How to attract birds to a window feeder?

A recreational activity such as observing birds is called birding or birdwatching. Birds are found worldwide and adapted for flight. They are vertebrate animals that go anywhere as long as they can eat and drink. If you are observant enough, you will notice that there are many of them approaching your window feeders. However, it may be varied by size or type of bird which visits your location.

There may be factors why birds do not come into your bird feeder. First, crawling, stinging, and flying insects have invaded your feeder or rodents or other wildlife. Keeping them away from you will be difficult if the security is not that strongly built-up. In addition to that, if the seed has not yet been eaten, there is a tendency that it would be moldy and wasted.

If you are concerned enough about their safety and security, you should know how to choose the right kind of bird feeder, the best ways to clean bird feeders to prevent diseases, tips to avoid pests, and to identify what kind of birds go to your place in order for you to take action.

Looking for tips and products? Read everything below and maybe you will choose your own bird feeder:

Successful Tips to Attract Birds into Your Window Feeder

“How do I get birds to go to the window feeder?” If you are asking it to yourself, then here are successful tips that will help to attract birds with you window feeder. Read below:

1) Choose a sturdy-type of feeder

There are two types of feeders: solarium or windowsill and suction cup. Searching for a window feeder that can last for a long time will help you to deduct your expenses, you just have to be careful and assure that the feeder is always clean. In that case, birds will be familiar by the feeder that you have made.

2) Water for drinking and bathing

They need water for bathing and drinking. Aside from that, having a wiggler or dripper will be better to attract them. Make sure that water will be positioned away from the seed shells.

3) Safe foods for Birds to eat

Thistle, sunflower, peanut, and cracked corn are some of the types of seeds that birds can feed. You can try any of these, nevertheless, you have to find out which is the best seed to choose for them.

4) Seed Visibility

Birds use vision to find food. Although some of the birds like vultures, parrots, and kiwis have a strong sense of smell to locate food, most of them use the sense of sight. Spreading out and making your seed more obvious will help you to gain the attention of birds.

5) Location is important

Locate your window feeder high off the ground so they will easily find their food. In this manner, predators neither target them nor kill. If you place them near a natural shelter such as trees or shrubs are advantages so they can rest and hide.

6) Always clean the feeder

Cleaning your feeder from time to time is a must to avoid unpleasant smells and diseases. Use wipes, bleach and water to clean it. Remove remaining seeds in the feeder that have gotten wet. Always check it even if you are busy.

Top 3 Bird Feeders You can Choose

Quality over quantity. That is the rule if you want a long lasting window feeder of yours. Just check below to see the top 3 window feeders:

1) Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder has an acrylic-material type with a product dimensions of 7.9 x 4 x 7.5 inches and a weight of 1.2 pounds. It was built with a tall pitched roof and wide perch. Additionally, it has a capacity to accommodate multiple birds at once.

With a built-in Viewing Window and 100% Crystal Clear Design, you can now enjoy watching those birds wherever you are in the kitchen, dining area, family room or your bedroom.

What makes it interesting is that their custom feed tray separates moisture to keep the seeds dry. Additionally, the large size of Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder can be used to feed birds like wood pecker, robin, cardinal, and blue jay. On the other hand, the small size bird feeder allows gold finch, titmouse, nuthatch, sparrow and chickadee.



  • Weather proof
  • Easy to refill
  • Safe for all birds
  • Sturdy design
  • 100 % guarantee


  • Not so wildlife resistant
  • Suction cup failure

2) Window Bird Feeder with Seed Tray and Suction Cups

LUJII Window Bird Feeder with 5 Strong Suction Cups, Anti-Shock Anti-Pressure Very Strong, Bird Feeders for Outside, Rounded Corners Very Safe, Removable Tray with Drain Holes, Great Gift (Golden)
  • ENJOY BIRD WATCHING: LUJII window bird feeder makes bird watching fun and easy, Install it on the windows of your home, you can see lively birds eating when relaxing in your favorite chair, working at your desk, making dinner in the kitchen, Easily Refillable from Inside Your Home!
  • ANTI-FALL VERY STURDY DURABLE: Integral moulding of environmental protection PC materials, without glue and Chemical coatings, it will not fall apart, stronger than outdoor bird feeders made by welding, We have tested that it will not break even if it is dropped from a window or a high place. In addition, this wild bird feeder has the advantages of weatherproof, sun-proof, Anti-fading and anti-yellowing.

Window Bird Feeder with Seed Tray and Suction Cups can be considered as one of the coolest bird feeders you can buy in the market. It is safe for the birds and contributes a healthy environment.

Regarding to its physicality, it has rounded corners that are easier to clean. This item weighs 1.15 pounds made from environment materials.

For the large feeder design, it measures 11.8 x  5 x 4 inches. It has powerful suction cups that won’t fall off your window.


  • All-weather design or durable
  • Mold-free drainage holes
  • Will mount safely to any window
  • Includes removal tray to refill easily


  • Suction begins to looses immediately

3) Tranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic Window Bird Feeder

Tranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic Window Bird Feeder: Strong Removable Suction Cup Mounted Outdoor Bird House Feeder, Clear Birdfeeders for Large & Small Birds. Best See Thru Feeder for Bird Watching
  • FEED THE BIRDS: Unique bird houses offer a crystal clear view of any wild bird that finds its perch
  • ATTRACT WILDLIFE: Multi-bird hangout ideal for cardinal, finch, bluebird, blue jay, & other species

With a product dimension of 11.8 x 4 x 5 inches, Tranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic Window Feeder must be placed on a high window away from tree branches and jump-off points. It has heavy duty suction cups with stainless steel hooks in order for you to clean easily.

Inside the box, there is a manual with full installation instructions with proven tips. The said instructions will be your guide to assemble properly your feeder.

One of the best feeders in the market, the Tranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic Window Bird Feeder has started to gain positive reviews from the customers as they look to its value.


  • Offers a crystal view
  • Multi-bird hangout ideal for finch, bluebird, blue jay, cardinal, and other species
  • Durable acrylic unit with rubber perch tray
  • Has simple installation


  • Suction power is weak

The best 2 Bird Feeders to Attract Birds

The design of a window feeder is a must but its unique performance adds points for the people to buy it on the market.

Read below the best 2 feeders and its pros and cons:

1) Good Directions 0111VB Circle Fly-Thru Bird Feeder Birdfeeder, Copper Finish

Good Directions 0111VB Circle Fly-Thru Bird Feeder Birdfeeder, Copper Finish
  • Unique fly-thru design with durable long-lasting copper finish
  • Plexiglass panels for added strength and durability

This Circle Bird Feeder has a fly-thru style that makes it very unique, simple, and elegant. It is well-designed to invite the birds to eat and play all day.

It weighs 4 pounds with its product dimension, 11 x 4 x 5 inches. It has plexiglass panels to add durability and strength. Thus, it is easier to hand and to fill when the seeds are gone.


  • Has multiple drainage holes at the bottom of the feeder
  • Easy access
  • Large seed capacity


  • Heavier feeder than usual ones
  • Seeds drop easily

2) Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Seed Tray with Drain Holes, Small, Compact, Clear Acrylic, Easy Clean, Outside Feeders for Transparent Viewing
2,173 Reviews
Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Seed Tray with Drain Holes, Small, Compact, Clear Acrylic, Easy Clean, Outside Feeders for Transparent Viewing
  • CLEAR VIEWING OF BEAUTIFUL BIRDS IN VIVID DETAIL - The transparent, clear acrylic construction makes bird watching picture perfect from the kitchen window or the comfort of your living room. Watch all your songbirds, cardinals, blue jays, finches, juncos, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, sparrows, goldfinches, woodpeckers, wrens, bluebirds and more enjoy themselves through this completely see through birdfeeder.
  • HOURS OF ENJOYMENT AT AFFORDABLE PRICE - Great fun for the curious child, elderly parent or grandparent and even the family cat or dog. With a deep seed tray, fill this feeder with your favorite mixed seed blends, nyjer, black oil sunflower, safflower, peanuts, mealworms and suet then sit back and enjoy hours of enjoyment.

Wild Birds of Joy offers a more compact, smaller, and affordable options. It has a high-quality materials that can compete to other brands of products.

With its dimension, 7.7 x 7.6 x 3.7 inches and weight 1.7 pounds, it is made for perfect gift to any occasions and built for all weather conditions.


  • Clear view of birds in vivid details
  • Great moment for people
  • Can last for a long time


  • Suction is not strong enough causing some parts of the feeder to fall


Birdfeeding is a really great experience. It helps you to be more connected in nature. It gives you an opportunity or chance to observe the wonder of your surroundings. It also brings peace to your home or place.

Window feeders are useful if there are many birds around your surroundings. These can be a perfect gift for your loved ones, and can be your entertainment or fun as those animals feed, bath, and drink.

If you are looking for a great window feeder, just go for the quality over quantity. You have to choose wisely and be specific with the details you read or received.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for birds to come to a bird feeder?
Not too long. It will only take 2 – 3 days before the <a href="">birds will see the feeder</a>.
Why won’t bird come to my feeder?
The simple way of setting up your own feeder and keeping it clean will develop the opportunities for the birds and their babies to survive.
How do you attract birds quickly?
Birds do need food to eat and drinks to survive. Through knowing the use of window feeders is a step to take advantage of how you gain their attention. Aside from that, your location can actually affect you especially if you are living in a rural area.
What should you not feed birds?
Being knowledgeable with the types and quality of every feeder can help you to determine which is better. Hence, the pros and cons will guide you to differentiate those bird feeders.

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