How to keep mattress from sliding?

No one likes to lie down on a sliding mattress. Let’s face it, you just came back from work and all you want to do is to crash on your bed. Only for you to be slipping off because you are resting on a sliding mattress. It could be quite distressing. We understand that anguish and that is why we have written this post to help you detect how to keep your mattress from sliding.

A mattress is a large rectangular sleeping material for supporting a relaxed body designed to be used as a bed or as part of a bed. There are two types of mattresses namely; foam and bladder mattresses.

You can decide to either place your mattress on a solid base (also known as a platform) for a firm standing or you can decide to just put it on the floor (you have to ensure that it is safe to put the mattress on the floor).

Beds are quite a thing for comfort which people look forward to relaxing on, especially after a tasking day job. The choice of your mattress can either make or mar your body system.

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If your mattress is not comfortable enough, you could be depressed. For a room to be complete, it needs a good mattress to induce sleep comfortably. A good mattress is very important in ensuring you have good back health.

Mattresses are composed of a tight case usually with different materials in it including cotton, foams, rubber, and sometimes air or water depending on the usage of such mattresses. They come in different sizes including king-sized, queen-sized, and double dimensions. The sizes of mattresses vary based on market demand in width and height.

Mattresses can have a good or bad effect on people based on the quality of materials used during production. Getting a good mattress will help one to sleep healthy while bad mattresses have adverse effects such as frequent back pain, snoring, high-stress level, turning and tossing while relaxing.

Having a good mattress will make a positive difference. A quality mattress is affordable, comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

The lifespan of a mattress depends on the quality and how it is used by a person. Several issues can be discovered while making use of mattresses but how can one solve these issues?

how to keep mattress from sliding

Some mattresses are not firm enough so it slides whenever one makes use of them. Inadequate support can make a bed slide. In other words, the platform a bed is placed can sometimes lead to sliding especially when a bed is not firmly placed or space, where the bed is kept, is loosened.

When we sleep we tend to toss and turn towards different directions so placing your mattress in a firm space is safer to avoid slipping off the bed. This is common for kids when they sleep. A sagging or old mattress may slide off the bed case as it is worn out already. Using a good mattress is also key to prevent your bed from sliding.

Once a mattress is worn out it is better to replace it with a new one. Many people do not know when to change their mattresses. Waking up numb or tired can be a sign that your bed needs a replacement. It could also be linked to having allergies; for instance, frequent sneezing while sleeping due to dust from the mattress could be a sign that your mattress needs a replacement.

A mattress that has been used for 6-7years also needs to be replaced with a new one especially if you notice it has become flat and uncomfortable. Furthermore, if you find it hard to sleep due to the saggy condition of the mattress, it is due for replacement.

Also, if you experience body pains as a result of tossing and turning on the bed, it’s high time you replaced your mattress. Taking care of your mattress will make it last longer. During Summer, we tend to sweat out while sleeping most especially when there is no adequate ventilation.

For instance, in a room with just a window, it will be difficult for air to come in when there is heat. Giving the mattress some air daily will allow body moisture to evaporate out to increase the lifespan.

A mattress has two sides for dual-use, turning your mattress to another side every week will allow the upholstery fillings to settle down more evenly to prevent tossing and turning while sleeping.

Use a washable cover for the mattress to avoid stains and dust allergy. Clean your mattress every four to six months to remove stains and dust. Using a vacuum cleaner is advisable for allergies prevention.

3 Best Products To Keep A Mattress From Sliding

Here is a list of mattress holder products you can get for your mattress to keep it from sliding off the bed case whenever you relax on them. If you are patient enough to read through these different types of products and their specifications, you’ll surely find the one that suits your needs.

1. Futonland-Futon No Slip Strips

Futonland Futon No-Slip Strips
618 Reviews
Futonland Futon No-Slip Strips
  • Keep your mattress firmly in place. One roll (2″ x 25′) fits any frame, any size.
  • Cut strips to length of frame slats and apply. Works best on wooden frames. Not recommend for futon frames with wire mesh or metal tubes less than 1 inch in diameter.


  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

The Futon no-slip strips are a protective adhesive tape used in holding a mattress to a case so as not to allow it to shift or slip off from a certain position. This product keeps mattresses firmly in place. Mattresses can be placed on any type of frame depending on your preference. Often when we relax on a mattress and it shifts from a certain position to another it can be so stressful trying to move it back to its place at times. Kids are delicate, especially when they sleep alone. You need to watch them because they can fall off from a bed that is not firm. So to help your kids if they have a sliding mattress, you need to get a Futon no-slip strip to make their mattress firm enough.

There are always problems with mattresses slipping off from its position and we keep on pushing it back in place as it slips all the time. You don’t have to go through this stress again. The futon no-slip strips can put an end to this.

This product provides mattresses with a firm grip wherever it is placed, with no issue of the mattress moving back and forth in any kind of direction.

The installation of the No-slip strips can take about 45mins to allow the adhesive dry before placing the mattress for firmness. With the No-slip strip, mattresses slipping off will cease to occur. Applying the strips is easy and it lasts longer than you can imagine.


2. Tru Lite Bedding Non Slip Mattress Pad

TRU Lite Bedding Non Slip Mattress Pad - Grip Pad Locks in Place - Non Slip Mat fits Platform or Futon Mattresses - Queen Size - Pad for 5' x 7' Rug
1,210 Reviews
TRU Lite Bedding Non Slip Mattress Pad – Grip Pad Locks in Place – Non Slip Mat fits Platform or Futon Mattresses – Queen Size – Pad for 5′ x 7′ Rug
  • MANY USES – Works to hold platform bed frames and box springs as well as daybeds and futons. It also can be used to secure sofas, carpets, and rugs.
  • SLEEP TIGHT- Non slip mattress grip pad holds your mattress tight so you can get a restful night’s sleep without worrying about it slipping and sliding off the foundation.


  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds

The TRU lite bedding slip mattress pad is another product that prevents mattresses from slipping off from its frame. The grip pad holds the mattress tightly to the platform bed frame to get a good night’s rest, without worrying about the mattress slipping off. It is easy to use, you just need to simply lift the mattress and place it on the bed platform. The pad can be easily trimmed and adjusted to any non-standard bed.

With the mattress pad, you can sleep with zero worries especially when you are worried about sleeping on a sliding bed. TRU lite bedding slip mattress pad will keep the mattress from sliding off.

how to keep mattress from sliding

3. Veken Non Slip Gripper Surface Floors

Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper 5 x 7 Feet Extra Thick Pads for Hardwood Floors, Keep Your Rugs Safe and in Place
22,702 Reviews
Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper 5 x 7 Feet Extra Thick Pads for Hardwood Floors, Keep Your Rugs Safe and in Place
  • Non-slip protection: Our pad’s signature grip will keep rugs in place and prevent them from bunching and sliding during normal daily use. Protecting your floors from normal wear and tear, high heels, kids playing and more. Plus, the thick pad gives carpets and rugs that extra cushion that elevates the comfort of your home. Place rug pad on a clean, dry floor. Smooth out wrinkles. Make sure the rug lies flat and stays flat with use. Do not use the rug pad on stairs.
  • Durable & Strong: Made with premium materials, our non-slip rug pads are long-lasting. Plus, enjoy a 2-year risk-free shopping support from the manufacturer. If you find any problems or defects with your purchase, it will be replaced, free of charge.


  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 11.8 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight:  2.69 pounds

In homes, different types of floor coverings can be used which include tiles, rugs, carpets, etc. The floor can be slippery based on the materials used in the flooring, most especially if it’s tile material. Placing a mattress on tiles will make the mattress slip from one point to another which can lead to injury. Some rugs can slip most likely when they are placed on tiles.

The Veken non-slip gripper is a product that helps to keep in place a rug and prevents sliding on the floor. The rug pad can only be used on hard surface floors and are produced from premium materials making it durable and strong. It protects kids and pets from sliding on the floor as its strong grip helps to achieve this.

Making use of a rug pad is advisable to avoid scratches made by sharp objects or stains on the floor knowing that kids and pets cannot but leave stains while going round the home. In using the pad make sure the rug lies flat and stays flat. The open grid construction in the rug pad allows air to circulate and prevents dust allergies as kids are prone to get this allergy.

Without a rug pad, dust will be stored affecting your health and it could result in accidents in homes as kids cannot do without playing around the house. The pads can be used easily and it’s easy to vacuum the rug.

how to keep mattress from sliding


If a bed slides off you can get injured while sleeping and this could be a very severe injury one does not expect at any point in time. So to be on a safer side it is better to search for alternatives to keep your bed from sliding. I would suggest the use of mattress pads to prevent your bed from sliding. You should cut the pad dimensions to match with the bed to make it firm and safer to sleep on. An adjustable bed must be the same dimension as the bed case to prevent sliding.

Relaxing on something durable is better than sleeping on the floor in maintaining a good health condition. A mattress topper is used on beds that are soft and too as they keep mattresses in good condition. It is not the best solution to a saggy mattress as it has lower durability than a bed. Using a topper depends on your situation because a topper is quite affordable than a mattress. 

A mattress is better than a mattress topper. A topper is just used in reviving a new bed, not a worn-out one. So, I would suggest you get a new mattress instead of sleeping on a topper. Beds are comfortable to relax and sleep on. You won’t regret your choice

Safety pins won’t shred your mattress instead it will help you keep the toppers firm to the mattress if they are used properly mainly on the edges or sides of the bed.
However, sharp objects should be kept far away from our mattresses, to prevent injuries. Oftentimes kids like to hop on beds without caring about things placed on it as their playful attitude depicts. It affects adults too especially when we feel fatigued after a days’ job. For instance, after working for almost 12hrs on a spot without a break we tend to land in bed without thinking about anything. Now, it could be disastrous to mistakenly hook our clothing with the safety pin.


In summary, mattresses are essential in getting a good rest or sleep but you must know that they vary based on their durability and comfortability. It is worthy to note that there are times when you’ll experience uncomfortable situations in which you’ll find your mattress sliding off its position on a bed frame or case. In solving these issues we need to be observant to know where there is a need for adjustment, with that you will know which product will fit perfectly.

When a bed is worn out it is better to get a new one to replace it to prevent body pains especially back pain which can occur due to a saggy bed. Using a mattress pad makes a bed firm enough as you will not have to toss and turn in different directions all the time. The easiest way to prevent a bed from sliding is by placing a non-slide pad between the mattress and the bed frame.
Toppers are necessary for keeping our beds in good condition, with it mattresses have a long-lasting duration. It is good to air your bed weekly to avoid bad odors from night sweat on the bed. I suggest changing a mattress after 6 to 7yrs to prevent infections and allergies mainly dust allergies. The easiest way to prevent a bed from sliding is by placing a non-slide pad between the mattress and the bed frame. Fetching a good strategy to get a bed fixed in a certain position is the only way to get a comfortable mattress, with that you can sleep with zero worries.

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