How to Operate a Zero Turn Mower?

Cutting grass and cleaning the lawn is a very labor-intensive work that no one actually likes to do.

It takes a lot of time and also requires a lot of energy and effort to put in.

But what if I tell you that you can make this a fun activity without feeling tired and exhausted?

You won’t believe it, right? So, we thought to introduce you to your new lawn buddy who’s name is ‘zero-turn mower‘.

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A zero-turn mower is a classic example of the growing technology that we have today. 

It is kind of a machine with a very comfortable sitting arrangement that needs to be operated through inbuilt handles and some buttons.

Believe us, this will make you in love with cutting grasses as it does not require much effort. All you need to do is to operate it in whatever direction you want.

Here, in this article, we will let you know everything about ‘ how to operate a zero turn mower?’. So, let’s begin.

Steps to Operate a Zero Turn Mower

Start the Engine of the Mower

Before start driving the zero turn mower, make sure that you go through the entire lawn and clear all the stones and pebbles if any.

After inspecting the lawn, sit, and make yourself comfortable on the machine.

Switch on the mower, now you will notice there is now starting to control it.

Well, a zero turn mower has levers that are better than starings. One lever is on the left-hand side and the other one on the right-hand side.

To move forward, hold both the levers tightly and push them forward (away from you) and to move backward, push the levers backward ( towards you).See, how easy it is! Just ensure that both the levers are moving together in the same line and in the same motion.

Turning Left/right

Now you are already aware of how to start the mower and move.

It’s time to learn how to take a turn.

For turning right, keep the right level stationary and move the left lever away from you. The mower will turn right.

For turning left do vice versa, i.e. move the right lever with the left lever kept stationary.

 If in case you want to take a turn but in the backward direction then you have to move the desired lever backward.

Just remember, for turning right move the left lever and for tuning left to move the right lever.


When you start mowing that means you are chopping all the grass that is coming in your way.

For executing this, turn on the blade switch and adjust the height of the grass that will be cut and move both the levers inwards with full force.

This will start the zero-turn mower to mow the fields. For stopping this function, turn off the blade switch and push both the levers in the outward direction.

Swinging Turn

The swinging turn leaves no trace of grass around the area where it is performed. In other words, not even a single grass is left uncut.

For making a swinging turn in the mower, you have to push one of the levers far away from the other and the other lever should be kept neutral.

This will cause the mower to rotate along with the wheel that is connected to the stationary lever.

The mower will continuously rotate on the same axis and will clear off all the grass over that patch of the lawn.

Spinning the Mower

In the swinging turn, you kept one lever stationary and pushed the other but for spinning your mower you have to push both levers against each other.

This will make the lever spin along the axis between both the wheels.

Three-point Turn

The aim of a three-point turn is to make a clean turn towards the left or right without swinging or spinning it.

Most of the users of zero-turn mowers experience issues with extra chopping of the grass that is because of the unclean turns that they make.

For making a clean turn, slightly push one of the levers towards the uncut area. Stop and move backward. Then push the desired lever with full force.

Adjusting the Speed

Adjusting the speed of the mower cannot be down just like that, and you would also require a screwdriver for this purpose.

For adjusting the speed, find the adjustment bolt of your mower. If you turn the bolt clockwise, it will reduce the speed and if you turn it counterclockwise it will decrease the speed.


Yes, you can use it. But the best is to use the gas that is recommended by your zero turn mower’s manufacturer. Also, gas with more than 10% ethanol is not good for the proper functioning of any mower.


For winters, you should check the amount of gas first. The gas should be sufficient as a lot of fuel is consumed to heat the engine and press the priming bulb thrice. I hope this will help you with the winter.

Not at all. There is only one thing that is required- practice. Practice as much as you can before turning or changing the blades on. Take a lot of rounds around your lawn so as to make it easier for you when you start mowing.

Final Words:

Zero-turn mowers are amazing and extremely convenient to use. People having yards and lawns cannot imagine their lives without a mower.

If you too have a yard but don’t have a mower then probably you should also buy one.

It may sound a bit expensive but buying a zero turn mower is worth it.

We wish that you got all the information regarding ‘ how to operate a zero-turn mower?’ And we also hope that you enjoyed reading it.

Also, one must always go through the instruction manual before starting a mower as safety must always be kept in mind.

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