How to attract birds to a birdhouse?

It is a joy when you see birds flocking in your garden to use the birdbath or simply feeding young in the birdhouses around. These birdhouses you hung give the birds a safe haven where they can stay dry and warm, especially on cold days. If you want to attract more birds into your garden, there are some ways that you can. Here, we discussed some ideas that you can try for your home.

Ways to build birdhouses to attract birds


Just the right size

You should put up a birdhouse with an opening that’s good enough for birds to enter. This way, they can easily get in and out of your birdhouse. Take note that large openings feel unsafe for some birds. If they feel they sense harm, they will find shelter in other places. The importance of bird shelter is to ensure that the young birds are safe from pontetial predators and weather. The kind of birdhouse you want to buy or build depends on the type of birds you like to attract.

A Secure Place to Forage

To keep the birds coming to your area, you have to keep a food source near or at the birdhouse. Always add a preventive measure so squirrels and other critters won’t get into the food. This way, the birds will not feel any threat from a predator.

Water must Near the Birdhouse

With water near the birdhouse, the birds will have a steady supply of water, which is equally important as food. A few inches deep should be enough on the sample size of the birdbath. You should also change the water regularly for a fresh supply.

Keep the birdhouse safe

For those living in an area with a large population of wild animals and critters, extra precaution is needed. You need to put some deterrents to discourage other animals from disturbing the habitat of the birds. There are products on the market that can help prevent unwanted animals from nesting near the birdhouse.

Keep people at bay for the meantime

Not unless you have birds permanently resides in your birdhouse, it’s best to keep other people off the birdhouse area for the meantime. Once the birds established the habitat, they can tolerate the presence of other people, but as long as these individuals do not disturb their new home.

Best Ideal Birdhouse to attract birds

There are various birdhouses available in the market that depends on the kind of birds you want to shelter with.

1) SunGrow Paintable Bird House

SunGrow DIY Paintable Birdhouse with Porch, Attracts Small Birds, Craft for Kids, Home Decor, Beautiful Gift for All Ages, Hang Bird Feeder Indoors or Outdoors, 1 pc
303 Reviews
SunGrow DIY Paintable Birdhouse with Porch, Attracts Small Birds, Craft for Kids, Home Decor, Beautiful Gift for All Ages, Hang Bird Feeder Indoors or Outdoors, 1 pc
  • SWEET LITTLE WOODEN BIRDHOUSE WITH FEEDER --- This sweet little wooden DIY home by SunGrow will make a wonderful addition to your garden. Little birds will flock to feed in this cozy birdhouse. It is specially designed to attract eastern bluebirds. It can provide a shelter home to various small birds looking for a place to nest and to set up housekeeping.
  • FUN PROJECT FOR KIDS & FAMILY --- Introduce your kids to the wonders of the earth through this paintable birdhouse. Unleash your child’s creativity by getting your child engrossed in painting and decorating this plain wood house. This makes it a great craft for schools and camps. Let your kids’ creativity fly with this simple yet engaging activity. It is just the perfect fun activity for a rainy day for the entire family.

It’s a home sweet home for eastern bluebirds. This is a wonderful addition to your garden where little birds will flock to feed in these cozy birdhouses. Also, other small birds that are looking for a place to nest and to set up housekeeping.

how to attract birds to a birdhouse


  • This can be hung or place on a ledge.
  • Two entranceway.
  • Affordable price.


2) Carson Barn-Inspired Birdhouse

Carson Home Accents Rustic Barn Birdhouse
108 Reviews
Carson Home Accents Rustic Barn Birdhouse
  • Birdhouse Measures 7.25"H X 7"W X 4.75"D
  • Made Of High Quality Wood & Tin

This birdhouse is made of long-lasting wood and hand-painted and customized touches. It is both decorative and functional, built for indoor and outdoor use. It has a detachable panel located on the back part for easy clean up. No need to assemble when you buy you can display it.


  • Affordable price
  • With a unique style and design
  • With a solid bottom.


  • The hole is too small.

Other Best Birdhouses to choose from

1) 16 Family Purple Martin Barn

Birdhouses that can accommodate almost 16 birds particularly purple martin birds. The floor is slightly sloped for drainage, with a total measurement of the house is 18x19x20 inches. It is made of high-quality UV grade polypropylene copolymer plastic.


  • Aesthetic for outdoor
  • Affordable price
  • Attractive with its big in size.


  • Small hole

2) Butterfly and Flowers Welcome Decorative Hand-Painted Bird House

Dawhud Direct Butterfly and Flowers Welcome Decorative Hand-Painted Bird House
1,544 Reviews
Dawhud Direct Butterfly and Flowers Welcome Decorative Hand-Painted Bird House
  • Wonderful gift for any bird or nature lover and perfect addition to your deck or patio
  • Birdhouse will accent your home or garden

Beautifully crafted and includes jute cord attached securely for hanging. This is a wonderful gift for any bird or nature lover plus a perfect addition for your deck or patio. Most importantly it’s hand-painted and made of polyresin.

how to attract birds to a birdhouse


  • Good for decoration both indoor and outdoor
  • Attract more small birds.
  • Best for gifts


  • Too small

3) Malibu Creations Gone Fishin’ Birdhouse

Zings & Thingz 57070125 Fishing Cabin Birdhouse, Brown
40 Reviews
Zings & Thingz 57070125 Fishing Cabin Birdhouse, Brown
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: 57070125

This has a beautiful design that attracts birds because it is made of wood. This is both good for hanging birdhouse or just place it on a ledge. With a rope loop at the top for hanging.


  • Best for gifts
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable materials that last longer


  • With small holes


To have a birdhouse, make sure that you have specific birds you want to resides in your area. And choose the birdhouse that can attract the birds you wanted to. Of course, you have a way to keep the birdhouse away from predators. In this way, your plan to have a bird in your garden is successful. Better to choose a color and attractive birdhouse so that birds will perch on it and stay. If you want to build your own birdhouse you must consider the kind of bird you want to invite in your garden.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you put birdseed in a birdhouse?
Yes, this is one way to attract the bird to reside in your birdhouse. Make sure that they are always fresh because the bird does not want rotten or spoiled seeds.
What colors attract birds to birdhouses?
Birds love colors red, yellow, orange, and white. This is the ideal color for a birdhouse you want to build or purchase. Color is critical to a wide range of bird species since they mostly depend on color clues within their surroundings.
Do birds like hanging birdhouses?
There are specific birds that attract on hanging birdhouses such as Bluebirds, wrens, nuthatches, chickadees, As well as, purple martins, tree swallows, owls, wood ducks, and many birds that will create a nest within birdhouses. So, when you hang a birdhouse, it will be easier for them to find shelter.
Do birdhouses need ventilation holes?
It is important for a birdhouse to have ventilation and drainage holes to stop overheating or drowning of baby birds. It also needs to have a sloping roof with a bit of an overhang that can also help keep the nest dry. When you have a house without these you can drill a few holes in the roof for drainage and high up on the sides to provide ventilation.
What direction should a birdhouse face?
Though any directions will work, however, it is more ideal that the birdhouse facing east. If your weather has relatively hot summers, it can be ideal to face the entrance hole east. In this way, to avoid overheating the box from the afternoon soon

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