How to attract Blue jays?

Blue jays are always fun watching. This vibrant and energetic bird, with its artful attitude, will always keep your yard lively. However, blue jays never visit a place unless it is suitable for them. If you want to experience a blue jay visit throughout the year, you need to make your yard blue jay friendly.

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How to attract them?

If you are looking for the answer of how to attract the Blue jays, the answer is not difficult to find.

Attracting the wild birds in the backyard requires few tricks. You can attract them by providing food, shelter, and water. It would be best if you also created a welcoming environment in your backyard so that they don’t find any threat there.

blue jays

My home is pretty near the forest area. I love birds chirping when I stay in my home, mostly in my holidays. I also love capturing them on my camera. Many birds often visit my backyard but have never been lucky to spot any blue jays. As blue jays are very vibrant and colourful creatures, I love to capture a few shots of them. Someone suggested me to plant oak trees and bring a bird feeder which will attract them.

I have planted oak trees and also applied the following tricks to attract blue jays. These are:

Serving their favourite foods

Food is the most popular choice when you want to attract any birds or animals. Blue jays usually love peanuts, mealworms, different seeds, berries, grapes, and so on. Providing different types of foods at different time, you can attract blue jays and impress them coming for the foods repeatedly. The foods should be served in a bigger sized tray so that it would be easier for them to eat and enjoy some time in your yard.

how to attract blue jays

Providing a source of water

Along with food, you should also arrange a source of water for these wild birds. You can build an artificial fountain or keep a jar for the birds so that they can drink water after finishing their meal from your yard. You can also set up a birdbath where they can comfortably dip their long beak, drink water, and move. A wide and deep bath will allow the birds splashing and dripping water around it. in the summertime, they will love to spend more time here singing songs. However, for the winter months, it is advisable to keep a heated birdbath.

Providing a secure shelter

If you want Blue jays to stay in your backyard for a long time, you need to provide them a secure shelter. They like to spend time on the coniferous trees. Also, trees that can provide them food along with shelter are their best choice for the hideout. Shrubs, beech, oak trees are a wonderful choice for the blue jays to get shelter.

Provide nesting option

Blue jays are not nesting birds, but if you can arrange nesting materials for them, they can take advantage of it and build their own residence.

Features of Blue Jays

Blue Jay, one of our most famous backyard birds, has white under pieces, blue upper bits, blue crown, black collar, line of eyes and tails, blue ears, dark bars, white bar, and splattered on its wings. You will be surprised to know that the feathers of the Blue Jays are simply not blue; the colour is brown melanin. The blue is a functional colour caused by the dispersion of light on the surface fall in their modified cells. They usually love to travel along in folks. The features of male and female blue jays are identical.

how to attract blue jays

Blue Jays have a number of vocalizations. Included in their calls are jay-jay and queedle queedle. Their unique feature is to brilliantly imitate the voice of a brown-shouldered hawk that can delude even the most seasoned bird watchers. When a blue jay detects an intruder, he alerts other birds with a warning call, and he will join the intruder along with other jays. No threat appears too big to annoy blue Jays.

Blue jays live in a forest area, mostly in the Eastern USA and Southern part of Canada. They also become visible to the suburban areas and in the parks too when the weather is good. If you have a bird feeder in your backyard, they can be your guest too.

Blue jays might migrate from the forest area for many reasons. Mostly in the winter, when they face the scarcity of food, they migrate to the urban area looking for the foods. This stunning singing bird can be drawn to your lawn by providing seeds, peanuts in the bird feeder. A wide range of food products are eaten by Blue Jay. They even enjoy bird baths in particular. If you want to attract them in your yard, these are a few of ways to do it.

If your home is near to the forest area surrounded by the oak trees, they can often be seen near your home or in the backyard. If you have a bird feeder in your backyard, you can enjoy their visit more often.

Few Options To Attract Blue Jays

These are a few options you can try out for attracting Blue jays. There are also many products in the market which are widely used for attracting different wild birds. As blue jays are shy in nature, here are my few top recommendations which you can use to attract them easily.

1. Mealworms – 5 LBS – 100% Non-GMO – Large Meal Worms

Mealworms -5 Lbs- 100% Non-GMO Dried Mealworms - Large Meal Worms - Bulk Mealworms -High Protein Treats- Perfect Mealworm for Chickens, Ducks, Turtles, Blue Birds, Lizards - Bag of Mealworms 5 LBS
2,653 Reviews
Mealworms -5 Lbs- 100% Non-GMO Dried Mealworms – Large Meal Worms – Bulk Mealworms -High Protein Treats- Perfect Mealworm for Chickens, Ducks, Turtles, Blue Birds, Lizards – Bag of Mealworms 5 LBS
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN – 5 LBS Dried mealworms. Mealworms are an essential source of proteins & nutrients for Chickens, Birds, Duck, Geese, Reptiles, Turtles, Hedgehogs, etc.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & VALUE – Our mealworms are BIG, THICK, and JUICY. 5 lbs mealworms, more treats and higher quality for your ladies then other brands. EASY TO STORE: No refrigeration required. Store and Reuse with a long shelf life.


  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Appetizing mealworms can be the perfect meal to attract the blue Jays. Manufactured by the Amzey, this is the premium quality mealworms. It is a great source of protein, offering necessary nutrition to the birds and chickens. As no preservatives are used in these mealworms, these are completely safe for the health of the birds. It helps to boost the immunity system of the birds. For me, this mealworm feed works best to attract blue jays. All the blue jays come to my yard love this treat so much.

You might get a lot of choices for mealworms to feed the birds, but this is the best choice according to my experience. While choosing any food for feeding birds, you need to check out the quality at first. All of the brands will tell you that they are offering the best products, but at the end of the day, it is you who have to decide which one to take screening out the reviews of them carefully.

Packaging and pricing also play a significant role while choosing which mealworms you should take. As you won’t use all the mealworms at once, they should come in good packaging. The mealworms of Amzey come in ziplocked bags, and they can be easily sealed after using each time. The price of this packet is also very reasonable in comparison to the other brands.


2. Wildlife Sciences – High Energy Sebum Cake – 10 per Pack

High Energy Suet Cake 10 Pack
5,725 Reviews
High Energy Suet Cake 10 Pack
  • 10 High Energy 10.5 oz. Suet Cakes. Approx. Size: 4.5” x 4.5” x 1”
  • Premium Quality, Melt-Resistant Formula.


  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds

Wildlife science is a popular name for manufacturing quality products for wildlife. They manufacture foods and kinds of stuff which attract wildlife, mostly birds from forests. The High Energy Sebum Cake from Wildlife science is for those who like a wide variety of birds chirping and playing in the yard.

Wildlife Science’s high energy sebum cake contains ten cake in each packet. This is a suet cake that comes in candy bar wrap, which attracts the birds most. If you like to invite unique birds like Blue jays in your yard, it would be the best option for you.

At first, it is difficult to figure out for the birds like Blue jays what’s inside the packet. As they are used to eating nuts and seeds, they don’t recognize it as food at first, but once they taste it, they will come for it all year round.

As a packet contains ten pieces of cakes, it is also an affordable option for bird lovers. A package can be used for a long time as well, so you don’t have to go to the outside so frequently to bring food for the birds. Moreover, these cakes can be used for attracting new birds from the forest area near you.


3. Wild birds of Joy Acrylic Bird Feeder

Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder with 4 Super Strong Suction Cups & Sliding Seed Tray, Large, Clear Acrylic, Easy Clean, Outdoor Bird Feeders, Outside View Up Close of Finch, Cardinal and Blue Jay
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Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder with 4 Super Strong Suction Cups & Sliding Seed Tray, Large, Clear Acrylic, Easy Clean, Outdoor Bird Feeders, Outside View Up Close of Finch, Cardinal and Blue Jay
  • CLEAR VIEWING OF BEAUTIFUL BIRDS IN VIVID DETAIL – With a tray that holds up to 3 cups of seed, watch cardinals, blue jays, finches, juncos, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, sparrows and more enjoy themselves through this completely see through, transparent feeder.
  • STICKS TO WINDOWS FOR LONGER – Where most feeders only come with 3 suction cups with moderate adhesion, this feeder is specially designed to come with four extra strong suction cups to keep it securely affixed to your kitchen window for longer. Initial setup may be easy, but we want you to have to do it only once.


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 6.6 x 5.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds

Birdwatching can be a popular hobby to the people, particularly where many migrant birds come all year round. It encourages us to be fascinated by the colourful birds in trees.

Many people love using loads of accessories, including binoculars, field guides, birding kit, and other accessories to get mesmerized by the beauty of the wild birds. If it appears to be a daunting task for you to go to the aviaries, you can observe birds even better, even without going outside just having a bird feeder.

Among all of the bird feeders, the window bird feeder is the best thing to have as it can be placed easily on the window and put seeds and nuts in it easily. After a while, you can watch a range of wild and local birds, sit in your living room, the kitchen having it.

It also gives your children, elderly, and your pets a lot of entertainment.  A decent quality window feeder can satisfy the needs, but it’s still a tough challenge to find a top-grade window feeder.

Window feeder is a popular option for those who don’t have enough space in the backyard or live in a populated area. However, as we are talking about different options of window bird feeders, these come with distinct features. Some can offer foods for a few birds, while some are designed for only a single bird.

The wild bird of Joy bird feeder comes with three suction cups, which can be placed in a window for a long time. This bird feeder is suitable for all weather conditions. If you are looking for a bird feeder that can be handy and get a clear view of birds like Blue jays enjoying their meal, you can consider this option.


So, these can be a few handy things where you can invest in attracting Blue jays in your window or yard. But if you want to attract other birds as well along with the Blue jays, you should know which birds get scared of Blue jays.

Are other birds scared of blue jays?

Blue jays usually have a terrible reputation for scaring away other birds. Now I want to set up a bird feeder in my window and want to know if they will scare away other birds, and I can invite other birds while having Blue jays. Well, blue jays are not that scary, according to my research. Many say that they have more than one blue jays in their yard, and they don’t bother much. 

However, they are known as a bully bird, and some little birds don’t come when they are around. But most of the time, they are risk-free and can alert you for the possible dangers. So, if you want them in your yard without any trouble, you can set up a separate bird feeder for them.

What is the best bird feeder for blue jays?

Choosing the best bird feeders, you can attract blue jays in your yard quickly. But how to choose the right bird feeder?

Bird feeders can be distinct types of to attract different birds. As blue jays are large birds, it is essential to choose a bird feeder that keeps them busy there and provides enough food to eat. The bird feeder for blue jays should be open and large enough. The feeder should be kept clean and always contain foods for the birds.

how to attract blue jays

Blue jays usually like to eat mealworms, seeds, and fresh fruits. Keeping their favourite foods on the tray, you can always attract them.

How many kinds of blue Jay feeders are available in the market?

Different types of bird feeders are available in the market to choose from for the blue jays. You can select a suitable one for attracting blue jays and install them in your home. Here are a few choices for you:

Tray feeder

As blue jays love moving with folks, it is better to create a larger space for themselves, and tray feeder is the best option for them. It can hold yet more Blue Jays. With this feeder, blue jays can move and consume seeds easily. Not to say; also, other birds can be fed along with blue jays.

how to attract blue jays

Tube Feeder – Tube feeders come with a hatch dispenser generally in the bottom. It is easier for the birds to pick up the seeds and grains from the tube feeder. This is the safest choice if you want to feed a limited number of birds.

Suet Feeder

if you are looking for a durable bird feeder to attract blue jay, this is the best option for you. To suet, the birds, make sure you pick one which can comfortably handle Blue Jays. If you get a simple wire feeder, it won’t help you to accommodate more than one blue jays.

Mealworm Feeder

Blue jay loves mealworms meal, and having a mealworm feeder will attract more blue jays in your yard. Generally, the mealworm feeders are more significant and can be pricey.

Hopper Feeder

The Hopper feeder looks like a tiny house where the birds have to hop on to get the food. Though it is a great option to invite other birds, it would be difficult for blue jays to fit in.

Things to look for buying a bird feeder for blue jay

As there are different types of bird feeders in the market, it is often quite difficult to get the best one to attract blue jays. If you want to choose the best bird feeder to attract blue jays, there are few things you need to look for. These things are discussed below:


The material of the bird feeder should be sturdy and durable. Generally, the bird feeders are made of stainless wood, recycled plastic, or light wood. It is better than the bird feeder is also UV protected and corrosion-resistant. These features will make your bird feeder last for a long time in your yard.


Capacity is another important consideration to look for in a bird feeder. You can always refill the bird feeder with seeds, but it is better if multiple birds can eat from a feeder at the same time. To attract blue jay, a bigger capacity is required in a bird feeder.


Bird feeders can be found in different sizes. Depending on your preference and the space you have in your yard or window, you need to choose a bird feeder. If you don’t want too many birds in at a time, you can go for a small-sized bird feeder. For Blue jays, it is better to choose a bigger size bird feeder.


Different styles of bird feeders are available in the market, and you should choose one according to your requirements.

When you research about the nature of the blue jay, you will get a clear idea about which type of feeders you are looking for to attract blue jays.


So, the blue jay is an attractive bird, and everyone wants to have them in their yard. As they are shy, you have to apply the right technique for letting them be your guest. Food is possibly the best option to attract them. So, installing a bird feeder in your yard or window and offering their favourite foods, you can draw their attention. 

However, there are some behavioural traits of the blue jay which you need to know. Blue jay doesn’t come in when you and other humans are around. They land in the place where there will be no disturbance. Again, blue jays move with their folks. So, it is better to make an arrangement where few birds can eat together. Installing a large bird feeder, you can create the opportunity. It is better if you provide their favourite food in the bird feeder, and there is a water source nearby where they can quench their thirst and play in the water.

Always make the surrounding clean so that they enjoy their visit. Following the above things, you can easily attract blue jays in your yard and can enjoy their exotic beauty all year round.

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