How to Hunt Rats at Night?

Hunting rats at night or night ratting as it is commonly called is an effective and efficient way of getting rid of rats troubling your home or farm. It is a better method of pest control than poisoning or trapping.

Rats can cause untold havoc especially to a farm, these small rodents with their tiny teeth can invade your barn and easily feed on your harvest which you struggled to get.

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Not only do they invade your food stores but rats also reproduce at an alarming rate such that within two months, you may have a whole kingdom of rats to deal with. 

Rats are also unhealthy to have in the home or farm or where you store your food. Rats can contaminate food thus making it bad or unhealthy to eat. They also act as a means of spreading dangerous infections. 

Thus, eliminating this nuisance is the only option for you. 

Hunting rats during the day is no easy feat, they are fast and can dive into holes without a second warning. Rats are even more familiar with your terrain than you. You would have a very hard or almost impossible task trying to kill a rat during the day. 

The night, however, is a good time. These rodents probably expect you to be asleep thus giving them a free ride to your food. This is the perfect time to hunt them as they are not as alert as they are during the day. The darkness will also give you the desired cover thus catching them unawares.

how to hunt rats at night

Hunting Rats at Night: A Full Guide

Do Thorough Survey

This is a serious mission if you are to succeed in your fight to get rid of the nuisance called rats. You should first do a survey of the hot spots where the rats visit, that is, areas where their activities are most prominent. This survey should be done during the day, you should take note of a good spot where you can stay while hunting at night. 

Use Baits

After getting where these rats carry out their activities, you can place food crumbs along the track. Thus, at night, you have a good chance of killing them while they are distracted by the food, a rat will never abandon a crumb or food. 

how to hunt rats at night

Use Airguns

The serious work starts at night, airguns are the desired weapons for hunting rats. There are several kinds with different specifications. Another piece of equipment of choice is night vision goggles. They are now commonly used by hunters hunting rats. 

Use a Night Vision Goggle

Night vision is better than using lamps or lights, the rats won’t sit around and wait when they see that one of them is down already. They will surely scurry off and these rodents are quite fast. Thus, hunting with a lamp can be quite frustrating, you would probably end up killing just a few. 

However, using a night vision goggle, you would have full use of your two hands. This gives you full liberty to aim well and an added advantage to fully getting rid of them. Some night vision goggles now have infrared, this gives you a clear view and is almost like a cheat code. With this, you are sure to achieve your desired result. 

how to hunt rats at night

Night vision is almost like a bird’s-eye eye view, you can see the rats without them even realizing that you are there. They have a sense of security without even knowing that they are already compromised. They move rather slowly without any sense of urgency. This gives you even more time to aim for a clear shot. 

Night vision almost guarantees an accurate shot, you literally have all the time in the world to take a shot. Lamps are also effective in hunting rats, however, night vision is the latest innovation in technology, you are certainly guaranteed better results than when you use a lamp.

how to hunt rats at night

Important Things to Note while Hunting Rats at Night

Be careful, hunting at night has high rewards, however, it also has high risk. You are not aware of your surroundings because of the darkness. Thus, something you haven’t taken into consideration may be present, for instance, a stone or rock you don’t know is there may well injure you. Thus, ensure you are extremely careful and watchful while hunting. 

Reconnaissance is important. You should be familiar with the area you are going to be hunting, this will help to prevent you from getting any surprises while hunting. While hunting in an area you are already familiar with is a plus, you would be able to kill more rats as you know the terrain well. 

You should scout the whole area during the day to be aware of everything present there. 

Bait the rats. Baits such as food and crumbs can help keep a rat still while you aim for a clear shot. 

how to hunt rats at night

Select a multi-shot magazine. It will give you the upper hand. You don’t want to be reloaded after firing every shot. A multi-shot magazine allows you to kill as many rats as possible.


Rats are usually active between dusk and dawn, this is because they are nocturnal creatures. 

Rats usually increase in number during summer or spring, the best time to hunt them is at night during these seasons. 

You can leave out food crumbs along with the places where their activities are prominent. This will lift them out and give you an easy chance to shoot them. 


The nuisance rats can cause is quite much and can even spell trouble for you. They can cause an unhealthy environment thus compromising your health. They are also a threat to your food as they can invade your barn and make away with your farm produce. 

Another issue is the way they reproduce thus multiplying their population at a very fast rate. If not eliminated immediately, they can become too much for you to handle. Get rid of rats today before they get rid of you.

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