How to Change the Blade on a Zero Turn Mower?

As all of us know, the cutting blade is the most crucial part for any type of mower.

Mowers are used for mowing the fields, in other cutting the grasses for giving a clean and smooth look to the ground.

Therefore, if the most important part of a mower, that is the blade is not working properly, then there is no benefit of using a mower for our lawn.

Each and every user of a mower should always keep a close eye and inspect the cutting blade every day and in case any damages are found, replacement of that blade should be done as soon as one can.

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Damaged blades cut the grass unevenly and hamper with the functioning of the zero turn mower.

Also, the replacement blade should be of the exact size as the original one and it is even better if you purchase a branded blade from the same company from whom you purchased your mower.

Follow all the care instructions such as wearing heavy gloves to ensure your safety.

So, let us do not waste any more time and get started with ‘how to change the cutting blade in a zero-turn mower?

Steps to Change the Blade on a Zero Turn Mower?

Step 1: Disconnect Spark Plug

Before beginning, we should always ensure that the spark plug is disconnected so that the mower does not have access to the current.

This is the most important safety measure that should always be followed whenever you are trying to fix something in your mower.

Most of the mowers have their spark plugs located anywhere near the engine. Still, if you do not find the spark plug, read the user’s manual.

Step 2: Remove the Blade Belt

After disconnecting the mower from the current, you have to push the mower deck to its lowest position.

Further, on the left side of the deck, you will notice a pulley cover, remove that.

Once you uncover the left side of the blade you will notice a blade belt, remove that too by rolling it on.

Step 3: Remove the Mower Deck

After the removal of the blade belt, you have to remove the mower deck as well.

For doing so, you have to remove the mounting pins and the brackets that are supporting the deck for attaching used to the mower.

Once the brackets and pins are attached, push the mower deck from its back so that it can be easily pulled off.

Step 4: Remove Blades from Deck

Here comes the trickiest part of the story, that is the removal of the blade from the mower deck.

Remember, always wear gloves and never try to do it in a hurry else you might hurt yourself.

Once you have taken out the mower deck from your zero turn mower, turn it upside down in order to have access to the cutting blade.

You will notice a mounting bolt that is inserted to attach the blade with the deck, remove that.

Once the mounting bolt is removed, pull the blade off from the deck.

Step 5: Attach new blades into the Mower Deck

Take out your new replacement blade and before attaching it to the deck, ensure it is of proper size.

Fit it into the mower deck and put the mounting bolt on to it.

The mounting bolt should be tightened properly with a torque wrench or else the blade may fall apart.

Step 6: Attach Mower Deck to its original Position

Once the new blade is installed in the mower deck, it’s time to put the deck back on its position.

Fit the mower deck accurately on the mower frame and fix it with the hanging brackets properly.

Do not forget to put the mounting pins back on to the mower deck once you attach the deck to the frame.

Step 7: Finishing it up

Take your eyes on the blade belt that you removed initially. Reattach with the pulley and secure it with the pulley cover.

Connect the spark plug again and you are done!


The main reasons for this include the broken blade belt or broken pulley. Check every part of your mower deck and the cutting blade. Whatsoever is damaged, replace it as soon as you can.

Uneven cutting is all related to the mower deck and the cutting blade. It can happen if the blade is damaged or the deck is not leveled to an appropriate height. Check your blade, and if required, replace it. Also, adjust the mower deck.

 your mower deck is vibrating that simply means some parts of the deck are damaged. It may include the cutting blade, the pulley, or any other part. Also, ensure that the blade and deck are tightly attached to the mower with proper mounting pins and bolts.

Final Words:

Always read the user’s manual for proper knowledge and instructions. If you feel that you cannot do it alone, call a professional but never try to do it yourself if you are not so confident.

Follow each and every step if you want satisfying results and wish you are very good luck with your new blade. Happy mowing!

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