How to Wear a Pancake Holster?

A Comprehensive Guide

You may be wondering what a pancake holster is, so let’s start at the beginning. A pancake holster is an accessory that can hold your gun or another weapon on your belt or in an outer jacket pocket. It has the same shape as a pancake and is usually leather with two loops attached to the belt. This article will show you how easy it is to wear one of these pancake holsters. You’ll learn about “how to wear a pancake holster?” correctly so as not to attract attention from strangers on the street. We’ll also cover some common mistakes people make when wearing them, so you don’t have to go through the same trial-and-error process that someone did!

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Wearing a pancake holster can be tricky. You don’t want to wear it too high or low, and you need the right belt for it.Pancake holsters are a great way to carry your gun around, but they can be complicated to use. There are many ways to wear it! How do you wear one? 

Parts and Nomenclature of a Pancake Holster


Pancake holsters are composed of three main parts: material, loops, and a button. The belt loops can be either metal or leather. They both have stitches holding them together. The button is the part that tightens the belt around your waist.

Parts , Leather Pancake Holster


Generally, pancake holsters are divided into two parts: full pancake and half-pancakes. A full pancake holster has one main clip, while a half-pancake holster has two clips that attach to the belt loops on either side of your pants or skirt.

How to Wear a Pancake Holster?

There are many ways you can do it. We just gave one common way of wearing the pancake holster. Follow these steps to wear a pancake holster:


(1) Button your pants or skirt and make sure the loops on the back of the holster match the loops on your belt and that your belt is through one loop and out of the other loop.


(2) Put both arms through the loops, then pull up your pants or skirt to ensure that it’s fitted comfortably.


(3) Fasten one side of the belt with a button by pulling tightly, so it fits snugly around your waist.


(4) Adjust the other side, if need be, so you can easily take it off without unbuttoning all three parts of the pancake holster.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Wearing Pancake Holster

The pancake holster is one of the newest styles of holsters. There are some tips to keep in mind when wearing these types of holsters. You should always make sure that the pancake holster is comfortable. The pancake holster should not be too tight or too loose on your body. The pancake holster should maintain its shape while wearing it, but it should also stretch if necessary. It is never a good idea to wear the pancake holster in tight-fitted pants or skirts because you will not easily access your gun.


The waistband of your shorts, pants, skirt, etc., needs to be able to go over the pancake holster without interference or discomfort. The trigger guard needs to be covered by your shirt or jacket, so it does not get caught when you bend over or move around in general. It is always a good idea to wear the pancake holster in different areas of your body and at various times throughout the day. You should also make sure that you wear pants or shorts with deep pockets when wearing a pancake holster.

Wearing Pancake Holsters

Picking the Right Pancake Holster

There are many different sizes to choose from when picking a pancake holster. You can use these guidelines to help you figure out which one is the perfect fit! How do you know which size is right for you?


It is important to pick the correct pancake size based on your height. It’s also a good idea to measure yourself before ordering so you know what size gun you’ll need before you order it.

Waist Size

How much your waist is also a very important thing to consider before ordering your pancake holster. Different manufacturers make their products in different sizes, so it could be even more difficult to find the right size if yours isn’t as big as other people will be! A pancake holster that’s too big or small will make it difficult to draw your gun quickly in a dangerous situation, so you want one that fits correctly on your waistline! Make sure you measure yourself and compare that number with the measurements of each pancake holster before you pick your favorite.


How heavy is your gun? How much weight can you manage before it becomes too inconvenient for you to wear daily? If the pancake holster isn’t properly balanced, it’ll not be easy to draw quickly and safely if needed! Your holster must fit snugly around your waist so that it stays in place while you’re on the move.

Extra Features

Is there anything special about this holster that you should be aware of, such as a leather lining on the inside that will make wearing it more soothing for people with sensitive skin; does it come in different colors, which might help you match your wardrobe? These are the points that you must consider before you make a final decision.

Who Should Wear a Pancake Holster?

A pancake holster is ideal for when you need to carry a gun in the open. This may be for you if you:


Cops who work in dangerous places where they’re likely to get injured often wear them around their waists. It makes sense because it’s easy to wear and doesn’t get in the way!


Moms that need quick access to their gun if needed but don’t want it on display all of the time can benefit from using this type of holster. They’re usually small enough to fit under a shirt or jacket without being seen by anyone else.

Outdoorsy People

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and need to carry your gun with you, then this is the best type for that. You can stay safe while still keeping it concealed from everyone else!

People With Limited Mobility

If you have limited mobility or injuries, then a pancake holster could be the best for those reasons. They don’t cause pain to your body because they’re worn close to your skin and far from the hip joint!


These people might prefer this type of holster over others because it’s easier to carry a gun around in this way. They’re usually small and don’t take up too much space, perfect for those who need more room!


These people might like wearing pancake holsters since they can be worn close to the body without causing discomfort or getting caught on things. Plus, they’re usually lightweight and don’t hold a lot of weight, so your gun won’t be too heavy!

People With Certain Issues

(1) For those people who are searching for a concealable holster that is simple to hide.

(2) Are sick of heavy holsters that hang off the belt.

(3) Have a small waist and wide hips.

(4) Have pain in hips or lower back.

(5) Have a bigger belly.

(6) People that do not want to deal with belt clips.


There are many different types of pancake holsters, so make sure you know exactly what type will work best for you! Different manufacturers offer different sizes, weights, colors, and features, so make sure you’re comparing all important details before making a final decision.

A pancake holster that isn’t properly balanced won’t be drawn quickly and safely if needed. How much weight can you manage before it becomes too inconvenient? How heavy is your gun?

Make sure you measure yourself and compare it to what each pancake holster offers. Remember that different manufacturers offer different sizes. It could be more difficult if yours isn’t as big or small as other people’s! You want a holster that fits correctly on your waistline, so it stays in place while you’re on the move.


It’s safe to say that the pancake holster has made a huge comeback. This is just an accessory that replaces your belt and puts all your stuff on one side like a gun or phone case for newbies. Recently, more people have been wearing them for fashion because they don’t need any belts at their waistline (which often looks bulky) and cool with big shirts. Before you begin planning your pancake holster, think about how you would conceal it. There are a few things to consider when picking out the pancake holster that’s right for you. You want it to be comfortable but not too loose or tight. The key is finding one with just the right amount of elastic so your gun will stay snug and secure without being too constrictive on your waistline.

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