How to Wear a Gun Holster?

A Comprehensive Guide

A gun holster is a way to carry your firearm safely and securely. You should wear your gun holster any time you are carrying a gun. There are many reasons to wear a gun holster. One reason is to protect your firearm. You never want to carry around an unsecured weapon. This is because you don’t know who might be walking down the street or who might try and break into your home and take your gun. This article will cover that how to wear a gun holster?

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Another reason to wear a holster is for safety purposes: if you have the chance to protect yourself and others, you should always do so.

Parts and Nomenclature of a Gun Holster

Your holster may have a few parts, depending on the type of carrying that you are doing. The main components include the belt loops and clips which attach to your belt or waistband. Depending on what kind of holster it is, there might be one or two loops for your belt and sometimes a clip. You should look for a holster made of thick and robust leather or Kydex, so you know it will last. Also, you should look for a holster with adjustable retention, so your firearm will stay in its place wherever you decide to wear it. Keep reading to learn how to put on a gun holster safely.

Parts of Gun Holster

Steps to Wear a Gun Holster

(1) One way to put on a gun holster is to lift your firearm with your non-dominant hand. Then, put your dominant hand through the loop on the back of the holster. Pointing the muzzle towards the ground, tuck it into your pants


(2) Now that you’ve safely tucked your firearm into its holster adjust where it is on your body. If you are right-handed, it should be on your dominant side; if you are left-handed, the firearm should go on your non-dominant side. You can adjust where exactly the holster is on your belt by loosening the screw and moving the buckle to a different hole.

One of the essential things in wearing a gun holster is to wear it properly. The point of the holster is to carry your firearm securely and keep it from falling out or away from you. You never want your firearm to be hanging loose or to fall, as that could put the safety of yourself and those around you at risk. To make sure your gun stays in place, first slide the belt through the loops. Make sure you have a good grip on your firearm. Then, stand up and pull your pants up. You should hear a clicking noise as the holster tightens around your gun’s handle. Finally, check to see that your firearm is not visible from the outside of your pants. Make adjustments if necessary by tightening or loosening your belt.

Safety Precautions to Wearing a Gun Holster

Now that you know how to put on your gun holster read the following safety precautions.

Firearm Direction

Wear your holster with the firearm pointing in a safe direction at all times. The safest direction for the gun to be pointed is down towards the ground or up towards the sky. You should also make sure that no one else can get a hold of your firearm while carrying it. If someone tries to take your gun from you, they should come up against resistance. This will keep you safe while also keeping everyone around you safe.

Comfort and Flexibility

Remember that while some flexibility is necessary with wearing a holster all day long, some stiffness is good. If you can move the gun around with your fingers, it’s likely not good enough to support your firearm. If you notice any redness or pain while wearing your holster, you should change it right away. Nothing good can come from any kind of chafing or excessive discomfort caused by your holster, so make sure to replace it with a new one as soon as possible.


Remember that comfort is important, but safety is paramount. Make sure to wear an appropriate holster for your firearm to avoid any accidents. Safety should always come first, so do your best to wear a holster that fits well and is comfortable for you. When wearing your holster, double-check it before leaving the house. Make sure that the safety is on and no one can get to the trigger side of the firearm. Also, make sure your gun is securely placed in the holster before leaving; if it falls out, you should buy a new one.


If it seems like an easy fit for someone else to take your gun away from you, then it’s too loose or too tight. You should also know how to holster and unholster your weapon correctly to avoid missing it when drawing it out. Wearing a secure holster that is the right size for your gun can also increase your safety by reducing the chances of accidents occurring. 


You should also remember that you are carrying a firearm, which means even the slightest wrong move could put you or someone else at risk. Be careful when moving around so as not to bump into anything with your firearm. A sharp knock against something could cause your gun to fire unexpectedly, so always be aware of how you move when your weapon is strapped to you.

Replacing a Holster

When trying out a new holster, always test it out in public. Be sure to walk somewhere and observe the holsters fit in different positions with different movements. This way, you can see how well your gun is supported with this specific holster and whether or not it will work for you in all scenarios.

Carry Legally

Make sure you are carrying your firearm safely and legally wherever you go. Some places like public offices or crowded areas might not be appropriate for concealed carry (carrying your gun hidden), so you must be aware of your environment and act accordingly. You never, ever want to point your firearm at another person unless they are an imminent threat. If someone is walking towards you in a threatening manner with their hand in their pocket or anything that could resemble a weapon, then, by all means, draw your gun. Otherwise, you don’t want to accidentally shoot someone or something if you are startled or surprised by an outside threat.

Wearing a Gun Holster


It’s generally a good idea to wear a belt with your holster so that it stays put. This will ensure that the weight of your gun isn’t too heavy for the holster and will also help you avoid any accidents while you’re wearing it.

Holstering your gun means putting it away in its proper place and let it rest. When you holster your firearm, you should never just lay it on a surface because this can cause the trigger to get stuck and discharge by itself.

Instead, always secure your gun in its holster when you’re not using it so that it can’t accidentally fire.

You should wear your gun holster on the dominant hand side of your body. For most people, this means wearing it on the right side. If you are left-handed, then this would mean a different position for your holster.


For a gun holster to be practical, it should fit your body type and preferences. The blog post has provided you with some safety instructions and a guide on wearing a holster. We hope this guide will help you decide what is right for you when it comes time to holster your gun.

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