How to Manually Push a Toro Zero Turn Mower?

Any mower at least once in life needs to be pushed or towed due to any circumstances that may lead to the non-functioning of the mower.

These circumstances might be the failure of the engine, less amount of hydraulic fluid, uninflated tires, etc.

To fix these things we have to push the mower to take it to the servicing center or any other place where it can be repaired.

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To avoid such circumstances always take care of your mower maintenance on a regular basis. Check the blades, hydraulic fluid level, the engine, and other crucial parts of the mower regularly.

Inflate the tires,  fill the hydraulic fluid, and change the blades according to the time period that is mentioned in the owner’s manual.

All these maintained steps will help you increase the lifespan of your mower and you would not fall into any condition where you have to push or tow your mower.

Towing is much easier but it can cause a lot of damage to your toro zero turn mower.

That is why we recommend to always manually push the mower whenever required.

Here are the steps that you can follow to manually push a toro zero turn mower.

Steps to Manually Push a Zero Turn Mower?

Step 1: Park the Mower

Before you begin, you need to park the mower on a flat surface to perform all the basic operations that need to be fulfilled before pushing it manually.

Once the machine is parked, turn off the blade control switch so that the blades do not move from their places.

Step 2: Turn Off Engine

You can turn the engine off by disconnecting the spark plug. The spark plug is black colored rubber like a plug that is located anywhere near the engine.

After doing this, set the parking brakes and wait until all the moving parts of the mower becomes stationary.

Do not leave the operating position before any of the parts stops moving.

Step 3: Lock the Bypass Levers

Turn your eyes towards the frame of the engine, you will see two levers on both the sides of the frame.

These are called bypass levers. If you move them forward through the keyhole and then down, they will be locked.

Ensure both the bypass levers are locked on their position.

Step 4: Turn on Ignition Key

When all the above steps are done, the final step is to turn on the ignition key.

Also, disengage the parking brakes but do not turn the engine on.

And here you go! Now you can push your zero turn mower manually by hand.

Step 5: Wrap Up

Once you are done with pushing the machine and the mower is allocated on the respective position. Here are some things that need to be considered.

  • Ensure that the ignition key has been turned off, once you finish pushing it. This will prevent over draining of the battery charge.
  • Also, for making the mower come back into action, you have to push the bypass levers rewards through the keyhole and lock them on their original position.

What Should You Do if the Mower Fails to Move?

If it happens then you should check whether the parking brakes are disconnected properly or they are still engaged.

And if you still fail to move the mower then it’s better to call the customer service.

Can I Use These Steps for Any Zero Turn Mower?

These are written by taking reference from the operator’s manual of the toro zero turn mower.

Hence, these steps can only be used for any model of the toro zero turn mower.

Safety Measures:

  • Before beginning, always go through the manufacturer’s manual for better understanding.
  • Wear gloves and never put your hands under the blades or the tires.
  • Seek help from somebody and try not to do it all by yourself if you are not confident or familiar with this work.
  • Clean up all the rocks and stones that may come in your way while pushing the mower.
  • Ensure that nobody is sitting on the mower when you are pushing it.
  • Turn off the blades and the engine before you begin pushing it.
  • Do not push the mower at very high speed as it will become difficult for you to stop it. 
  • Ensure that while you are pushing the mower, nobody is coming in between your way.
  • Take care of the blades and other parts and ensure they are properly tightened to avoid any damage that may cause due to wear and tear.

Final Words:

We always mention safety to be taken before you start operating your mower.

Follow the safety measures and the exact steps orderly to ensure that you do not face any issues in between.

We hope that the above-mentioned information will help you a lot and you would not require to tow your mower.

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