, clips, and buckles to ensure they are still in working order. If something does not look right, you should have it replaced by a responsible party to ensure that your M7 shoulder holster is still working correctly.

Always make sure your gun is fully attached to the harness before putting on your M7 shoulder holster and taking it off. If you let someone else take it from you while it is not attached, they could pull the strap ends and remove your weapon without you knowing it.

No, you should not do this because your gun could get caught on the tree stand and fall out of reach. This could be very dangerous if someone were to try and climb up or run past you while your weapon was unattached to its harness.

Yes, as long as you are careful not to let it get caught on anything. Try not to place your weapon too high or too low because it may make it difficult to reach the gun if you need it during an emergency.

No, unless you are required to do so for your job. Often things can get tangled up in the harness, and it is uncomfortable when trying to lean forward or climb into a place where you could be injured if your gun was not securely attached.


Make sure to take safety precautions by ensuring everything is secure before putting your M7 shoulder holster on. This will help prevent injuries when wearing it in public where someone could try to grab the ends of the straps. If you take the time to learn how to wear your M7 shoulder holster correctly, it can provide a safe way for you to keep your gun on hand at all times. Now that you know how to put yours on and take it off correctly take some time out of every day to practice to be ready if something happens while wearing it. Don’t wait until it is too late to learn how to correctly put on your M7 shoulder holster, especially if you need it for work or protection.

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