How To Attract Deer?

Have you ever thought of how to attract deer? You might not have, but the mere fact that you are reading this blog post means that you are curious. The subject is an interesting one; deer live worldwide and are a popular animal for hunting.

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Every hunter knows that deer are a little too intelligent to be lured in with the old apple pie trick. A deer’s sense of smell is about thirty times more powerful than ours, so anything you’re cooking will probably just make them run away faster.

The key to attracting a deer is to find out what they like and then use it as bait. For example, if you know that there’s an apple tree on your property, hang an apple from some branches near the edge of the woods – this should lure any nearby deer within range of your bow. This article will explore ways to attract them, so they come close enough for your rifle or bow.

Time Tried Strategies To Attract The Deer

Ever wonder how to attract deer? We have the answer. Deer are naturally curious, and they like to explore new territory. One way you can entice them into your hunting area is by rubbing a handful of fragrant herbs onto the ground and spreading them around. This will also mask human odors, making it more difficult for deer to detect your presence.

If you happen to spot a deer while out hunting, be sure not to stare directly in its direction or make any sudden movements. The best bet is just to keep an eye on it from afar until it moves away- then continue with whatever activity you were doing beforehand. 

Install motion-activated lights around the perimeter of your property so you can see what’s going on outside at night.

how to attract deer

Plant Flowers In Your Garden

Most deer are attracted to the color pink and purple. Plant flowers in your garden to attract deer. Planting these fragrant plants will help you get a better hunting experience as the plant’s smell heightens their senses and helps them find food more easily.

Deer are highly sensitive animals that rely on their sense of smell for survival. Just make sure not too many because some may deter them from eating anything else nearby.

Keep Your Yard Trim And Tidy

Keeping your yard trim and tidy is a sure way of attracting deer. In the fall, you can plant corn kernels in small piles to lure them in for the winter hunting season.

Keeping your lawn trimmed will make it easier on yourself and create an atmosphere that animals are drawn to come near. This means they’re more likely to become vulnerable prey when looking for food during their natural habitat’s seasonal changes.

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Building A Small Pond On Your Property to Attract Deer

A small pond on your property can be a source of calming, meditative environment for you and the wildlife in it. To attract the deer to your property, build a small pond. This will lure them in with its cool water and make for an enticing spot from which they can drink at leisure.

Make sure there is plenty of water for them to drink available at all times. They are often attracted by the sound of running water and will come closer if they can see there is something worth investigating, like food or an area with lots of trees for hiding from predators.

how to attract deer

Since deer are thirsty, they will be more likely to visit your property and even drink from the pond you made. Deers have a hard time finding fresh water because many of them live in forests with no running or standing water available for drinking, so don’t miss out on this opportunity if it’s within your means!

Leave Some Food Out For Them During The Winter Months

One way to increase the likelihood of hunting success is by providing food for animals. You can hang a feeder in trees, put out corn piles, or make hay bales during deer season so they’ll come closer and be easier targets.

When you’re out hunting for deer during the wintertime, it’s important to leave some bait near your desired spot. Deer are not typically active in cold weather and may be more difficult to hunt when they have no natural food sources available nearby.

Leave potential game animals like deer with a little something that will entice them when natural sources become scarce into heading towards where you want them.

Be Mindful Of Your Scent

Deer are naturally cautious animals and can be skittish when they detect someone nearby by heavy perfumes or colognes. One way to reduce the chances of spooking a deer is by being mindful about your scent since it’s one of their most acute senses.

Be careful not to wear any strong-smelling perfumes or deodorants, freshwater, which could scare away unsuspecting visitors.

Don't Let Dog Waste Sit Out In The Open For Too Long

Deer are creatures of habit, and they will be more likely to come around if you leave their favorite treats in plain sight.

Avoid letting dog waste sit out in the open because deer tend to stay away from that kind of smell, but it also attracts them for hunting purposes. Dispose of it quickly so as not to offend other animals’ senses with its smell.

Set Up Your Feeder In The Morning And Evening

Deer generally need to eat every day and cannot store food for more than a few hours. One of the best ways to hunt deer is by setting up a feeder in the morning. Mornings are when they come out on their hunts, so it’s important not to set your trap too late, or else you’ll miss them altogether.

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Place Your Feeder Near Trees

Deer are shy animals, so they need protection from predators while eating their food. To make sure this happens, place the feeder near trees or other covers where there might be cover, like bushes or shrubs on three sides of the box. This will give any potential predator less chance of seeing what’s going inside when everyone has been seated.

how to attract deer

Use A Deer Decoy To Attract Them

Hunters that want to attract deer for hunting purposes use a large, life-sized decoy. These are usually made from rubber or plastic and look like the animal in question; they’re designed to confuse the game so it will go toward them instead of fleeing when danger approaches.

how to attract deer

To attract deer for hunting purposes, use a lifelike deer decoy that will lure the unsuspecting creatures to your property. Hunters can also place their scents around these fake animals to more closely mimic what would otherwise be found across fields and forest habitats.

Keep All Human Activity Away From The Area Where You're Hunting

For the best tips on attracting deer for hunting purposes, be sure to study their habits. Deer are shy creatures and prefer many open lands, so make sure there aren’t any humans or human activity near your area as they will scare them away. This will help bring in the deer more easily and increase your chances of having a successful hunt.

Clean Out Any Old Food Scraps

If you’re looking to attract deer for hunting, make sure that your feeders are stocked with fresh food every few days. This will encourage the wildlife in your area to return and occupy a nearby safe zone where hunters can’t easily see them out on their land.


Deer usually react the same way as humans when they see death: curiosity followed by avoidance or indifference. They might even come closer for a better look at the carcass! So, don’t be afraid of using that dead buck as bait this season to catch more big bucks. 

Deer are naturally drawn to movement and red color, so wearing clothes with those colors will attract them.

The answer is yes. Deer are attracted to peanut butter, and it will do more than please the palate of these hungry animals. The sugar in peanut butter can attract deer because they like sugary foods.


If you want to attract deer, there are a few things that can help. One is to make sure your yard is clean and tidy, so they feel comfortable being around humans. You should also avoid using any pesticides on the land to keep them from staying away at all costs. Finally, try planting some clover or other plants that deer like to eat if they’re nearby as well. Visit our site regularly for more great tips about attracting these animals into your backyard!

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