How to Hunt Coyotes: Trapping Tactics

A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wanted to hunt coyotes? These clever and elusive animals can be difficult to find as they have reputation for being cunning and elusive predators. But, with this step-by-step guide, you will learn everything from how to spot a coyote, where they live in the environment around us, what type of weapons are best for hunting them and how to hunt coyotes so that you can make your next hunt successful.

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This post is intended for both who have never hunted Coyotes before or even if you’re an experienced hunter who just wants some tips on how to improve your hunting skills.

What is A Coyote: Coyote Facts

Coyotes are popularly perceived as a menace to livestock and pets, but they’re also an important part of the ecosystem. Coyotes have always fascinated us for some reason whether it was their quick wit to outsmart us, humans, how they can survive anywhere from deserts to forests to mountainsides, or simply because we were drawn into our imaginations wondering what would happen if these animals could talk? A coyote is commonly mistaken for an actual dog, but with a narrower snout and pointed ears. These animals are both predators of smaller prey as well as scavengers who can easily adapt to different habitats where they live.


They have been known to inhabit many regions across North America, though their populations vary depending on the region’s ecology (i.e., mountains vs flatlands). This clever creature comes equipped not only with sharp teeth that allow them to take down any animal from rodents all the way up through deer-sized game. They also possess keen eyesight which helps them stalk close enough without being spotted until it’s too late.

How To Spot A Coyote

Why You Should Trap Coyotes

People who live in rural areas often have to deal with coyotes. These critters can cause serious damage and they enjoy nothing more than raiding the chicken coop or stealing a pet dog for dinner. That is why trapping should be on your list of things you need if you are living out there, because it will keep them away from your property. Many people don’t know that coyotes are responsible for the deaths of many small animals, like rabbits and chickens. They have also been known to attack pets such as cats and dogs. 


They also carry rabies which is why it’s important to trap them often so they don’t pass on this disease or any other diseases to your livestock. The more we trap these guys, the less chance there is of the disease being spread around town endangering our own families’ health. I know that many of you are hesitant to trap coyotes because they’re “wild animals.” But, if there’s a chance your pets or children might be attacked by them in the future then trapping these pests is worth it.

How to Spot A Coyote

Trapping coyotes is a great way for relocation. Coyotes are clever and can be hard to catch, so it’s best to have some advanced knowledge on how they act in order to avoid mistakes like missing the opportunity because you were too close or giving up altogether when your bait turns out not being desirable anymore. To start with, go into an area where there has been frequent sightings of these animals and set traps near their usual trails using any type of animal-based bait such as fish carcasses or chicken guts that will attract the predators. Coyotes are nocturnal animals that typically feed on small mammals, eggs and birds.


They also carry rabies which is very dangerous for humans to contract so it’s important you know how to trap them.So let’s get started with step one: layout wire traps at night-time when coyotes usually come by hunting food such as mice or rabbits because these creatures’ scents will attract any nearby hungry predators. First, lure a female into your trap with raw meat. Put the bait on top of an overturned bowl so that it is confined and cannot escape once captured by one or more males following her scent. The second step would be placing hay in front of the entrance hole as well as inside which they like to hide from other predators when resting at night time (they can’t see through). 


Lastly, put some food just outside the entrance for them while keeping humans out long enough for them to get hungry enough before capturing their prey – then wait patiently . Start with a variety of baits that will lure them in from afar such as garbage or scraps, then add the bait closer to your traps if needed; Coyotes love canned dog food so try adding some near their favorite spot; leave it there for at least 24 hours before moving it again because coyotes have very good memories – they’ll remember where you set up shop last time. They’re also attracted by bright colors like red and yellow which is why many trappers use those colors on warning flags around their traps.

What Is A Coyote

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