How To Hunt Rabbits?

Hunting rabbits is a natural, fulfilling way to enjoy the outdoors and feed your family. It can be challenging to know how to start hunting rabbits or what type of rabbit you are after, so we have compiled this guide on everything from traps and guns to locating your prey. You will find that there are many ways to hunt rabbits, and what works best for one person may not work for another person depending on their skill level.

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If you are looking for an interactive skill that will let you hone your senses, sharpen your reflexes, and connect with nature in the process – look no further. This comprehensive guide covers all of the basics when it comes to hunting rabbits.

So without further ado, let us begin.

Time Tried Methods To Hunt Rabbits

1: The Easiest Way To Hunt Rabbits Is With A Shotgun

One of the easiest ways to hunt rabbits is with a shotgun. The first step is deciding which type of shotgun you want. A 12-gauge shotgun will do the trick for most hunters. The next step is getting permission from your landowner or property manager. 

Then head out on the property and start looking for tracks in the soft dirt where they’ve hopped across open ground or checked under brush piles. Once you find a trail, follow it until you come across one of these furry critters.

Hunting rabbits can be tricky because they have an acute sense of smell and hearing, so having a good cover scent or sound-suppression gear is vital if you want to stay undetected while waiting in an ambush.

2: Use Traps And Nets

how to hunt rabbits

Here is how to hunt rabbits by setting up a rabbit trap. 

First, gather your supplies and head out into the woods. You’ll need some carrots or other food that rabbits love, wire for the frame of the trap, and something heavy like a rock or brick to hold down the wire. 

Once you’ve found an area where there is lots of rabbit activity, start digging a hole in which your bait will be placed (bait should always be placed at least six inches away from the edge of the hole).

Make sure it’s deep enough so that when set with bait on top – if they jump over it- they won’t escape once they’re caught. Now take your wire and wrap it around any nearby trees or branches. Wait for the rabbit to come close enough before grabbing it firmly by its ears, legs, or neck and throwing it into a burlap bag or basket.

You can also use nets to catch them from the ground. When you catch a rabbit with a net, the net stretches across the opening from where they may escape.

3: Hunting Rabbits Using Dogs 

Using hunting dogs to hunt rabbits is the sure and easiest way. Dogs are excellent hunters and can follow a scent trail or pick up on an animal’s hiding place because they have highly developed senses, such as hearing and sight.

A hunting dog will track the scent of a rabbit until it can find him and then rush in for an attack, scaring or killing them on contact. Be aware that dog may hurt this tiny creature for no reason and cause unwanted pain before their last breath.

4: Hunt Rabbits With A Bow And Arrow

You should hunt rabbits with a bow and arrow because the experience is more interactive, challenging, and satisfying. It also allows you to have a greater connection with nature by tracking prey down on foot before making the kill that can either be done quickly in one shot without enjoyment. 

You might think hunting rabbits with a bow and arrow is an antiquated practice, but you would be wrong. In the past few years, hunters have been turning to archery as their weapon of choice for harvesting rabbit populations because it’s more humane than using traps or shotguns that can lead to injuries and excessive blood loss in prey animals.

Other Factors You Need To Consider For Hunting Rabbits

1: Find A Location Where Rabbits Are Often Seen

how to hunt rabbits

It’s easy to hunt rabbits if you know where they are. Rabbits often hide in grassy areas,  fields, meadows and gardens. They enjoy eating grasses, small plants, and seeds, so try looking near bushes or other tall vegetation on an excellent spot. Be sure not to scare them off by making any loud noises like stomping your feet on the ground.

It’s important that as hunters, we know how to identify rabbit tracks, droppings, burrows and other signs of their presence, so we know when it is time to set our traps or take out the shotgun.

2: The Best Time To Hunt

Well, according to the old saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” What does this say about rabbits? Rabbits are typically hunted at night.

Rabbits are nocturnal animals and spend their days sleeping, so they’re not as aware of predators. However, if it’s nighttime, rabbits are more alert and have an easier time avoiding predators.

3: Use Bait To Lure Them Into An Area That Is Easy To Hunt

Bait is any tactic or technique used to lure prey close enough so it can be caught with ease- whether it be a carrot, piece of bread, or shiny object. You can use bait to lure bunnies into an area that is easy for you to hunt.

This is a more humane and cost-effective way of catching those tiny souls than shooting them in their natural habitat or pouncing on them with your bare hands like an animal.

4: Weapons You Should Have To Hunt

Rabbits are clever that can quickly outsmart your hunting skills. They have an incredible ability to sense danger and will often escape before you even see them. What weapons should you use to help in your hunt?  

Although various weapons can be used for hunting, a rifle is the most common choice. The best guns for hunting rabbits include a .22 rifle or pistol with hollow-point bullets. You should also have a shotgun loaded with buckshot as well as an air rifle that shoots pellets.

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A bow should only be used when you want to get closer and not make as much noise. Arrow and spears remain popular among hunters today because of their stealthy nature.

5: Tips And Tricks To Hunt Rabbits

  1. Know your hunting grounds
  2. Be stealthy and use camouflage
  3. Make a call to attract the rabbits
  4. Have patience and don’t hunt during bad weather conditions 
  5. Be careful with traps; they can be dangerous
  6. Know your weapon – use a shotgun if hunting with a group of people, or a rifle for solo hunts
  7. Make sure your gun barrel has been cleaned of any oil or grease which could affect accuracy. 
  8. Try using live ammunition because it can be more accurate than dry ammo in certain situations. 
  9. Don’t forget about wind speed.
  10. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, but wear gloves if possible.


The first thing you need to know about rabbits is that their fur doesn’t contain any oils or glands which can keep them dry. So water will seep into their skin and make them cold. Rabbits also have poor circulation, so this makes matters worse because blood won’t warm up fast enough. When a rabbit gets too cold, they may develop hypothermia, leading to death due to organ failure.

They spend their time hiding underground to avoid predators like coyotes and foxes! They typically only come out at night when it’s dark. Rabbits are prey animals, so being seen during the day leaves them vulnerable to attack.

There are many parts on the body of a rabbit that will kill it if shot correctly at close range. One is the head; hitting on the head will cause death quickly. Another is the spine and shoulder blades-the spinal cord and heart are located here, so these shots result in quick kills. The liver is another place where you can get a quick kill with just one bullet, but there’s not much meat you can get when you shoot it other than the head.


In this article, we’ve looked at the various methods of hunting rabbits. Some people will use a gun; some people will use traps and nets to catch the rabbit, while others may prefer hunting with dogs or setting up an artificial den for them. We hope that these will help you develop a plan for your next rabbit hunt; further, we are excited to hear from you in the comments section about how does it go?

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