How to Use an Iphone Tripod for Vlogging?

Popular vloggers on YouTube like to use their GoPros for shooting awesome vlogs. You don’t have to necessarily purchase extra equipment either. Your iPhone can be just as good as a GoPro and because you carry it with you everywhere you go, you’ll never end up leaving it behind at home, which can happen with a GoPro. One thing you don’t want to leave at home though is your tripod for your iPhone.

Especially with iPhone tripods, you want to make sure that you purchase one that comes with a smartphone adapter already included so you don’t have to spend extra cash getting one. You’re also guaranteed that the adapter will mount smoothly and effectively to your tripod because the screw is compatible. Since iPhones don’t have a screw adapter on their physical phone, you will need an adapter or it just won’t work.

There are many advantages to using a tripod while you’re vlogging with your iPhone. By setting up your tripod, you can eliminate shakiness and provide a stable base while you’re filming. Sure you can hold your iPhone in your hand, but the shakiness will render your footage completely unusable. Plus, it makes it easier to hold your iPhone comfortably.

how to use an iphone tripod for vlogging

Vlogs don’t need to be just sit-downs and talking to your audience, you can also show your audience the scenery, what you’re doing or you can be talking while you’re on-the-go! In all of these situations, a tripod will help tremendously. By placing your iPhone on your tripod, you won’t need to deal with holding your camera, finding the right angles, and getting a stable video.
There are a ton of iPhone tripods and many types as well, you can get a Gorillapod, a compact tabletop tripod, or a full-size tripod that can be used with your camera and your iPhone! They’re easier to hold in your hand and packs away in your camera bag swiftly and easily. As long as your tripod comes with a smartphone adapter, the possibilities are endless!

Check out this video if you’re interested in getting additional equipment for vlogging!

Let’s look at what makes a good vlogging iPhone tripod. While there are thousands of different iPhone tripods, not all are built equally and not all the right for you. Before purchasing an iPhone tripod, you need to consider what type of vlogs you consider on creating. One important thing to consider is how often you intend on carrying your iPhone tripod. If you’re shooting indoors and in one location, you don’t need to worry about weight too much (most tripods for iPhones are pretty lightweight anyway) but if you plan on traveling often, you need something comfortable to hold and compatible with all of your vlogging equipment.

how to use an iphone tripod for vlogging

Other important features are sturdiness, portability, and maximum and minimum height, You do not want to spend money on a cheap tripod that can break easily and potentially damage your equipment. But a cheaper iPhone tripod may not be such a bad idea if you plan on shooting at home or in a remote location and you don’t think you’re going to travel around. If you need to mount additional equipment on your tripod and plan on shooting across many locations, you’ll need a good and sturdy tripod that can support daily wear and tear. Most iPhone tripods, especially Gorillapods, are pretty compact and small. You can also purchase tripods that fit a smartphone adapter and extend upwards to 70 inches, which can be quite useful if you need to shoot tutorials and DIY videos that require a wide range of views. On the other hand, they can get a little heavy but they are very reliable and multipurpose. It all depends on what and how you intend on vlogging.

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