How to Wear an Ankle Holster?

Having a gun on your ankle can be uncomfortable and even painful. It might also get in the way of other clothing items such as skirts or dresses.

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The best way to carry a concealed weapon is by wearing an ankle holster, but it takes some getting used to and requires you to wear pants that fit tightly around your ankles so that the holster stays secure while walking. This article explains “how to wear an ankle holster?” properly without discomfort or embarrassment! Wearing an ankle holster with shorts or loose-fitting pants will make it slide down and become visible when you walk. 

Read this article for tips and tricks on how to make sure your gun stays hidden, secure, and comfortable! Here’s all you need to know about “how to wear an ankle holster?” for both men & women!

Parts and Nomenclature of an Ankle Holster

An ankle holster is a garment designed to be worn about an individual’s ankle, or tied around the ankle, to hold a weapon. Ankle holsters are most often used on large weapons, such as handguns. Occasionally they’re made to hold something like handcuffs or pepper spray. How you tie your holster depends on what you want it for.

Parts and Nomenclature of an Ankle Holster

The part that goes on your foot is called the back of the holster. The sole is where your heel sits. Aholster’s retention is adjusted by tightening or loosening the tie. How tight you pull your holster depends on how tightly fitting a garment you’re wearing and how much skin you want to expose. The way you tie your holster is determined by whether or not concealment is necessary. Depending on where the ankle holster is going and what sort of clothing it’s for, you’ll need to decide how much skin you want to show.

Steps to Wear an Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are a good option for those who want concealed carry without the bulk of a belt on their waist. It’sIt’s a great choice for those who have a desk job, as you can simply tuck your pant leg over it and be done with it. Ankle holsters can also serve as backup guns in case your primary weapon is taken from you. How do people wear this type of holster? Here are few steps: 

  1. Choose pants that end at least one inch above the ground so they will cover up your ankles when wearing them. 
  2. Then, wear socks. You can wear a sock or stocking, depending on the weather. The most common is wearing socks with an ankle holster because it reduces irritation and protects your skin from damage due to metal parts rubbing against you all day. 
  3.  Put your foot through the loop and then pull it up around your ankle, pull the pant leg on that side of your calf down, and then secure.
  4.  Pull the straps tight.
  5. Put on a holster and gun and strap it to your leg.
  6.  Make sure the holster is facing up and away from your leg. Be careful not to bend over or sit until the holster has been secured onto both sides of your pants/shorts so it doesn’t fall off while you are moving around.
  7.  Pull the top of your sock over the top of the holster to hold it into place.
  8. Put on your shoes, then stand up and check that you are comfortable and that the holster and gun are concealed and secure.

Safety Precautions to Wear an Ankle Holster

  1. It is important to remember that when wearing an ankle holster for quick shots, it is not recommended to wear it in an area where you have a lot of skin exposed. This can lead to skin irritation in some cases. 
  2. It is also recommended that you wear pants rather than shorts when wearing the holster under your clothing. The ankle holster should be worn with pants, so the buckle should be situated on the side of the pant leg.
  3. If you are wearing your ankle holster with shorts, ensure the holster is tight, and you don’t have more than a 1-inch overhang past your pant cuff so it can remain concealed under your hemline of shorts.
  4. Try to wear shoes that you can easily move around in. If you are wearing open-toed sandals, avoid wearing anything more than 2 inches high such as pumps, as this will cause the gun to be exposed, which might cause it to fall out.
  5. The holster should then be tightened to ensure that it does not move around or fall.
  6. It is recommended that you wear a belt to help keep the holster in place and secure your firearm’s safety strap if necessary.
  7. You should also check your gun with a qualified gunsmith before loading it with ammunition. This will ensure that the gun functions properly and does not have any defects in it.
  8. Always keep the gun in an ankle holster on your inside, not outside of your clothing.
  9. Keep the safety on, and don’t put your finger on the trigger.


Yes, many people think that they can just put an ankle holster on and use it without any practice. This is not a good idea because it could cause major safety issues for yourself and those around you if you don’t practice it. It would help if you practiced drawing from an ankle holster at least once a week for several hours to become proficient in using the holster.

Yes, they are very difficult to draw from for some people because it requires bending over or reaching down with your opposite hand. The holster may also be uncomfortable if you wear them all day long, and boots can make it even more so. Ankle carry is not concealed as well as waistband carry or carrying on the small of your back.

Yes, ankle holsters work, but they’re not capable of holding as many magazines as any other type of holster. Ankle holsters are best-suited to backup handguns, only carrying a single magazine.

As long as the ankle holster is tight enough, you can wear it with boots. Ankle holsters are also good for cooler climates because they don’t trap heat as other holsters do.

Ankle carry is a good option if you have a problem carrying a heavier firearm on your waistline. Many people believe that ankle-carrying is more comfortable and better for your back due to its lower weight. Ankle carry is a good option if you have a brace on your knee or an injury because it puts less pressure on the wound or knee.

Ankle holsters are worn on the inside of the ankle. You can wear an ankle holster on either leg, depending on where you draw your weapon from. It’sIt’s preferable to wear it on the inside of your primary leg, which is the one opposite your dominant hand so that you can draw with your dominant hand.


Ankle holsters are a great option for carrying their firearm but still have easy access and mobility. How you choose to wear the holster will depend on your personal preference and clothing style. You should work with an experienced professional if you need help choosing the right type of ankle holster that suits your needs or wants best. If all this sounds like too much work for yourself, don’t worry! We’re here to help; we specialize in providing firearms training and determining what kind of equipment is necessary given our client’s unique circumstances so they can feel confident carrying their firearm at all times – whether it be concealed or out in the open.

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