How to keep sparrows out of birdhouse?

Sparrows can turn out to be a nuisance and create a headache for birders. How to keep sparrows out of birdhouse is thus a necessary question for you to get rid of these aggressive birds.

Sparrows are cute, intelligent nesting birds, a house sparrow is a native bird of North America. House sparrows will mostly attempt to enter your birdhouse and nest box as it suits them better and sparrows prefer to nest there as they are nesting birds.

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However, when house sparrows flock to a place in large droves, they turn out to be a nuisance. House sparrows chase away other bird species like European starlings etc. and can turn that place into a disaster. You don’t want a large number of house sparrows flocking your birdhouse and overturning your bird boxes.

You may have struggled to build a befitting birdhouse and nest box for your birds only to come out one day to see the disaster wrecked by sparrows.

how to keep sparrows out of birdhouse?

House sparrows are aggressive birds and will attack other native species of birds in order to claim a territory. House sparrows will also attack other birds. They will also disturb the bird feeders and the nest boxes. The invasion of house sparrows can also cause health problems. The droppings of house sparrows contain bacteria, ectoparasite, and fungal agents. This can lead to diseases like histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, and toxoplasmosis.

In order to prevent all these, you have to find a way to keep house sparrows from your birdhouses and nest boxes. There is no permanent way to perfectly eliminate them. You can’t kill them all. You can only try to keep them out.

How to keep sparrows out of birdhouse?

Setting traps for house sparrows

You can set traps to catch these house sparrows and deter them from invading your birdhouse or nest box. There are several types of traps designed for trapping house sparrows. The type of birdhouse or nest box you have will determine the type of trap you will get. 


You should ensure that you check and monitor these traps closely and frequently so that a native species don’t get trapped and die. You can get nest box traps, which were made especially for the purpose of trapping house sparrows. 

This is an effective way to keep house sparrows away. However, you have to be careful not to set a trap that your native species will fall victim to. You need to check the traps frequently so that they don’t fall in the traps and die before you can release them. 

Get rid of potential nesting sites 

One of the effective way of preventing house sparrows from invading your backyard or environment is by eliminating any potential location that is suitable nesting sites. Whenever you find a house sparrow building a nest, get rid of it and any nesting material nearby. This can frustrate sparrows and cause them to leave.

how to keep sparrows out of birdhouse?

You can also block off holes or areas where sparrows can build their nest. You can cover with nets or block permanently. There is also anti birds gel, which will prevent sparrows from landing on your ledges and rafters. 

Eliminate food sources 

Birds, including house sparrows, are easily attracted by food. When sparrows even invade your environment, they will overrun your trash bins and scatter anywhere they can find food. Remove foods like cracked corn as it is a favourite of a house sparrow.


Getting rid of food sources will make your environment less attractive to sparrows. Keep your trash cans and containers tightly sealed and secured so that these house sparrows will be unable to overturn it. Also, get rid of leftover foods.

In order to deter them, you can also provide foods that house sparrows don’t like. House sparrows don’t like Bread, Sunflower kernels, Black oil sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn etc. This will also keep house sparrows from your backyards and birdhouses. 


You can get rid of house sparrows the old fashioned way if you live in a local area where the local legislation allows for the shooting of birds. You can choose to shoot the house sparrows , this will not permanently get rid of them, but it’s an option.  

What will scare off sparrows?

  • House sparrows fear their natural predators, hawks.
  • They are afraid of hawks and will flee from hawks.
  • You can use a hawk decoy to scare house sparrows away.
  • You can place it in your garden, backyard, or on the patio.

Do house sparrows kill other birds?

House sparrows are aggressive birds and will attack other species of birds, including native birds like European starlings, in order to stake a claim for territory. It is not uncommon for house sparrows to kill native birds. There have been several reports of native birds being found dead after a house sparrow invasion.

Do sparrows like birdhouses?

Yes, house sparrows like birdhouses and like its name implies, house sparrows will invade birdhouses if they find it even if they have to chase other native species out of the bird house or nesting box.


Sparrows love living in houses. They find it very comfortable.


Yes, decoys can be used to scare off house sparrows. Fake owls will scare and keep off house sparrows and keep these sparrows away from your best boxes.

When house sparrows approach your birdhouse, be well assured that they will constitute a nuisance. They will overturn anything that can be overturned. They will also attack your bird feeders.

Hawks are a major predator of house sparrows. They are a viable method of scaring house sparrows from your birdhouse or nest boxes. You can deploy hawk decors to scare off sparrows.

Bottom Line

House sparrows are a nuisance which, if not managed properly, will turn your backyard into a war zone. Prevention is better than cure. The best thing is to put in measures that will prevent them from coming. I hope the measures here will help you in keeping these house sparrows away.

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